Let the product talk, explore the road of explosive

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“Hey, this pair of shoes I wear today is the Aikang brand. I have been wearing clothes today, the new national style.” “95” girl Zhang Xiaoli said, side shoes wearing the feet . “This pair of shoes are biased, and I am very taking with my JK uniform.”

With Akang, Kanglong and other own brands of Akang International, I have just celebrated my 30-year-old birthday last year. But after the “Year of the Establishment”, the old shoe company seems to have changed, it became more tidal, more fashionable. This is also letting it win more young people, especially the next generation of consumption’s main force – Z generation consumers (people born in 1995 to 2010).

On November 23, CCTV fashion cultural competitive program “Fashion Master” will be broadcast in the second quarter. The content of this episode is the second quarter ended in the Forbidden City of Beijing. On the national trend show of the ceremony, Akang International issued a “fashion master” joint shoes. The design inspiration comes from the “Bai Ze” “Bai Ze” “Wen Yufish” “Nine Tail Fox” “Shanhai Shu”, “Shanhai”, and the use of China Color and Special Materials, and the connotation of strong traditional culture. At the same time, it also glows a strong modern or modern technology.

Focus on fashion creativity, tourist leisure, sports fitness, is an important trend of traditional shoes and clothing brand transformation and upgrading. With the national fashion culture IP, it is a lot of many spots who have aroused in the trend of fashion sports this year.

The crossover is jointly, and the 31-year-old Akang is more fashionable.

In many people’s impressions, Aokang International has a “leather shoes” label. In today’s impression of a young man, it also has a label of “Daddy Wear Shoes”. Zhang Xiaoli said that his father is now wearing the Song’s shoes, and it is a leather shoes. “In my father’s heart, wearing shoes is formal, and representing a state of life and work.”


However, there had to be admitted that young people wearing Aozang shoes in the 1980s and 1999 have now entered middle-aged and old age, and their next generation is in touch with the same day. Yu Mingyang, Professor, Antai Economics and Management School, Shanghai Jiaotong University, believes that the change of the times does not transfer people’s will, no one can change, can only adapt. One of the changes is that the Z generation growth is for consumption main.

For Aikang International, in the face of this group of consumers, the first three-year-quality “quality” two words have been moved. Introduce and strengthen the elements such as fashion, sports, and national tide, as well as crossover joint names, become new options.

In May of this year, “Elf Bao Dream: Detective Perside” is released in mainland China. In the same month, Okang announced cooperation with the “Elf Bao Dream” to launch the IP joint series of shoes. Bao Dream is one of the world’s largest game IP, accompanying many “post-80s” “90” and then “00 post” growth.

In September this year, Akang and the People’s Daily new media jointly launched “70 and tide” commemorative boots. Limited production of 6000 double commemorative boots, one sale and empty. “This commemorative boots belong to outdoor equipment, from the sea and land empty soldiers, the battle boots of the Armed Police Force, collecting safety and comfort, fashion trend, Chinese style and scientific elements, the color of the Chinese ancient warrior “The joint shoes designer introduced.

For each “Mourner”, Mourning is not just comics, movies, but also memories, culture and beliefs. Mourning has launched a joint product with many brands, but the chemical response produced by Akang and the Mount Gauni is very bright – Spider-Man series tidal skates. In addition to the value, this shoe has also joined Akang independently developed to skiing technology.

Before the “Fashion Master” in September this year, the “Fashion Master” column has opened a “national tidal fan” in Beijing Financial Street, and highlights the second generation of slippers. Second generation stop skates color bright, and bonded in the current trend, design modern, absorbing eyeballs.

By lending mature IP, it is entered the new inflection point in the brand image of Akang, and the new fashion elements and young vitality are constantly injected. Tide water begins to turn.

Use design to meet consumer’s international taste

In fact, Akang’s sports and leisure road have already been opened. In 2001, Kanglong brand, the initial positioning is deep cultivated casual shoes. In 2015, Akang jointly known the host Cai Kangyong launched the “Love and Bread” series of wedding shoes, greatly popular.

“In the past 20 years ago, we started to do casual shoes, and then the world of business shoes. In the past five or six years, we started to turn from a simple leisure concept to fashion sports. This year, we have begun to sacrifice the revolutionary efforts. It can be said, This year is the endless wall and crossover of Aokang International.

Luo Hui believes that due to the popularity of the Internet and the penetration of globalization, consumers in the Chinese market have the taste of international synchronization, so now, now there must be world-class concepts, design and manufacture. “The geographic concept of consumption is gradually weakened, and it is truly determined that the purchase and decision level is concentrated on the level of consumption, consumption levels and aesthetics. Traditional gameplay is not connected, must change.”

Z Genevo, this wave of young consumers, the largest is not more than 25 years old, they are the true aborigines of the Internet, and the social and life demand has also formed a new feature due to network and smartphones. Their consumption characteristics and consumption concepts become an important reference for pre- and spending market consumption trends. In addition, in recent years, the overall downturn in the footwear industry has put forward new challenges to traditional shoes and clothing companies. However, Li Ning, Anta, Bosideng and other sports and apparel brands in the road of national trend, the stage of success, to some extent, have given the confidence of Aokang International.


To truly meet the international taste of consumers, under cross-border, there must be a stronger original design force. Chanel founder Coco Chanel once said that it is necessary to have no replacement. Design allows brands and products to become different. In terms of specific operation, Akang uses three arrows to unfair, so that you have an idea of ​​young designers are positioned as a dot, injecting fashion, sports and leisure elements for products. In the first three quarters of this year, Akang’s investment in R & D was 40.13 million yuan, an increase of 15.86% year-on-year.


The first arrow gave full play to the research and development capabilities of Aokang signed designers. The reporter learned that in the past three years, Akang International’s R & D team has conducted two major changes in organizational model. First, the team “split” “split” is a small team that can be developed, and the other is based on product classification team. The property, that is, the designer is divided into different groups in accordance with the business commuter, business leisure, fashion movement, function technology. The new media joint designer of the People’s Daily is responsible for developing this category product in the fashion sports group.

The second arrow, cooperates in the external special designer to develop new. When I was 12 years old, I thought about designing sneakers, Zhu Haha, is a special designer of Akang, and he is also one of the new designers specially recommended by CCTV “Fashion Master”. The “Shanhai Rui Beast” series of shoes in the Forbidden City is from his hand.

The third arrow, working with professional design agencies. Aikang second-generation hawning shoes is designed with well-known footwear design agencies “GTS”.

Although the new product of designers originally designed has not yet been listed, in Okang, it is already able to find what is attractive to Okang. Some young employees see newly designed shoes, they express their favorite wishes, especially female employees, I feel that there is a good dress that can hide for a long time in the wardrobe. Therefore, they earned the listing time of the original new product early, I hope to buy the favorite shoes in the first time.


Because of the imbalance of supply and demand, as long as the brand is well-known, the shoes can be sold, but the current consumers are more and more attention to the product itself. At the same time, Chinese traditional casual sports shoes are more serious, and many companies are from outside the same place. Consumers sometimes find a brand shoes that have endorsement of a concurrency, very similar to other brands of shoes. For brands, lack of identity and memory point shoes, can not win customers, will also make endorsement fees and other situations in the situation of “water drift”.

German famous thinkers, writers Gee, said that so-called fashion is the current tradition. All traditions have certain necessities, making people not seeing it.

How to avoid homogenization, break the traditional bottleneck? How to create “non-it is not” fashion? The answer is clear, it is to make the product to the ultimate, let the product make a brand endorsement, let the product comes with “traffic”, so that the product itself is IP. If the design is the heart method of building an ultimate product, then the exclusive explosion is the actual play.

According to the 2018 annual report released in April this year, Last year, Akang sold 17.9 million pairs of shoes, which does not include the sales quantity of Skeic, Hummer, and other brands of Akang agent. Although there are also related products such as leather, socks, but the shoes are always the main business of Aokang. So, how do you make Akang International’s high quality explosive shoes in the new era?

On the Kanglong brand, a super explosive experiment is in progress. The experiment began in a lot of fine changes. In the lounge in the design department of the Okang Headquarters, Zhejiang Yongjia County, the reporter saw a small dinosaur with a cool cute, thought it was decorated doodle. I didn’t expect it, I was wrong. This is the brand new logo of Kanglong.

As a “90-after”, the person in charge of the young Kanglong brand has a clear plan for the explosion of Kanglong’s explosion, first is the first image of the brand, upgrade logo, terminal store image, standardized categories and packaging, unified Online image, and then launched the original designer design. “A sole, a suede, multiple color. It can also focus on unnecessary cost. This is a successful road that many international brands have verified. Create explosions, do deep-handed goods, will resource Focus, you can greatly solve the problem of high inventory, high cost, high sales, high sales stress. The endorsement is no longer a endorsement brand, but the endorsement, let the single product drive brand propaganda, let the product pass the brand Distribution. “

In addition to strengthening the original design, Kanglong is also exploring new roads on the features and sales matching of shoes. For example, by using innovative materials and innovative technology to the sole insoles, solve the general casual sneakers walking three or five kilometers will feel the problem of foot pain, so that the shoes becomes soft, can absorb the pressure of the foot; selling the shoes With high quality shoe box. “This shoe box is a drainage product, the quality is very good, can be sold, but buying our shoes will send this shoe box.” The above personally introduced the road.

While building a product force, the brand’s logo has gradually diluted. Kanglong’s original new product will only reflect the abstract identification of the brand, and the brand is stealthry, and the consumer is established “link” by identifying, product.

Last year, the Aokang brand also launched the fourth-generation brand LOGO, which contains a brand new brand symbol – the wings of the eagle. In the designer’s hand, the wings were first frozen as an eagle that fans in the wings, and then the eagle was refined into an abstract geometric pattern to form a brand DNA image. When designing new products, the designer only integrated this DNA image into the shoe.

Have a high-cost good shoes that do you can wear?

The fast horse whip in the young trend of the young trend will make people mistakenly think that Aozang wants “all in” fashion sports footwear. But “Business shoes are still Akang’s strengths and traditions, we are just in the extension of our consumer group, making every member of the family can buy the right shoes in Aokang.” Luo Hui has corrected this cognition, and he also pointed out, Whether it is leather shoes, or fashion sports shoes, Aokang provides consumers to provide high-priced products. “Most young consumers, in fact, life pressure is large, especially in a second-tier city, even if the month is 10,000, the rent, the transportation, social and entertainment is required, how much is left.”

One survey report said that the amount of 60% of the “95” is 0 to 700 yuan, including 0 to 500 yuan. That is, even if a “95” is very like a shoe, the price he is willing to pay will generally not exceed 700 yuan.

This basically matches the principle of pricing of Aoko International. A Financial of Okang shows that the main product price of Ao Kang brand is 299-699 yuan, the main product price of Kanglong brand is concentrated between 399-599, Skeic’s price is slightly higher, but it is also mainly 399 -899 yuan This range.

“Okang is not to do tide cards, but do more time-friendly and technological shoes, practical, good-looking, not old soil, not an alternative, like uniform, suitable for middle-aged, suitable for young people and infants, It can also meet the functional needs of different occupations such as doctors and workers. “Luo Hui is emphasized that Dingxin does not revivement, Aokang more than 3,000 physical stores, traditional business shoes, traditional markets, and old customers are Aokang’s moat, the valuable resources of Okang, On this basis, Akang will continue to innovate, multi-branded joint efforts, build high-quality single products, all channel sales, let customers “buy shoes to buy”. “

From “doing leather shoes” to “do good shoes”, this should be the new image of Aoko International hoping to convey consumers. Do a good job in fashion sneakers or the first step, step by step, water drop stone wear, the age and category covered by various brands of Aokon International will become wider and wider.

In the store of Okang, the reporter found that the “outline” signs of Aokang products have appeared. “I used to buy shoes for my mom and dad in the Aokang shop. Now, I will buy a pair of yourself.” A young customer said.


Let the product talk, explore the road of explosive