I believe that many people will not give up pursuit of beauty in front of cooling. Now this season is very suitable for wearing


And the skirts compared with the dress, the skirt has more possibilities, it is more likely to match


Modified body


In fact, the skirt is not a summer exclusive, even if we go to autumn and winter, we can still wear

Thick and warm

Half skirt, sisters come together to become beautiful ~

First, lattice skirt


Plaid skirt

The thickness of the fabric is increased, and the light fabric can’t be blown up.



Waiting for the fabric not only warm, it is more.

Classic blue plaid has a kind of visual

Scottish style

Feeling, and adopting

Wool fabric

, Keep warm and type. Version is

Micro A

Have a certain





In the skirt

Steak design

So the skirt looks a bit tight, but it does not affect the ability to act. Black sock + black

Lefu shoes

Strong integrity, will not let the foot of it.


The upper body I chose a thin and comfortable


turtleneck sweater

The color of the shape is dark, but there is this cute


Painter hat

The bourment will not be dull, and there is still a little lively feel.


Bucket bag


There are two kinds of matching methods, when wearing painters, you can add shoulder straps


Very yearly agish. When wearing a hat, like this


Span in the arm

On, there will be a sense of knowledge.

This yellow brown brown brown semi-skirt, the literary breath is more strong, daily shopping feet

canvas shoes

Special age.

The skirt is relatively loose, so that more leg-type girls can control it. When mixing the skirt, it is too long or loose, and the waist line is displayed.

In the hip version of the plaid skirt, the horse will show your figure, with a row of buckles to do decoration, and there is one in the dress.


Will not affect your activity.

Plaid skirt is

High waist design


When it is fitted, try to put the sweater in the skirt, this shows the big body proportion!

Second, A-shaped skirt

To say early autumn, the best dress, non-A


Half-body skirt

Mo. Not only can Hold shirts, sweaters, knitters, but also


Skinny leg

This A word half-body dress is not only implemented, but also very quality, the fabric is full of pendant, but it is not easy to static, only revealing the length of the calf, and it will not be embarrassed.



Black high tie

Wear an exterior

Lamb vest

While warm, it is repel it.



It is best to go with the A word half dress.


, Put the clothing in the skirt, it is easy to optimize your size ratio. Neck


Also enhance your taste.

Low temperature, add one

Small fragrant wind jacket

Open to wear, don’t worry that the proportion is destroyed, and more temperament.

This is a matte skirt of a matte environmentally friendly skin.

Lock your waist the most thin place, the waist is curved, even if there is meat on the stomach, you can hide very well.

It is the superprot of my favorite, pay attention to it is inner lining, plus environmentally friendly skin, can resist wind-resistant. It’s ok with a simple small cardigan!


In addition to the a word skirt in a large skirt, this



It is also very good. Gray dress, the black jacket on the upper black sweater is formal, and the daily work is also very suitable.

Third, bag hip skirt

The dress is very woman tastes, and

Bag hip skirt

Can double your woman, do you believe? The usual knitted bag hip skirt is most afraid of mature, but this will not, it is very casual and very beautiful.

Just casually with one piece



There is a great feeling of Han Fan. The comfort of the knitted fabric is only you will understand, the flexibility is good, and the inclusiveness is strong.

Wide waist is very wide or

, So the meat on the belly will be easily hidden. Slough fat

Hip skirt

Will more taste!


I have said before,


Pit stripes


Effect, if this package is or black?

Take a black sweater, this body is black, the colleagues will see you will ask you “Is it a successful weight loss.”

Short pack hip skirt, don’t wear pants in the north, I can’t wear it out, recommend it to the south partners, and I have a hierarchy. Feet


Still very handsome ~

This fall, try this

Three skirts

, Hundreds of milings are fashionable, the key is that small sons can also start without stress!


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High waist design

High waist design