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40 samples of single price of 22 yuan to 1380 yuan

6 samples have not met relevant standard requirements

20 samples underline

This comparative test sample is randomly purchased from the physical store and online shopping platform. The physical store includes Xidan Joy City, Hanguang Department Store, Warwick, online shopping platform including Tmall, Taobao, Jingdong, Suning Tesco, Vipshop. A total of 40 samples were purchased, of which 20 in the physical store, 20 online shopping platforms, purchase unit prices range from 22 yuan to 1380 yuan.

6 samples do not meet the standard

Testing, in 40 samples of this comparative trial, 6 samples did not meet the relevant standard requirements, mainly in the product instructions, fiber content, gas permeability and other projects. details as follows:

01 Product instructions

The 40 samples purchased in the comparative trial have 5 sample products, which does not meet the standard requirements, mainly

The manufacturer name and address are not labeled, the product name is not labeled, the implementation standard label is incorrect, the maintenance method of the tag and the durability label is inconsistent

And other issues.

Recommended sample nominal trademarks: Jiji, Siya, Finance Bird Caizhongniao, Fujun, Siyan Chen Siyanchen

Not up to standard sample specific information ↓

02 fiber content

There are 1 sample fiber content in 40 samples that do not meet the national standard requirements. The fiber content does not conform to the standard is mainly reflected in the range of fiber content excess standards. The sample nominal trademark is Yu Zhaolin.


03 breathable

In addition to keeping warm, underwear, it is best to have good breathable performance, otherwise the moisture of the skin is unable to exclude.

This comparative trial was tested by the “financial bird” brand double-sided heat cotton speed warm clothing in the Wolf Garment Factory of Ningbo Cixi Wolf Garment Factory.

Consumption tips


Online shopping underwear, try to give priority to the goods that express the complete mark, if you need to guarantee a good warm effect, it is recommended to purchase the product standard for FZ / T 73022;


It is recommended that consumers prefer cotton underwear. Because underwear is in contact with the body, some non-cotton underwear is easy to cause sensitive skin;


Underwear is close to the skin, the color of the underwear is relatively poor, and the color of the consumer chooses the color of the underwear.


Consumers should avoid too tightness when purchasing underwear, and the tight underwear will make the original body curve be taken out of traces. It is also not conducive to the blood circulation of the body, and wearing too tight underwear will have a big threat to women’s physiology.


Beijing Municipal Consumers Underwear Product Comparison Test Combine Standard Sample Summary

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Not up to standard sample specific information ↓