In 2016, it is called “E-commerce Promises Year” and the consumption upgrade. The e-commerce platform has also truly “profitable consumers.” Just ending the “11.11” to buy a “手”, and today ushered in the Vipshop 12 · 8th Anniversary. Among the 300 million registered members of the ViteP, more than 80% are women, so this sale of carnival is especially concerned by the majority of women’s homes. According to relevant surveys, some female online shopping users’ attention to the 12.8th anniversary of Vipshop even exceeded the “11.11” and “Black Friday” that had just passed, they believe that the Vipshop will be a big fashion before 2016. And the last chance of the beauty products.


Vipshop data shows that “12.8th Anniversary” officially opened for 58 minutes, the order volume has exceeded 1 million single, which is nearly 2 times the same year; this 90s also joined the “pulling grass” queue highlights powerful Purchase power. The fastest first order of “手” comes from a female member of Wuhan, “The anniversary” is only 9 seconds, and the light speed is 119 yuan to buy a “surprise special price” product. – 蔻 分 礼 包; and the highest amount of orders from a crown member from Shanghai, selling a gucci lady purple wine god shoulder bag, Crown member exclusive The price is 13,778 yuan, and 500 yuan red envelope discount can be used.

“Surprise Official Special Market” Products Loss Zhou Dong recommended “good goods” was snapped up

The most sought after anniversary of the Vipshop is 100,000 yuan marked with “surprise official price”. After the sale, “Surprise official price” “L’Oreal three-in-one unloading clean color 400ml + 250ml The value combination “is 1080 pieces,” JNBY long long-sleeved down jacket “sold 543 pieces,” Mercury home textile 1.8M bed contained large jacquard six-piece set – Dream Sha Yazhen “sold 1890 pieces,” Love Mousse The 3/4 medium and thick super soft mold cup bra “sells 2364 pieces, becoming” the most sales volume “; in addition, the digital home products in” Surprise Special Market “are also very popular, JBL wireless Bluetooth portable outdoor speakers , Supor Ball kettle smart series rice cooker 4L, puppy Puppy vacuum cleaner, etc., is a bestseller for this category.

Beauty makeup, maternal and child continues to be popular with sports outdoor goods into “new pet”

In this Vipshop anniversary, beauty, maternal and child goods continue to be popular with fashionistors and hot mom dads. Data show that the total sales volume of beauty products is more than 400,000; where the value of the value of the SK-II gods, the open eye gift box, sold 1097 pieces; Olay Yulan Oil New Studio Yan Fifth Division, 1560, L’Oreal Anti-wrinkle tightly moisturizing day cream New Year limited edition sold 1032 pieces. The total sales volume of maternal and child products reached 250,000, including Anneer star product boys blue bottom blue camouflage dinosaur flower long section of the thick down jacket was snapped up 830 pieces, Pigeon wide caliber PPSU bottle 240ml (green) sold 1342 pieces , Pampers ultra-thin dry diapers, large packaging, 1489 packages.

In addition, this winter sports project is popular, and consumer outdoor sports are enthusiastic, and this outdoor sports product sales are amazing. Sales until now, the product is much higher than the same period last year, in which new balance men and women sneakers were snapped up 1034 pieces, outdoor sports well-known brand wolf claw jackwolfskin men and women burst clothing / fleece sold 1002 pieces, Pathfare It will also sell 973 pieces of sportswear.


Counter apparel brand is now “snapped up” “online shopping” is unstoppable

Vipshop 12 · 8th Anniversary Celebration During the hot explosion Single shoes multiple colors are snapped up; Belle Group’s Teenmix Tianmeiyi autumn counters with shallow gold women short boots sold 634 pieces, Ochirly Ou Shili contrast color baseball long-sleeved down jacket sold 2389 pieces, Mo & Co., Nine West and other well-known counter clothing The brand also has nearly 30% of different styles of clothing to be grabbed within 1 hour.

“Health” into an annual hot word Australian health products big sale

This Vipshop International South Korea, Australia, Japan, Europe, America, Hong Kong and Taiwan, etc., bringing the world’s top scorpion, of which Australian health products are concerned about “health” this year, sales. Australian Swisse collagen oral liquid 500ml has sold 856 pieces, Australia Blackmores Natural propolis capsules sold 540 pieces, Australia Healthy Care deep sea fish oil capsules 400-grain installed 433 pieces have been sold.

Imported milk powder as a very popular product for Vipshop, this same is no exception, Australia APTAMIL milk powder sold 2306 pieces, Bellamy’s Bellamy organic baby milk powder sold 542 pieces, Netherlands Hero Baby baby milk powder sold 578 pieces, Become three big explosions.

After 90, he is keen on the small / designer style fashion big coffee recommended brand popular

In addition to global scorpion and international big cards, this 12.8th anniversary, Vipshop “The” Global Pink Force “area The designer Zhang Chi brings the world’s most powerful, most in fashion item. According to Vipshop data, chi zhang brand autumn and winter series, D2C designer down jacket series, D2C designer Chinese style designer women’s clothing series with personalization advantage, received 90 young users, become 90 users collection and purchase The goods “Sales King”.


The national five cities can buy the most “crazy” Sichuan people still love fur


From the Vipshop data, members buy from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, and take advantage of the order quantity of TOP 5 list. Vipshop faithful members can say the core city of domestic consumption, and also showcase the attraction of Vipshop selling; and in the highlights of the consumption, members of the Chengdu still like to enjoy life, love to buy fur.


As the world’s largest sale e-commerce, Vipshop will have always adhered to the “selection brand, deep discount, limited time to buy”, with the help of the whole city, all the world’s 11 countries and regions, all the best. The authentic guarantee advantage of the industrial chain, the Vipshop has successfully selected the quality of domestic and international large-scale good goods, and it is a shopping and fashion life that is trusted by members. On December 8 this year, the Vipshop will continue to move forward after 8 years, and continue to advance on the road of surprises, not only brings “pink power list”, “drone to send surprises”, “unmanned combination” Song, “Fun” surprise benefits, etc.


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