Lead: With the update of the times, people slowly began to enjoy life, play the text is one pastime that many people all right, always grasp the hands of a bunch of text to play bracelets, feel the peace of mind of the world, and among the many works of art text to play King Kong Pu Tizi is a favorite one, but in fact, King Kong Pu Tizi is divided into good Jiban, which has caused some people to stray in the end good King Kong Pu Tizi doubt, for this problems, the following small series to analyze.

Jiban good?


According to the selection of the number of petals implication, in line with the wishes they want to express it is the best


King Pu Tizi one,

Meaning they represent is that we can take away the sins of the user, these ill-fated far away from my family, then good luck to you and your family, one of King Kong Pu Tizi meet any of our desire to keep us away from them danger, then let yourself have a good habit, if our hearts are very sincere, then they can bless us forty days to achieve their aspirations.

King Pu Tizi two

If you are a mother or a father, you can choose King Kong Pu Tizi two, so you can bless our children healthy, then our thinking is to reduce the pressure and burden for such a King Kong Pu Tizi, particularly for women wear;


King Pu Tizi three

However, three King Kong Pu Tizi can contribute to education, so we have a very good idea, then give us infinite knowledge and power.

King Pu Tizi four

Four King Kong Pu Tizi implication is healthy and avoid disaster, many people will choose people giving birth King Pu Tizi four gift as a gift to the children, the implication is that children can be safe and healthy.

King Kong Pu Tizi five


King Kong Pu Tizi five is the most common type, and this type of diamond is moral perfection, just to meet our modern desire, so I chose here Diamond more people.

King Pu Tizi six

King Pu Tizi six is ​​the business of the people’s favorite, because the implication is that diamond wealth increased, so we see a lot of big boss likes to wear diamond Pu Tizi bracelets, wearing this kind of thing is not blind to play, and there are various allegorical.

According to the habit of playing

7-10 petals, adamantyl Pu Tizi diameter between 20-23mm is the best, the size, the shape of the flap 7-10 embodied complete and perfect, it is possible that the degree of magnitude with playing with beautiful, comfortable playing, meaning and very good, so the price from 7-10 flap and play, it is the best.

The above is King Kong Pu Tizi small as we introduce in the end analysis Jiban good relevant content, read the article little friends should now know that if you play according to the habit, then 7-10 petals better, but according to meaning He said that for the good which valve, to see the expression of the feelings they want to meet their own is the best, so small series that we should not tangle this issue, follow your heart go is right. With this, today’s content have been introduced over, I believe everyone is helpful.