Small red flower evaluation says:

A comfortable and convenient baby struggle is a good helper that parents take the baby.

However, in the face of a wide range of strolles on the market, choose which one is most suitable but smashes parents.

In February 2018, the small red flower assessment has been assessing according to the US and Germany’s authoritative assessment agency, giving you a shopping guide for baby strolles. (Retrospective article: “80 baby trolley evaluation: Which one is the artifact you go to the baby?”)

Recently, the International Consumer Research and Testing Organization (ICRT) has a new test on the market’s baby stroller. ICRT is an authoritative organization that is jointly established by multi-country testing agency.

The small red flower evaluation has selected 30 products that have been sold in the Chinese market from this assessment, summarizing their assessment data for your reference.


Test samples and indicators

2. Safety test

3. Use convenient and comfortable degree


3.2 Storage Basket Design


3.3 Human Engineering

4. Overall rating and recommended products

5. Precautions

Test samples and indicators

The selected baby trolley assessment sample has a total of 30, including 14 combined trolleys, 14 simple trolleys and 2 double trolleys.

30 evaluation sample information is as follows:

Evaluation indicator

Mainly around baby strollers


Safe performance


Easy to use and comfort

Two dimensions are expanded.

Safety performance


European standard BS EN1888: 2012


Test, the contents of the test include:


Chemical hazard, thermal hazard, mechanical hazard, durability, product information, etc.

Easy to use and comfort

Daily use


Storage basket design


three aspects.

Let’s go to the assessment link (I don’t want to see the specific project score, you can directly drag the world to see the general comments and recommended products)

▼ ▼

Safety test

Baby security is a head of parents concerned. Sitting in the trolley, the baby will move often, the small hand is always not honest. Therefore, a good baby stroller should first ensure the baby’s personal safety.

This safety test is based on European BS EN1888: 2012 (Wheel Children’s Cart – Safety Requirements and Test Methods). This standard is the latest revision released by the European Standardization Committee (CEN), all infant strolles from CEN member countries must meet the safety standards.

The test results are as follows:


▲ Among the 30 infant carts in the assessment, 23 have passed all security test items, and there are also a complete indicator ().

▼ The remaining 7 strollers have no safety standards:


# 11 Cosatto (Giggle 2) and # 18 CHICCO (Miinimo)

: There is a gap between 5 to 12 mm on the bobbel holder, which does not meet the standard requirements, and the risk of clamping.



# 6 Abc Design (Mamba Plus)


: When the seat back of the stroller is in an upright state,

The angle between the seat and the chair back is less than 95 °, which does not meet the standard requirements, which is not conducive to the baby’s spine health.


# 8 Phil Teds (MOD)

: The stroller seat belt was pulled by 200 Newton (N) for one minute, the button was released automatically, and the strength of the tape was insufficient.


# 14 Mothercare (Amble) and # 30 Silver Cross (Wave)

: In the irregular pavement test and pushing strength test, the baby’s seat and the frame of the frame, the push hands and other parts are broken or damaged, and the safe durability is poor.



# 2 Silver Cross (Reflex) and # 6 ABC Design (Mamba Plus)

Lack of partial marking or warnings.

Easy to use convenient and comfort

In addition to the safety of the baby, the parents use the stroller convenient, the baby is comfortable in the car, but also the problem that needs to be considered when choosing a cart.

Therefore, this assessment is for the convenience and comfort of the baby stroller, and the three evaluation projects of daily use, storage basket design and ergonomics are mainly used by 6 parents living in Europe (5 female 1 men) and 3 majors. The accuser conducted an assessment.



In order to evaluate which baby stroller is most convenient, the daily use evaluation link is set.

Control and driving performance, put in / hold the baby and chair back adjustment, operate cart, loading / dismantle the car seat / basket, transport, and clean six projects.

(Each project evaluation weight is: 40%: 15%: 20%: 10%: 10%: 5%).

1 control and driving performance

The evaluation scorer is in the pedestrian road, the uneven pavement, and the situation of the obstacle and the narrow space are driven to measure the easiness of the 30 strolles under different roads, and 30 strollers have been implemented.

▲ 10 infant strokes in overall rating 4.5 ★ and above (

# 1 to # 7, # 12, # 15 and # 24

), Perform well in different road conditions, easy to control and implement. in,

Especially in # 3 Bugaboo (BEE 5) and # 15 GB (Qbit +) performance is optimal.

▲ # 23 Brevi (Mini Large) and # 28 GB (Pockit +) stroller, which is more laborious and uncomfortable. When driving different road conditions, because the frame is fragile and shaking, it is difficult to control when the turn is turned, and the overall score is only 1.5 ★.

2 put in / hold the baby and set adjustment

The main assessment of this project is that parents put their babies in / hold the difficulties of trolleys, and set up to adjust the convenience of the safety belt / chair back.

The evaluation results are as follows:

▲ 30 strolles are very convenient to put the baby in / take the trolley.

▲ 28 strips of the 28 strollers are easy to adjust and insert into the buckle, only

# 9 Quinny (ZAPP Flex Plus) and # 23 Brevi (Mini Large), the tensile opening of the height of the seat belt is too small, it is difficult to insert.

See the figure above for other things that require special attention.

3 operation cart

The evaluation staff is mainly from folding / opening the trolley, pushing the height adjustment, etc., and the degree of easy and convenientness of the operation of the cart.

▲ 11 is evaluated as

“Can be folded with one hand”


The final setup is the easiest

For parents who have been out of one person and the child, it is very convenient.

▲ 22 strollers

After folding, you can stand up

Parents don’t have to bend and clean up.

▲ three strolles

Fine recovery steps are most complicated and cumbersome

. Among them, # 4 CHICCO (Urban Plus) is large after folding, inconvenient storage.

# 5 Britax (B-Motion 4 Plus) and # 6 Abc Design (Mamba Plus) stroller


Muslim’s maximum adjustment

It can be used for adults of different height.

4 loading / dismantling car seat / basket

This assessment mainly inspects installation / demolition of automobile safety seat / tap, so there is only 14 combined trolleys to apply this assessment (# 5) Baby car without car seat or baby basket, so there is no this score. .

▲ 12 in the 14 combined trolleys of the assessment, there were 4 ★ and above scores, and it was considered to be easier to install and remove car seat or basket.


▲ only


# 12 Mountain Buggy (NANO) and # 13 Recaro (Easylife)


The connections used to install the safety seat are difficult to install and dismantle, and the score is slightly.

5 transportation:

Considering that the parent stroller is out of the baby, the transportation tool will be used, so it is set up the convenience of the bus on the bike bus, and 2 projects stored in the tail box.

▲ 17-reviewed strollers in 4.5 ★ and above are easy to carry the up and down bus.

▲ 9 strolles scored in 3 ★ and below, due to large volume, heavy body, inconvenience to carry on the bus.

▲ The first 29 strolles can be easily put into the tail box after folding. in,

# 24 Babyzen (YOYO 6 +), # 27 Britax (Hoilday) and # 28 GB (Pockit +) After folding, only a small corner of the tail box.


▲ due to


# 30 Silver Cross (Wave)

The body is heavy, the body is large, and the front of the car must be removed.

6 cleaning

The seat case of the trolley is generally a cloth or mixed fabric. If you accidentally dismantle the cleaning, so as not to affect the hygiene and appearance. This assessment will be dismantled from the seat cover, the degree of demolition, and the degree of cleaning of the baby’s stroller can be judged by the long aspects of the chair sleeve or machine.

▲ The 6 strollers’ seat covers are not only easy to remove and can be washed, and the cleaning is most convenient. (See the figure above)

▲ The 6 stroller’s chair cover is only hand washing, but the chair cover is easy to remove, and the cleaning is also very convenient.

▲ The rated stroller of 2.5 ★ and below, the removal step of the chair cover is complex, or the tool assist can be removed.


Some parents push their babies to buy things, habitually habitually hook all kinds of handbags on the push hands of the stroller. This approach is easy to turn the cart with a balance, hurt the baby. Therefore, whether the baby stroller is provided with a storage basket, and the size of the storage basket is also an important factor in measuring the advantages and disadvantages.

# 1 and # 30 Silver Cross (Wave)

The storage basket of the stroller is so spacious.

# 27 Britax (Hoilday)

Although the body is thin, the capacity of its storage basket is moderate. Three strolles are convenient for parents to reach or extract items from the four sides of the basket.

▲ Triera babies in 2.5 ★ and below, there is a small capacity of storage baskets, not enough or chair back to block baskets, not convenient to place or extract items, the items in the basket are also easy to fall.


# 26 Quinny (Yezz)

The stroller did not set a storage basket in the bottom of the car.


Human engineering evaluation, mainly investigating if the stroller is suitable for the natural form of the baby’s body, that is, the baby is comfortable in the car, the limbs and the back can be sufficiently protected.

In this assessment, parental reviews score for the comfort of the baby. At the same time, professional reviewers judges the ergonomic design of the cartoon by age (6 months, 1 year old, 2 years old).

▼ chart can be slidable up and down

▲ The overall performance of the combined stroller has good performance, the seat has enough space for the baby comfortable bed, the back is also sufficient to support the back of the baby.


▲ where it is

# 4 CHICCO (Urban Plus) and # 6 Abc Design (Mamba Plus)

Two strills were rated as the comfort and protection index in both pedestrian and professional reviews.

# 7 Joie (PACT), # 16 Hauck (Swift) and # 17 Joie (PACT Lite)


The cushion of the seat is insufficient, and there is no cushion protection on both sides.

For babies below 6 months, protection is slightly lackless. And the height of the chair is a little bit a little for 3-year-old children.


Comprehensive assessment, 30 infant trolleys’ summary results are as follows:

Recommended Products

Combined trolley

# 1 Silver Cross (Wave)

About 9980 yuan (Tmall SilverCross flagship store)

# 2 Silver Cross (Reflex)

About 2081 yuan (Amazon)

# 3 Bugaboo (Bee 5)

About 7,000 yuan (Tmall Bugaboo flagship store)

# 4 Chicco (Urban Plus)

About 4460 yuan (Taobao Dai Shop)

# 5 Britax (B-Motion 4 Plus)

About 3154 yuan (Kidsroom German direct mail duty free Chinese station)

# 7 Joie (PACT)


About 2490 yuan (Taobao from the best shop)

# 9 Quinny (ZAPP Flex Plus)

About 7,390 yuan (Jingdong Quinny flagship store)

Simple trolley

# 15 GB (QBIT +)

About 2109 yuan (Jingdong GB Platinum flagship store)

# 24 Babyzen (YOYO 6+)

About 3,340 yuan (Tmall Babyzen Overseas Flagship Store)

Double trolley

# 29 Cosatto (SUPA DUPA)


About 2,650 yuan (Tmall buy shop)


1 must use a seat belt

Use a seat belt to secure the baby on the seat to prevent the baby from standing up, climb out or slide out of the car. The seat belt needs to be adjusted properly, not to be deducted too tight or too loose, and should often check if the seat belt is loose, fall off, and lose the protection.

2 Refractory to turn the cart

Don’t hang your shopping bags or other heavy objects in the car, so as not to make your cart lose your heart and turn back.

Unless the trolley is designed for two infants, it is not possible.

3 Do not use in the stairs or automatic armrests

Don’t move your baby along with your cart. Once you lose your baby, your baby is injured. Not only that, but it may also cause the bone effect to be injured in other people. An elevator should be used.

4 Be careful to take a baby

When there is a baby in the car, don’t convert the direction of your handle, to prevent the finger or arm of the baby.

Don’t let your baby play the trolley as a toy, because they don’t know the potential danger of the car, it is easy to accident. Don’t let your baby push the cart with a baby, because they don’t have enough capabilities to control the trolley and ensure the safety of the car.

5 maintenance

Regular inspection of the structure of each part of the trolley has a tatten damage, the screw, the wheel, etc. are loose, and whether the lock on the car is still good.


Daily use





Storage basket design


▼ ▼

The test results are as follows:










The evaluation results are as follows:


The evaluation results are as follows:


The evaluation results are as follows:

The evaluation results are as follows:

The evaluation results are as follows:

The evaluation results are as follows:

Frequently check and pay attention to the stickers and small accessories on the car, so as to avoid the baby to swallow.


It is necessary to comply with the manufacturer’s instructions, use, maintenance, and cleaning the trolley.

Text / Jiang Chenwei

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