Are you reading an article that have you been hitting the corner, the experience of the desktop?

If you don’t accident, you should have such experiences in a child, and the corners of the real life are almost everywhere, and the adults may be fine, especially the child is particularly easy to hit it. Bao Ma, Bao Da is certainly reluctant to break, bleeding these unfortunately happened to their children, but they can’t always watch their children.

It is also good to have a smart person invented this artifact —- infant anti-collision strip.


This kind of anti-collision is a soft, flexible material, wrapped up the sharp edges of life, thereby playing a protective role. Seeing that many people will be shocked: “Wow, this thing is really easy to use.” If you put the family, you can touch the sharp edges that you can touch, so you can maximize your baby. .


This thing looks really good, can protect your baby in the physical level, but this thing is unsafe? After all, the age of the baby likes to be, 啃, in case some toxic and harmful substances can be ok?

So the parenting items have always sensitive [

Dad evaluation

This time I am preparing to “start” the children’s anti-collision strip of several brands in the market.

We then bought the best 5 brands from the e-commerce platform: Antarctic, Benee Li, take a bubble, wonderful heart, and lily pig. Originally, the stick is not within our test range, because our fans are used this, so they will prepare for a test.


The items of this test include the material of the anti-collision strip, the use of phyphenyl plasticizers, the content of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and the tested of heavy metals.

It is found that the material of the anti-collision strip is basically chlorinated polyethylene and rubber (neoprene). This rubber is not natural rubber. It is synthetic, so it is similar to the material, but it is not an EVA material, so there is no formamide Boamed agent. (Before the mat, the child’s climbing mat is exposed to the formamide will exceed the standard, is a kind of toxic substance)

The content of the dissolved heavy metal is in accordance with EN71-3: 2013 + A1: 2014 Specific Element Migration. Element zinc is detected, should be used to sterilize and prevent corrosion against zinc chloride or the like.

There are no detection of multi-ring aromatic hydrocarbons in 5 anti-collision bars, and there are trace gyrosphen plasticizers, but there is little amount and have little effect.

So, in a summation, the five anti-collision strips of this review are not bad. You can rest assured to buy.


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