Note: The size of the size of the shoes is about 150-165cm, the small fairy, which is 150-165cm.


Flat shoe (Laofu shoes, Oxford shoes) with high 4-5cm

How can petitious girls be wear to wear the flat shoes? Need and dressing with a smart match: shorts, nine pants, pipe tube pants, A word skirt, choose high waist style, specially highly slim.

Shoe focus: open ankle

Short-topi recommended shoes: metal color flat shoes, can focus on the lower body lines and reach the purpose of extending height.

Crowd high heel (亲 色) height 6-8cm


A detailed introduction of the styles of the head shoes in detail, here before, see below:


Here, you will recommend the shoes of the girl who are thick, the calf is crude: ankle and calf belly. If the ankle is thick, you should choose the thick shoes; if it is a calf belly, you should pay attention to the shoe, and you must select the thick heel of the round head. Avoid wearing too pointed heel, otherwise it seems that it doesn’t coordinate, it will make people feel your thick legs in bullying the pair of shoes!


Third, strap high heel sandals (character with color) height 6-8cm

Petite and thick legs remember the Roman sandals that can’t buy straps, wearing the feet, shake the brown, appeared to be short and round

Shoe focus: the eleventh round head, line single one, one word with sandals, and expose the styles of the back of the foot, plain color


Four Muller shoes (slippers type high heels) with high 5-

The French invented Muller shoes became a large hot shoe in these two years, and it will continue until 2018. This shoe is especially suitable for the crude girl, and the chose is correct.

Shoe focus: fish mouth style solid color Miller shoes, light color will extend the leg lines, petistive girls are put on time and high.

Five, small white shoes (leisurely dress preferred) with high 4-5cm thick bottom / increase

Small white shoes as a long-lasting shoe, how to wear a taste? The secret is to increase or selection of thick-style style, with tobacco tube slim pants, shorts or short skirts. Do not exceed BCM in the thickness of the sole, otherwise it is stupid.

Shoe focus: suede pure white, increased by 1.5cm insole or 5cm thick effects in the same way is also very good, suitable for spring and summer.

Focus: petite and thick leg girls also choose to have a skirt at 4cm above the ankle

Sixth, short boots (Chelsea boots, Martin boots) with high increase of 1.5cm in 4cm +

Increase in shoe in the short boots, is the most murderer. But avoid the inner sunshine exceeding 3. 5cm, personal thinking is 1. 5cm increase in the upper shoe pad is the best height, more than 3.5cm will be very unnatural, losing the shoes and the foot to lose balance, and it is easy to have embarrassing.


Shoe focus: the head boots of the central head, add high insoles, pay attention to the color of the shoes and the color of the clothes, the most sturdy, the color is mixed, the black tights + black boots, the unchanged set!

The picture below is Chelsea boots: focus: select the styles of the central head, the boots are simple to insert 1 finger, and the ankle 2cm


The following matching style is also suitable for the season of the first spring and the early autumn.

The picture below is Martin boots, except for black, Timberland’s yellow boots are also common. Suggestion: You can choose 8 holes, boots high 15cm, the top two holes don’t wear laces, it is a little loose. Pulling the trousers of the score is a relatively popular wear. It can also be plugged into the shoes, revealing the high help of Martin boots.



Long boots (princes) high 4cm + increased by 1.5cm or blue heel 8-10cm thick with thick height, boots height _54-57cm

Shoe focus: choose the styles of the calf, you can draw the calf lines, suitable for the petite girl, is slim, but it is not suitable for the thick legs.

It is tight to keep the caliber of the calf, the thick girl chooses to be loosened.


Don’t buy a styles close to the calf, choose a slightly loose style, a bit of a bit of wrinkled and argue with boots. The widest place of the boots can be inserted. 2 finger heads should be.


Finally, there are several small suggestions with long boots:


I. Petite girls can wear short skirts and shorts with long boots, the skirt is best to go to the middle of the thigh.

2. The legs of thick legs, imperfect leg lines: suitable pantyhose is also the secret of legs, legs. In addition to black trekin, you can also choose to match the pattern of dark pantyhose, choose the pantyhose who don’t get rid of the pattern, such as the pattern is the kind of velvet, the dot, flowers , Leopard, mesh can be. Will make your legs look more stereoscopic, visually narrowed effect, selecting patterns that do not support the pantyhose will not make the line of sight amplify, but have longitudinal extensions, the overall effect looks long straight.

3. Rough leg girls shoes for treating the following small tips:


X: Silent, strap, shallow mouth open toe, flip-flop-flops are not suitable for fat fat fairy.

0: Select the thick bottom (or decorative), with the thick bandwidth shoe, can enhance the weight of the feet, so that the legs look harmonious, will not look thick!