Mothers will find that sometimes the baby’s clothing is not clean, but also to wash it, but also to wash the “unreliable” laundry soap, it is not cleaned with clothes, and it is possible to hurt my mothers. That pair “beautiful hand”. In this issue, the PCBaby evaluation room has brought an imported baby laundry soap – Bao Ning baby washing soap from South Korea, let’s take a look at whether this imported washing soap is “reliable”.

Evaluation method:

Take the shape of the washing soap, determine if it is convenient to hold it

Evaluation results:

Baingbin baby washing soap is fully white, the surface of the soap is smooth and smooth, and the translucent and no impurities. However, Xiaobian feels that if the soap body modeling can be designed with human mechanical curve design, it may be more convenient to grip when mothers are used.

Use a knife to scrape some fine at the surface, observe the quality, and smell.

Use the blade to scrape some of the baby laundry soap, you can see the product is fine, the color is uniform, and there is a faint foreign fragrance, and the flowers are fresh.

1. Take a proper amount of product, put it in the beaker, and gently stir it to dissolve.

2. Use a precise pH meter to measure the solution, and after the reading is stable, the pH of the solution is read.

When you use your hand, if the washing product is too alkaline, the hand after the washing is very dry, and the wrinkle, it will have the case of the skin’s skin, for the baby, many mothers are very fighting. I have to take care of my own hands.

Xiaobian tested the pH of this Baingbian wash soap, as shown in the figure, the pH of 8.68, is weakly alkaline, relatively, in the alkaline semen, the mother is not available, mothers do not need Too worrying to hurt your hands when using this washing soap. Of course, mothers can also apply some hand cream after washing.

1. Put the carrot stains, and the oil is applied to the baby’s clothes.

2. Wash the clothes according to the use of washing soap.

3. Contrast the effect before and after the washing.

As a laundry soap, the most important thing is to have a good cleaning effect, wash the laundry soap to wash the clothes, what do you do?

The old clothes “仔” of the 测 测, decided to make the graffiti on his clothes, and apply carrots for carot foods on the clothes (orange yellow carrot stains. It is really hard to wash) and peanut oil.

The oil and carrot stains on the clothes are completely penetrated. Xiaobian puts the clothes completely in the water for 5 minutes, and then start “circulating” on the clothes, “Coating” is applied to Baingbin Baby Laundry Soap, and constantly rubbed, the clothes are very fast There is a rich and delicate foam. Ok, the final small series of laundry results are shown below:

Before and after comparison, Baingbian baby washing soap is remarkable, not only is washing the carrot, but the oil stain is completely wood, and Xiaobian feels that the clothes are more white than before, and the effect “lever”!

After evaluation of the above projects, mothers also worried that their baby’s clothing is not clean? Bao Ning baby laundry soap is not only gentle in nature, but the skin is stimulated, and the decontamination is remarkable, like carrot stains, oil stains can be efficiently rapid Clean and clean, although the price is more expensive, but the cleaning effect is to see, mothers can consider it!