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Since 2016, it is already the sixth year. It is not enough to buy 9 pieces of clothing in the backpack. It basically covers a four seasons of dress, saying as a fake base There is no experience in high-intensity hiking on the wild. So this article also mainly wants to tell you about the experience of the original ancestor bird in the city commutation, and I have used some items.

Because it is only for the city commutation, I hope that all outdoor gods are highly raised, and there may be different scenes, so there is still a big difference with the real outdoor use. But I believe that in many bird powder still have a lot of workman like me, although there is no life in the outdoor, although it is very loved to function and design. But for a price that is not cost-effective, I hope that each piece of clothing can buy a lot of money, so I also use my biological experience to help everyone solve.

First put the incomplete family blessings, most of the upper clothes, the trousers and polo don’t take it together, it is hard to let go. . .

the way of buying

First talked about my purchase channel, all the ancestors of my ancestors were purchased by backcountry, in fact, the reason is also a simple domestic bird’s premium is too high, unless it is really not recommended to purchase domestic channels. In addition, the BACKCOUNTRY in the foreign shopping website is a clear interface and the customer service response is relatively fast. The express delivery service sent in the United States in the United States is also high in the United States. And BACKCOUNTRY has discounts when black five and seasons. Although it is difficult to squat some of the god prices, it is generally 20% off. Basically, the price is more attractive. This is the price of all purchased products in BACKCOUNTRY, you can compare themselves.

Then I also said that the transfer, I use it is transfer China, others don’t say so many orders that don’t have any damage or omissions in such a single list. It is still a long time to transfer China’s registration. It should be open for a long time.


feeling of using

Gamma mx hoody

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In 2016, he passed the popularity of the great martial arts in Zhang Dom, and finally determined that the first ancestor of the Gamma MX soft shell was made as my first ancestor. To tell the truth, this Gamma MX did not let me down. As a soft shell of the initiator, wind resistant rain and lightweight warm properties are first class. And it feels that this Gamma MX is tailored to the winter custom.

Differently frozen in the winter in the north, we have normalized to zero in winter. It is only a lot of rainy days, so as long as the Gamma MX above zero is fully qualified for the outermost layer. I usually in the winter jacket basically inner wear shirt, a Delta LT in the middle (this will be opened again), which is Gamma MX to get it. The wind is not afraid, and the hard shell fabric of the Gamma MX’s Fortius is obvious and more skin, and the inner layer also has a small flocking warmth than a general soft shell. Plus the 3D tailor of the initiator, I don’t say it, but this ability of this Gamma MX’s meat is absolutely outstanding. When I am a peak, I can’t see any bloated Gamma MX when I am a peak. I can’t see any bloated. So the gamma mx of the fat man is very friendly.

And everyone can see from my purchase record, Gamma MX I bought another one. In fact, clothes are not broken. In fact, I have a little bit of diet, the original XL has been obviously large, so the first black elimination gave my dad and bought the Tibetan green L became the main force. Basically Gamma MX can be competent for any weather above the winter zero level, and in fact, the problem is not large, before going to Hokkaido, Yunnan Tourism, there is no problem with the weather below 5 degrees.

Delta LT

To be honest, Delta LT fleece is the highest in all my archeon. Basically, the temperature can wear 15 degrees or less. After the time test, it is a perfect middle-level glenwear for me. In fact, I feel very surprised when I just received Delta, because it was completely different from the fleece known before, the fabric is super thin, Waff’s Polartec grasped fabric feels very breathable, but it is hard to imagine it is very good. Warm effect. But really experienced, it feels different, keep warm and breathable. The most critical is that this thickness is completely uniform, and it is very suitable for the intermediate layer. Last year, I also entered a Patagonia’s better Sweater fleece. To tell the truth, I’m always feel too thick after passing Delta. In particular, there is no DELTA this kind of lightweight. The feeling of post, so Patagonia is now basically wearing it. Since I bought Delta, what kind of wool shirt cashmere shirt, I didn’t buy it anymore, a Delta is fully able to cope with all the scenes, really belongs to a wild player.


This year, I developed the latest use scenarios of Delta LT. As the jacket of my winter morning, I changed several pieces of coat similar to soft shell or windbreaker. Even if it is not allowed to be warm or too thick, always have a shortcoming. But after wearing Delta morning run, it feels just right, and it is warm and warm, and the general sphere is blowing. Of course, if the outdoor temperature is less than five degrees, it is recommended to work out indoors.

I still belong to the old, logo on the chest, the new logo has moved to the arm, it seems that there are many new models now have this design, and the zipper on this arm is still a contrast design, the new color is clearly monotonous Some, I think I should be able to make a few years.

Beta LT Hybrid

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As my only hard shell, I can only say that the hard shell is really unsuitable for the city everyday wear. I bought this or hybrid, that is, it is not a whole piece using a hard shell fabric, it seems to be a part that is easy to rub. Other fabrics. But the overall material is still very hard. I should wear this dress in the past four years should be less than 20 times. It is the first ancestor of the frequent frequency. It is basically that only travel to the snow mountain will take it out of the box. But there is a dress as a piece of clothes that should be ahead of the ancestor’s hard shell, but as long as it really encounters wind and snow weather, it is still enough, and it is excellent in the wind and rain in harsh.

Squamish Hooded

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As the strongest skin clothing, Squamish is only started this spring, and the time to wear is not very long. It basically meets all the needs of skin clothes. The only problem is that Squamish is obviously a big code than the normal bird, I don’t know if it is as the outermost layer of the hard shell. After I lose weight, all the ancestors are buying the L code. It is more fit, but this is obviously too big, so I suggest that if you want to start, the friend Squamish can buy a small number than normal.


Kyanite LT Hooded


This piece should be a lightweight fleece jacket. At that time, I wanted to be in the spring as a jacket, in fact, this didn’t have any special highlights, there is almost no functionality, and this similar dress is more. There is also no other special especially from cropping and design. In general, I don’t recommend buying.

Lefroy Pant

This is the only pants of my original ancestor, because the company is getting more, the jeans is more, and the city commute is also wearing outdoor pants. I always feel a bit weird. But I still recommend this pants, this style fabric is very thin and quick-drying material, spring and summer can wear. And the elasticity is very good to go out for the outing, there is very comfortable, and the sky will not feel unprisless. That’s time to rest.

Radsten Park

This is this year’s Black 5th. In fact, I have been in the past few years, I have been in the Macai down jacket, and the counter has also tried a few times and waiting for the black five good price, but the charm coincidence last year, one other outdoor brand Goretex outer layer plus white goose down dug coat. Although the winter in the shipping area was relatively cold last year, I wore it twice that piece of clothes, because it is too warm. Basically, this dress is too hot, and the down jacket can inevitably avoid the feelings of people, and it is too disappointing for a few days in Macai. So this year, I canceled the idea of ​​buying Macai. It seems that the weather in the shipping area will save me money.

Since Macai does not buy a warm upgrade, I want to buy a cotton clothes, it is very simple to have Goretex’s shell like Macai, plus science and technology cotton, so first ATOM is giving, Black five o’clock on the day, backcountry. Then found these two options for Fission SV and Radsten Park. In the end, it is not a city, and the style of fission sv and the normal hard shell style is not like it. It is better to change the series who has never bought (it is because there is more than 100 dollars.


Just a few days of cooling has been wearing a quick talk about a long time, comparing Gamma MX can be said to be warm and upgraded. And there is a stronger wind-resistant rainfall effect. There is no feeling in the wind in a few days ago, there is no feeling, and the wind completely blows this dress. So feel that it should be very easy to configure the two-story Gore Tex plus Coreloft technology cotton. For the average person, it is definitely no problem with the ultimate means of the winter cold winter.


Finally, if you recommend that if your budget is limited, you want to buy a few birds’ classic models in the city’s daily use, then Gamma MX and Delta LT should be a choice, because no matter from comfort and use perspective. Two-piece clothes can basically cover all of the clothes from 0 to 15 degrees, and can solve a variety of weather problems, with a pair of gero tex shoes, wind and rain are just the background of the city.

If you still want to try another bird’s product, I don’t think you can try it in addition to hard shells and Kyanite, just see your preference.


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