The 15 -liter city cycling backpack produced by Ximano today, T15, to be introduced.

As a relatively senior cycling enthusiast -the kind of daily riding commute/class or a walking street -backpack is definitely an indispensable portable equipment, and the dependence may be second only to the bicycle.

Some people can go to work without any bags. However, if it is a non -mainstream social animal with a “day -to -day machine” -really can’t do it.

Notebook computers, chargers, mobile phones, paper files, keys that determine the thickness of daily workload, and occasional lunch boxes, helmets, shots, riding kettles, and washing T -shirts (when you go to the company, you can sweat the clothes. Replace it), and some other strange things …

骑车可以不快,但是要帅 禧玛诺T15城市骑行背包简评

All of the above need a good -looking, capable, and convenient backpack to place it. And the Jiemano T15 is a very suitable choice.

骑车可以不快,但是要帅 禧玛诺T15城市骑行背包简评

The shape is stiff, and the square is positive. The main fabric is nylon, wear -resistant and dirty, anti -splashing water

Most people usually do not buy backpacks. The first element of buying is the appearance, that is, the face value, that is, it must be stylish.

骑车可以不快,但是要帅 禧玛诺T15城市骑行背包简评

This is a bit like a blind date. At one point, you will want to learn more about TA.

The face value looks right, and then look at the function.

骑车可以不快,但是要帅 禧玛诺T15城市骑行背包简评

First of all, be able to install.

15+3L capacity, don’t say that the city is riding in a single day, there are no problems for two or three days.

骑车可以不快,但是要帅 禧玛诺T15城市骑行背包简评

Here is a “+3” that represents a very common feature in outdoor backpacks: capacity expansion. There are few layers on the top of the backpack, which is still good -looking, and can install more things.

The main warehouse is deep and large.

Has been test, travel in the summer, and install 4 sets of laundry in this space plus other must -have small objects for travel. There is no pressure for travel for a week.

骑车可以不快,但是要帅 禧玛诺T15城市骑行背包简评

There are also open net bags on the side of the two sides, which are slightly deep. The elasticity of the grid cloth is good. Of course, when I ride a bike, I will put the mobile phone on the side bag to get it at any time.

Then classification is convenient.

In terms of position classification, the Jubilee T15 achieved easy classification and practicality in a “simple and complex” way. The entire backpack is two warehouses, which are open and down, simple and direct. However, these two warehouses have been divided into 10 storage spaces, which sounds complicated, but you will understand at a glance that it is really convenient, and it is not burdened at all.

The first is that there are three partitions in the inside of the main warehouse.

骑车可以不快,但是要帅 禧玛诺T15城市骑行背包简评


骑车可以不快,但是要帅 禧玛诺T15城市骑行背包简评

Small things, while keeping backpacks still stretch and do not deform. (That laptop compartment is really praised)

骑车可以不快,但是要帅 禧玛诺T15城市骑行背包简评

The auxiliary warehouse is also “reasonable and well -evident”. Putting the strokes and the cards to put the earlier … All kinds of small things that are scattered can be installed in, and at the same time, it is guaranteed to ensure that the door is different and clear.

Look at other very practical small functions.

The top roll mouth magnetic opening and closing.

This kind of opening and closing method is used rather than zipper, which is convenient to pick up items at any time. The texture of the metal hook is very good, there are three “gear” options, corresponding to different capacity requirements.

Outer band.

You can hook up all small objects, such as Meng Ling Mei Riding Rabbit or Tail Lights.

The helmet fixes.

A small detail exposes its cycling backpack attribute.

Waterproof “chassis”.

When riding, it is inevitable that there are water road surfaces and do not like to install mud plates. The splashed mud water will definitely stained at the bottom of the backpack. Don’t worry, this black rubber bottom plate is easy to clean, and the wet cloth is finished.

Breathous and close -fitting shoulder straps.

Compared with the shoulder curve while maintaining it itself does not deform.

骑车可以不快,但是要帅 禧玛诺T15城市骑行背包简评

Shoulder buckle ring and band.

It belongs to functional components that are relatively useful but when needed.

骑车可以不快,但是要帅 禧玛诺T15城市骑行背包简评

Anti -light strip.

There are many reflective elements in the backpack, which can maximize the recognition of the riders in the dim environment.

骑车可以不快,但是要帅 禧玛诺T15城市骑行背包简评

Finally, let’s talk about the carrier system of this T15.

Because the positioning is a city backpack, there is no need to consider the situation like loading hiking, so the T15’s carrying system is relatively simple. There is no breathable channel for the isolation of the bag, which removes the regulatory load -bearing belt.

The benefit of doing so is that the self -respect is a bit light, and the appearance is more concise.

骑车可以不快,但是要帅 禧玛诺T15城市骑行背包简评

Of course, this also limits the weight of the user. If you ride a ten -pound thing, the time is quite a test of the shoulders.

骑车可以不快,但是要帅 禧玛诺T15城市骑行背包简评

However, the T15 still retains the chest regulatory belt, which helps to fix the backpack without shaking, while providing a certain load support.

The back is retained with a strong back panel, with a sponge pad with better breathability, which keeps the style while taking care of the comfort of the back.

However, the disadvantage is that this backpack is not suitable for hot summer. Because the back feels so good, wearing a cotton T -shirt in summer is easy to sweat.

Maybe still a bottle opening?

But on the other hand, this backpack is very suitable for spring, autumn, and winter.

The forced eggs of the eggs: The reason why T15 is called T15 is actually a simple fight for Tokyo 15. We understand it as “Tokyo Wind 15 liters”.

骑车可以不快,但是要帅 禧玛诺T15城市骑行背包简评

You can summon Shenlong (not) to gather 3 models (not)

骑车可以不快,但是要帅 禧玛诺T15城市骑行背包简评

There are currently three T15 options. Black models are calm and atmospheric, low -key is not public;