We always have a lot of ideas and expectations about the new home before the decoration. After buying a house, we will start paying attention to many different decoration styles and designs. I hope that you can decorate a new home that satisfies himself. Today’s owner is also the first one. Xiaobai of the second decoration house, but the owner’s ideas for the new home are very meticulous and perfect. When the designer and the owner communicated for the first time, the owner told the designer about all the new home ideas and expectations, and then determined the specific design design. The plan perfectly presents all the expectations of the owner.

House apartment: three rooms


House area: 135 square meters

Decoration budget: 30 to 500,000 yuan

City: Hangzhou


Designer: Zhao Yanwen


Main building materials: expansion nets, multi -grinding, special paint, iron square tube, round tube, solid wood board

【Unit Figure】


The entire house type is relatively regular and reasonable, but there are still some unreasonable places to make some adjustments during the decoration. The home chooses the macaron color of the owner. Green plants constitute a fresh Nordic style new home, and the owner is also very satisfied with the design of the new home.


【living room】


Design focus: elegant and warm


The living room selected the hostess’s favorite macaron color to decorate the space. The TV background wall chose a light blue latex paint with a solid wood TV cabinet. There is no too tedious design, and proper white leaves make the whole space very elegant and comfortable.

The dark gray floor tiles make the entire ground very calm. The soft outfit design has a fresh and elegant space. The color -based carpet is also very comfortable. At the same time, it will not look crowded, making people feel very relaxed.

There are many green plants and flowers at home. While purifying the air, it also plays a role in decorative space, adding the vitality and vitality of the living room, and it can also reflect the attitude and intention of the hostess towards life.


Design focus: contrasting seats

The restaurant also continues the color matching of the living room. It chose solid wood dining tables and gray -blue contrasting seats. Two colors of seats are also very distinctive.

The industrial chandelier makes the restaurant space more industrial style, which looks more fashionable.


Design focus: combination of gray bricks and white


The kitchen chose gray tiles and floor cabinets of the same color. The hanging cabinet chose a white hanging cabinet. Two colors of cabinets made the space more layered.



Design focus: comfortable and simple wind

The bedroom chose a simple style design. The solid wood bed and the bedside table were paired with dark gray curtains, allowing the owner to have a comfortable and relaxed rest space.

The wardrobe of the sliding door can save a part of the space. In addition, the bedroom also designed a TV cabinet to ensure the sufficient storage space and meet the needs of future use.




Design focus: arc -shaped windows

The location of the study is relatively unique, and the arc -shaped windows guarantee sufficient lighting and aesthetics. In addition to the office area, the study room is also designed with rest.


Decorate the space by gentle and sweet macarons, so that the entire room is very comfortable and warm, and it is also suitable for the wedding room of young people.


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The gentle and sweet macaron color, coupled with vibrant green plants, constitute a fresh Nordic new home