The U.S. military in Japan caused anger, and the Japanese right -wing politician Kishiku couldn’t sit still.

The US Army Sanze Base F-16 fighter aircraft resumed flight training on the afternoon of the 2nd


On November 30th, the F-16 fighter jets in the Sanze Base of the US Army in Japan dropped two fuel tanks while flying, and the local residential area caused the local people to anger.

The Ministry of Defense of Japan demanded that the United States ceased to fly the fighter before confirming security, and the U.S. military also suspended all F-16 fighters from November 30. But on the 2nd, the US military in Japan restored the flight training of this type of fighter aircraft, causing greater controversy. To this day, even the typical right -wing politicians who have sent Qiu Bo to the United States on multiple occasions

Anfu has to publicly criticize the U.S. military in Japan and ask the U.S. military to give a statement.


Anxinfu information map

According to the Japanese Broadcasting Association (NHK) on the 3rd, in response to the incident, the Japanese Defense Minister Anxinfu said at a press conference on the same day that at the night of the 2nd Night, the US military in Japan recovered the F-16 fighter flight training. Flying without explanation of security countermeasures, it is extremely regrettable for this. “Based on this, it will ask the U.S. military to explain the cause of the accident and explain the countermeasures to protect the safety. According to the current affairs news agency, in response to the accident itself, Kishido also said, “If the situation is slightly different, it will cause very tragic consequences. It will have a profound impact on the safe and stable life of residents. It is not allowed to occur.”

Relevant parties recovered fuel tank

One of the falling points of fuel tanks

A F-16 fighter jet had an emergency during the flight on November 30. The system warned the engine’s oil pressure decreased, and the fighter driver operation left the two fighter fuel tanks. The U.S. military claims that the position of discarding the fuel box is “non -residential areas”, but it is reported that one of the fuelboxes fall into the area near the local machi government, surrounded by houses, and the nearest house is only about 20 meters away from the fuel box. On December 1st, Shinwu, who was Zhisan Village, proposed a strong protest to the US military on the grounds of possible accidents and asked the Japanese government to respond. However, on December 2nd, the U.S. Mitazawa Base in Japan started the flight training of the F-16 fighter aircraft again.

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