Thermal contraction packaging is one of the more advanced packaging methods in the market. It is wrapped outside the product or packaging with a contracted film. After heating, the shrink film is tightly wrapped in the product or packaging piece, which fully displays the appearance of the item, improves the display of the product, increases the beauty and beauty and beauty and beauty and beauty and beauty and beauty and beauty. Value.

However, if it is not done well, not only can it not work beautiful, but it will cause problems such as water leakage and rust of the product, which may cause customer complaint claims. So how can you make a hot film packaging? Share a packaging scheme here.

Product hot film packaging solution


Puridate Purpose of This Method Statement

In order to regulate the construction process of the thermal film packaging of the XXX project, and to clarify the process requirements, this solution is compiled according to the module thermal contraction film packaging construction process. This scheme is only used as a thermal film packaging construction scheme prepared by the XXX project, and is not used as a universal solution.

Thermal reduction packaging can be used to pack any specifications. This is a simple, easy -to -operate thermal packaging method; first wrap the heat -shrinking film outside the object, and then use the hot gun to uniformly heating the thermal film, the film It will shrink into the same shape as the object, and it is close to the surface of the object. It plays the role of waterproof, dustproof, and friction. Reduce the cost of packaging materials;


References references:

1. National and local standards and specifications;

2. Projects and owners related regulatory technical requirements;

3. Construction drawing requirements;


Preconditions that should be possessed before packaging

1. According to the requirements of the project, the welding, test pressure, and temporary stent of the entire module have been completed;

2. After the paint is painted, after the construction is completed, the paint of the entire module has been hard;

3. Packaging thermal reduction film has been prepared according to the size of the module; the packaging tools are ready;


Construction process Construction Flow

Hot film prefabrication → module completion acceptance → packaging equipment inspection, adjustment → one layer of thermal film wrap → one layer of heat contraction treatment → second layer of thermal film wrap → second layer of heat contraction treatment → local thermal tape paste → Hang ear pores


Construction process Construction Process

1. The principle and process of film thermal contraction

The contraction packaging is a plastic film packaging product or packaging piece with thermal contraction performance, and then quickly heated. The packaging film is contracted by itself according to a certain proportion. Stretching technology (a single axis or double -axis stretch of a certain magnification) and an acute cold process (retaining the directional molecular structure, it also retains the internal stress generated during stretching and deformation). During the use of heating, the internal stress elastic recovery of “memory” is recovered, and the orientation molecular chain segment is resolved to recover to the natural curling state.

2. Hot film prefabrication

During the prefabricated film prefabricated, the film size should be 10%-20%larger than the product. If the size is too small, the filling items are inconvenient, and the contraction tension may be too large, which may be pulled out. , The packaging is not tight or uneven; if the prefabricated size exceeds the thermal retractable material size, the thermal shrinkage stitching should be performed.

3. Packaging equipment inspection and adjustment

Packaging uses a spray gun+liquefied gas tank.

查 Before using the equipment, you must check whether the liquefied gas tank is leaking, whether the trachea is ruptured, and whether the spray gun is damaged;

运 Use equipment must be tried first;

1. Hot shrinking treatment

得 Thermal processing temperature must not be greater than the highest temperature limit of thermal film;

到 Hot processing should be carried out from top to bottom;

中 A ventilation port should be left during the packaging process, and the module cannot be closed; after the packaging is completed, the ventilation port is finally sealed with a thermal tape;


膜 For the module thermal film packaging, we adopt two layers of thermal film packaging to strengthen its ability to prevent rupture and ensure waterproof and dustproof in the process of shipping and land. The packaging effect is as shown below:


Material Material

1. The technical parameters of thermal film (for reference only, the thermal shrink parameters should be selected according to the actuality)

1. Spray gun

收 The spray gun performs thermal transmission due to the heat shrinkage efficiency and evenly, and the production of thermal contraction thermal foam is minimized;

关 The spray gun must have a safety switch device and cooling device, which can ensure the user’s safety

系 The working coefficient of thermal gun product, (only for reference, should be selected according to the actual)


172,000 btu./hr

Constellation of Cwan:

8.0 LBS/HR

Operation pressure:


Machine weight:


Air pressure:




1. Before the operation, you must obtain a safety assignment approval, carry out safety base and technical configuration;

2. The natural gas tank and trachea used must have a striking logo;


3. The operation of operation must be two, one person operates, one person to monitor;



Safe SafeTy

1. When entering the scene, we must wear a helmet correctly, prohibit wearing slippers and high heels, and wearing designated safety shoes.

2. There must be protective sheds or isolation facilities with dangerous entrances and exits. If a seat belt should be used with a seat belt 3m or more from the ground, it is strictly forbidden to use it;

3. On -site safety facilities, protective facilities, safety signs and warning signs shall not be dismantled without authorization. The person who needs to be dismantled must be agreed by the person in charge of the workshop;

4. Dangerous places such as holes, pit, ditches and other dangerous places at the construction site shall have obvious signs and protection facilities;

5. There must be good lighting at the construction site. Temporary electrical lines must be set up. It is necessary to be safe and reliable, good insulation;


6. For the rotating construction equipment, a protective cover must be set up, the operator wears a protective cap, and the cuffs are tight;

7. The ladder must not be lacking, and it must not be used to use it. When used, the upper end is firmly tied, and the lower end is non -slip. It is forbidden to work on the ladder at the same time.

8. There must be fire prevention equipment at the construction site, and it must be operated by someone;