The Mid -Autumn Festival is approaching. As a traditional festival food, what is the situation of sales in the market? The reporter launched an investigation.

The moon cakes sold by Auchan Supermarket include Soviet -style moon cakes and Cantonese moon cakes. The prices are relatively affordable. They are mainly packaged in carton boxes. Occasionally there are iron boxes. Among them, there are more than 20 yuan moon cake gift boxes for special sale. Two moon cake gift boxes with the highest price on the day, the price is 289 yuan. According to the staff of Ms. Sang, most of the citizens choose gift boxes with relatively affordable people, and most of them are about 100 yuan.

The types and prices of the moon cakes of Kaihong Plaza City Supermarket are basically the same as that of Auchan Supermarket, and there are some bulk moon cakes. The price of each catty ranges from a few yuan to a dozen yuan. In addition to the price of moon cakes is relatively “grounded”, the reporter also found that the trend of “lighting into the battle” this year’s moon cakes is also very obvious. Gift box packaging has become a simple version.

Ouanti supermarket sales staff told reporters that traditional flavors of small moon cakes have better sales, and small moon cakes have diverse flavors, small and exquisite, and independent packaging, which is more popular.

无限舟山丨平价礼盒 散装当道 今年月饼吃实惠

(Original title: Affordable gift box bulk is the affordable moon cake this year)

无限舟山丨平价礼盒 散装当道 今年月饼吃实惠

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