The story starts from one Sunday

I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years, and I have been together in the university. At the beginning, I was also romantic. I played all the so -called petty bourgeoisie and mood of all boys and girls. I went to society and was busy with work.

We are already talking about marriage. My mother helped me pay for the down payment, and the decoration was also operated in one hand. I was waiting for a good day to marry ourselves.

Boyfriend, Xiaosa, it is not normal since a college party returns. It is dazed every day, mobile phone is treasure, private incidents, and do not show people online … It is completely a standard performance of affair.

I found that there are problems, but for 6 years, there are still feelings, but fatigue is unavoidable. I want to talk to him well and communicate with him.

However, never expected!

In the evening, Xiao Satsuki looked at me and said, “Xiaonan, let’s break up.”

My brain was blank and stared at the man: “What do you say?”

“Let’s break up, I say we break up.”

It hurts in my heart, but I know that when we cry in front of a man who don’t love you, it is insulting yourself.

I smiled and tried to say with a calm voice:

“Break up? Yes! Can you tell me why?”

Maybe my smile encouraged him. He talked about that he met Xiao Wei at the university party. He used to be his sister. She always loved him waiting for him. He suddenly found that he loved her very much. And it’s already together …

“Oh I got it.”

I smiled: “It doesn’t matter, I am all you, very great love, I was moved.”

My heart hurts, but I know that at this time, crying and begging can’t save a man who was fascinated by a third party. However, my mother bought the house for me, for us, the mother added his name.

I smiled and mentioned how our property was divided after breaking up. He was guilty in his heart, “All the deposits are for you, and the house you bought you for you. We will pass your name tomorrow.”

I looked at the man who had been in love for six years in front of me. I wanted to vent. At this time, his phone rang, and he glanced at me awkwardly. I laughed: “It’s okay.”

He went to warm words, and was exactly the same as when he was with me. I walked out of the house.

I kept walking, I need to vent.

To go to the night market to buy things, no matter how much the boss opened the price, the price is 5 yuan. I have never dared to do it. I finally have the courage to do it. The most outrageous thing is that the boss really sold it to me.

The best way to solve the broken love is to keep buying and buying

I started to run through the red light with 5 yuan of clothes.

A small policeman stopped me, I looked at him fiercely, and I was going to vent.

Police: “Miss, you made a red light, you are irresponsible to your life.”

Me: “I was responsible for my life, I just broke through the red light.”

Police: “Not far ahead is the sidewalk, walking there is safe.”

Me: “How big to go before you go to? How much time does it waste me? Wasteting time is a waste of life, and in the attitude of being responsible for my life, of course, I want to break through the red light.”

Police: “But the red light will be dangerous, in case a car accident is unimaginable.”

Me: “Broken red lights may only have a car accident, but walking through the crossway will definitely waste life. Between the possible and certain attitudes to my life, I certainly choose the possibility.”

Police: “But, but …”

Me: “Small, new?”

Therefore, there are many benefits of beauty. I am very doubtful that no one can draw this way!

I’m tired, don’t want to leave.

I ran to no one and yelled at the empty square. The residential building began to throw a bottle.

Fight in the desert.

Call my mother: “Old mother, your daughter and boyfriend broke up.”

Lao Niang: “Why?”

Me: “He has a sexually transmitted disease, and it is likely to have sepsis, leukemia, aging in advance, and nervousness. The most important thing is that this disease cannot be treated. Although it looks like an ordinary person now, it is rotten. “

Lao Niang: “Will it be contagious?”

Me: “No, but it can’t be cured.”

Lao Niang: “Hurry back, we give him some money at most, who, the sickness is better than ordinary people. My mother has never liked Xiao Sa very much, and her heart is in the middle.”

I went home sadly, and the pain of my abandoned was deeply affectionate in the old lady.

The old lady comforted all kinds of comfort, and Dad also pleased it.

I cried, I cried.

Mother, I am beautiful and good, work well, good personality, and good character, and they will be abandoned. The dead man actually consumes my best youth. Pooh!

The old lady watched it, moved.

“This child, love love, like me!”

I know that only the dearest person, your pain to you will be distressed. In the eyes of a spectator and people who don’t love you, your scars and pain are free of play in their opinion.

I never cried in front of my old lady.

Being abandoned and betrayed has become a foregone conclusion, and life must continue. I went to work for 2 days, and my colleagues looked at me sympathetically. I was puzzled.

As soon as I asked, Xiaowei and Xiao Sa had been performing in love before I came. I broke up with Xiaosa.

I raised my smile and faced my colleagues: “Hey, there is no way, the younger sister is amazing, we really broke up.”

There are ridicules, ecstatic, sympathy …

I couldn’t control so much, I scolded me hard in my stomach. Body …………………………

I found that the vicious curse not only made me feel better, but also greatly improved my work.

Occasionally, I will meet Xiaosa and look at me silently. He wanted to see sadness from my face, but I didn’t. I look back coldly. The house has been transferred to my name, and the old lady is terrible.

I told myself that this bitch, who is all ill, is obscure, who touches who is unlucky, who sees who is disgusting.

Xiaosa was very stunned, my reaction, maybe my smile that day gave him the feeling that I was very rational, I couldn’t be a lover, I could be friends. In case of that little, I kneel and apologize. Site?

In the past few years, I have been meticulous to him. I thought about him everywhere. It was a perfect girlfriend. Except for the smell of mouth, hahaha. But the criminal is not a thing I do. Since everyone is divided, then the division is clean. What friends do you do now you are my enemies.

I walked across him indifferently, scolding in my heart, bitch.

When I go home from get off work, pretend to be poor and deceive the old lady sympathy. I have always been very strong. There is nothing to overwhelm me. Besides, I am still a man -changing man.

The weekend is boring, cleaning at home, it is naturally unkempt. If it wasn’t for being too outrageous recently, I would not be a servant for her. Cleaning and hygiene is self -abuse in my perspective.

After finally finishing, I walked out of the house with the mop. In the breeze, my face flushed. He stood at the door of the community immediately, supporting my mud -like body with a mop, waiting for the old lady to compete to me.

Suddenly, a BMW stopped.

The door was open, a loudest, wearing a suit, a tie, revealed that a person with a message with a platinum card appeared in front of me.

Handsome, really handsome, really handsome!

Seeing each other for the first time and hate late

With the support of the mop, I almost fell down, changed the posture, and continued to watch.

The handsome guy came to me, and asked me softly to the unkempt: “Are you Xiaonan?”

Suddenly I had an impulse to carry back, smoothed my hair with Tompo, threw the mop away, looked back and smiled, and said, “I am.”

However, I didn’t have a chance. I hurriedly mop and took off the crooked apron wearing apron and held it in my hand and answered embarrassingly: “I am, what’s the matter with me?”

Handsome guy: “I am a little boyfriend, I want to talk to you.”


I talked to me. If I had any good talk, I didn’t think about it, I felt that the people around me were coming and going. Take a closer look. I kept walking back and forth around me to pretend to be passers -by. Squeeze your eyes or fist or nod or stretch your tongue.

I understand this meaning. The old lady not only admires my God, but also is very satisfied with this man. I want me to seize the opportunity, otherwise I will die if I go home.

I am dizzy, what are this?

I refused politely, and then changed my time to resist the mop home.

The old lady followed her eyebrows and eyes, and she had to look good to me when she entered the door.

Fortunately, there is a mop to defend the body, or it will be fixed.

Going to work on Monday, at noon, Xiaowei and Xiao Sa’s love performance, where do these two sfes set up? The performance of Xiaowei’s silly bird is love first. In my opinion, it is no different from stupid.

I scolded and ate, Xiaowei came over, and she looked at me complicatedly.

Of course I don’t bird her.

Xiao Wei: “I’m sorry, I really love him really.”

Me: “It’s okay, it’s okay, you love it well, don’t fight.”

Xiaowei: “Xiao Su is a very good man, do you not cherish at all?”

I hate this kind of person. Vomit.

Me: “I’m sorry, it’s so stunned, let, water?”

Xiao Sa ran over, holding Xiaowei strongly: “What’s wrong?” She looked at me hostility.

“Can you not disgust me, I just stunned, is it illegal to drink water?”

The bitch is gone, and I can feel that the woman who snatches someone else’s boyfriend has a sense of superiority in front of the abandoned woman.

I am very angry. Even if you abduct the man, why come to come in front of me? I want to smoke her.

After get off work, I went downstairs with Xiao Sa.

Suddenly found that the company’s entrance, BMW stopped there, the RMB male Yushu was in the wind, and the eyes of a vote of women were attracted.

Handsome guy signaled: “Little Nan.”

I walked over with an impatient face with a face, and got in the car.

The gaze of the color woman, the eyes of Xiao Sa, and the head of the uncle, gradually drifting away in the car’s tail gas.

I put my eyes on the handsome guy. Long personality, white skin, stable, quiet.

I once doubted whether the little micro -head was caught by the door, abandoned such a high -breed man, and went to grab the bitch.

The handsome guy found a quiet place and started telling.

His name is Xiaofan. The family is rich and there is a house and a car. It is very rich and rich.

It is also very infatuated. I do n’t like to eat meat. Life is ancient. A person lives alone. There is a big brother. After the father divorced, he married a stepmother. The family relationship is complicated.

“But handsome? What do you say to me?”

Xiaofan: “I hope you can help me, I hope you can reconcile with your boyfriend, so that Xiaowei will come back.”

Puff, spit out a drink, sorry, sorry.

Me: “Can you tell a story well? The beginning is terrible, the process is funny, and the ending is miserable.”

Xiao Fan: “? ????”

Me: “In the past, there was a ghost, he put a fart, and then he died.”

“Hahahahaha …” The whole little coffee shop was full of my horrible laughter.

Xiaofan froze, bent the corner of his mouth, and looked at me and laughed.

After laughing, I told him, “What you just said is even more ridiculous than my jokes. Don’t talk about your woman, just my original boyfriend, this bitch, garbage, let alone me to save him, it is him Crying back, kneeling and taking 10 million yuan for me to turn back. I don’t look at him. How can such garbage make me turn around? In this world, the toad with 3 legs is not easy to find. There are so many men in the legs. Why do I have to look back? Take a step back, I look back, and I can’t get a woman again, so do I break up again and again? ? Besides, this girl is beautiful, like a character like a fairy, I am afraid that I can’t find a man? “

The little girl who sent the water came over and didn’t hear the front. I only heard the section of me boasting. I thought I was selling myself to the handsome guy. I put down the water and glared at me dissatisfied.

Wait for you, stinky girl.

After drinking saliva, I continued: “Handsome guy, you look at you, you are rich, long and handsome, you have a house and a car. What kind of woman can you find? Why do you want to hang it on a tree? Women are good, beautiful, gentle, but she doesn’t love you anymore, why bother you, if you really love her, let her go to the life she wants! “

Continue to drink water,

I’m so strong,

I admire myself so much,

I want to send myself a trophy.

Xiaofan had already turned dizzy in my saliva bombing.

However, a lot of RMB, rich people. I have persuaded for so long, should it be a tip, psychological counseling.

Xiaofan said: “I invite you to have a meal, trouble you, I’m sorry.”

I do n’t care. I have a small meal. I have a handsome guy, and I just find a place to eat.

Of course, don’t be polite, eat hard.

I eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat

Eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, look at me in surprise: “Aren’t you afraid of getting fat?”

Afraid of fat is not a member of the Communist Party! Heheheheheheheh

Humor is my biggest advantage. I finally found the person who appreciated me. Eat and drink, walk out of the hotel.

When we stood in front of BMW to get in the car, a small and small dress with a casual dress pushed a bicycle and walked over.

On the one hand, it is casual dress, bicycle. On the one hand, it is formal dress, BMW.

Proper scum male green tea cricket

Coupled with the full wine, the small face also exudes the blush that is very satisfied with the food and naturally emits.

Four people with four shots, each with ghosts.

The purest is Xiaofan. Maybe I just gave him the stimulus, and he decided to give Xiaowei happiness.

Let Xiaowei be happy, I will bear her suffering. Including, sit up and sit for a BMW.

I admit that I am not kind, and the quack of quatches.

How do I say hello? It’s really difficult. Everyone was very tacit, and did not see it or not.

Xiaofan sent me home. At the entrance of the community, I got off the car, Xiaofan: Can I come to you?

Me: “What are you doing?”

Xiao Fan: “I think I’m happy to be with you.”

Me: “Yes, but you have to manage meals.”

Xiaofan: “Hehehehe”

He said while driving, “It’s really ridiculous to get a mop that day.”

Whatever, the car has already drove away, otherwise I will definitely go back to 2 feet. What, dare to laugh at me.

Touch the dark and hum, and tune home, haven’t entered the door yet,

The old lady rushed up. “Expire and explain”

I almost didn’t scare me.

“What to explain? Just eat a meal and talk about it.”

Lao Niang: “If you are boring, just say it, let me.”

Me: God, what about my dad? “

Lao Niang: “You are a dead child, I mean let me introduce it to others.”

In the company, I still had guilty of me, and I didn’t know what happened. I started to see me as an enemy.

“Do not keep the woman.”

You are a fairy board, you went out to find a woman, and asked me to be a woman?


I keep your mother’s woman, lewn your mother’s slutter, the wind of your mother.

And that small, I actually took me a rival.

Damn, you seduce my man away. I have a meal with your ex -boyfriend, and you can’t watch it?

This person’s double standard is too serious, right?

Who is the old lady? But it’s not an ordinary person. The wind comes in the rain. What are you afraid of?

I just farted you. I don’t bird you.

You’re in front of me, I don’t watch it! The meat is flirting, I listen to MP3.

The abandoned woman was stimulated by the traitor every day, is there any heavenly reason?

Fortunately, there are still people who are reasonable, and the company’s colleagues will not be able to watch it soon.

The cold attitude has explained everything. Everyone helped me intentionally or unintentionally.

My life is so cool! As long as he frowned slightly, some people comforted someone to sympathize.

I have a part, drink a cup.

I knew this, and I should be asked to find an affair last year.

Xiaofan didn’t come to me much. But the happiest thing I am the happiest is that the kid is not dead.

Why? These good things have given her alone?

My vicious smile, vicious smile …

On the weekend, the phone, Xiaofan asked me to climb the mountain.

I was still confused and didn’t respond. The old lady who was overwhelmed by didn’t pretend my voice: “Okay, no problem, I must go, say it! Don’t regret it! I have been waiting for a long time!”

“Lao Niang, you are disgusting!”

Just put a jeans and a hat.

The old lady was still looking for sexy underwear. According to her request, I was better on my leisure outer sexy underwear.

Let the RMB man dump as soon as you see it, burn in the fire, and the beasts are omitted by OOXXOOXXOOXX omit 10,000 words.

I really want to do this, do I still want to see people, while my old lady is not prepared, I hurried out.

I didn’t take a few steps, there was a horn sound around me, and looking back, it was not a small fan.

I didn’t wear formal clothes today.

Damn, can you not be so handsome?

In this way, I really …… I was inconspicuous, and I murmured and climbed into the car.

Therefore, the best way for single men and women to promote feelings is to climb mountain climbing.

The scenery is beautiful, the environment is good, and there are atmosphere!

Especially a handsome guy is around, I am like drinking gasoline, full of power.

Climbing, climbing, climbing, climbing, climbing, climbing, climbing, climbing, climbing, climbing, climbing, climbing, climbing, climbing, climbing

The handsome guys around you are very interesting to climb the mountain

I am surprised, Xiaofan’s rich children are so physical!

Xiaofan was also surprised: “Can you climb?”

I: “No problem, I used to go to the mountains to escape the ticket, set off from the mountain, turned four mountain heads, 2 small rivers, and a cliff, no problem.”

Xiaofan: “Hehehehe, I like to climb the mountain, I especially like it. In the past, Xiaowei always had no strength to take 2 steps.

It’s evil, isn’t this what I want to say too?


Even hobbies are the same, is this a bit over?

Continue to climb, go over the mountains and forests, weeds and wild flowers picked up a lot, and the lipstick also shouted several times, singing.

From the shocking eyes of a young age, I understand.

It was natural to climb to the dangerous place, and Xiaofan reached out to pull me.

The current current has a current split.

I don’t know what, the heartbeat is the same as the drum.

Seeing secretly, the child blushed.

Continue to climb.

Xiaofan was curious. “Why, when I saw you for the first time, are you not sad at all?”

Me: “Why can’t I be sad, I am sad to pull, I cried several times in front of my mother, but I only cried in front of my mother, and others naturally had no chance to see it.”

Xiaofan: “You are strong.”

Me: “Of course.”

Xiaofan: “Is there a relative with the cockroaches that can’t be killed?”

I didn’t expect Xiaofan, who had always been old -fashioned, I didn’t know how to react.

At this time, Xiaofan ran away.

What are you waiting for this little boy, chase!

I shouted, “If you catch up with you, you lose 100 yuan.”

Laughing, except laughing or laughing.

I’m really happy, eat together at night, starve to death after a day of exercise!

Our two people gobbled and started eating.

As long as he likes or what I like to eat, as long as the movement is slow, it will be cleared under my chopsticks.

Therefore, Xiaofan had to catch up with my speed.

At the speed of the storm, we finished the plates after a plate, after eating a plate, after drinking, one bowl after drinking …

I regret it! We should eat buffet,

You should be able to eat back, and still make money.

Eat and drink, rest.

There are also a TV series. When we lie down, a middle -aged woman comes when we are full.

Houmom, stepmother, stepmother.

The woman asked Xiao Fan with a cold face: “What about your car, do I use it?”

Xiao Fan didn’t speak, and this woman came at me.

The old lady, I was full, and I was looking for a fun. Someone came to the door, my god!

The woman looked at me: “Who are you?”

I ~ with a toothpick and make a fool: “Micimi?”

Woman, Tie Qing’s face: “I ask who you are?”

Me: “I want money, this person owes me more than 500,000, my mother has a B, and I don’t pay it back so far. My whole family rely on this money to live. You say … what’s the matter? The poorer the poor, the richer if you have money. How can I go home to explain to my family if I do n’t get the money? “

Speaking of a big tongue, spraying water

Puff puff. Xiaofan’s face turned red, purple … holding.

At the edge of the outbreak, he pulled me through me, rushed out of the restaurant, and we laughed for 20 minutes in the car.

“Xiaowei was most afraid of this woman,”

“Look at that point, this woman is better than my mother, it’s far away”

Xiaofan called again and was very vomiting, ask me if I can go to his house?

My nerves are too big, so I don’t think much at all.

I thought it was two of us. I didn’t expect it to see it at home.

There is an old handsome guy, a handsome guy, a small fan.

Everyone looked at me with big eyes, studying me, looking forward to me.

I haven’t communicated a few words yet, and I suddenly felt the feeling of finally finding the organization.

The old man with humorous and his cold and humorous effect, three of us are together

That is definitely a horror effect of smiling belly

Wow ha ha ha ha……

I finally found the organization that appreciated me.

My mother -in -law is called 250, and my name is my little angel, the little princess.

I was excited, I was excited, and even my nose came down,

If the person is handsome, even if it is,

And money.

Even if you have money,

Also modest.

Just be modest,

Parents are also very humorous.

What kind of stepmother is A San.

It can be ignored that this family is not in the status of her speech.

I laughed, I smiled proudly, I smiled viciously. After I went home.

The old lady rushed up, “How? How?” The eager eyes blinked,

I touched my old lady’s face, “I have eaten it all.”

My **** laughter, ringing the sky!

The spring is here again, this time is not ordinary spring.

There is a rich boyfriend who feels good.

There are BMWs in and out of shopping, shopping with gold cards, some people pay for corruption, and some people pay for it.

I do n’t understand Xiaowei, why do I abandon this big treasure.

After thinking about it for a long time, I guess it may be supported by this. After eating, I picked me up.

When Xiaofan is free, he will pick me up to go shopping to climb the mountain. The life is really comfortable.

At a very expensive restaurant that day, after eating and chatting, I suddenly felt that someone stared at me.

Turning around, Xiao Sa and Xiaowei passed outside the restaurant.

Looking at me, the eyes of the two people burned my body to a hole.

Especially small and micro, it is clearly the feeling of seeing Xiao San.

I grass, right? I am a victim. If you want love, I will give you love.

I can bear your original pain. I’m high enough.

I don’t know when it started, Xiao Sa started to turn around me, and Xiaowei did not come to the company to perform.

After all, it was stolen after all. Not long after destroying the happiness of others, can you be happy?

After get off work, Xiao Sa followed, I was impatient: “What do you want to do?”

Xiaosa: “I know my requirements are very unreasonable.”

“Do you still say it is unreasonable?”

“I’m sorry.”


“Can you forgive me?”

Forgive your mother.

“I broke up with Xiaowei, and I found out now that the one that suits me most is you.”

On my day, am I spare tire?

I waited for him to finish.

I told him, “We can’t, I don’t love you anymore.”

Xiao Sa: “Impossible, you love me so much, I know, I know, you must be angry, how can I be satisfied, you tell me.”

What, can you not be so narcissistic, why do I still love you, just like you, do you still fall in love with me?

Me: “We are really impossible, I already have a boyfriend.”

Xiaosa: “I know, is Xiaowei her boyfriend right? It doesn’t matter, Xiaowei has been looking for him. It is estimated that they will reconcile soon. We will still be as good as before?”

Wow, he is quite organized by his mother, playing me one?

I face Xiao Sa.

“This is the case. I owe 1 million Xiaofan and buy a house for my mother, so I am with him. You have to give me 10 million, so I leave him, can I?”

Xiao Su: “10 million?”

Me: “10 million!”

Xiao Su: “I discussed with my mother.”

I fun: “I’m waiting.” I was happy

At this time, someone suddenly clasped the doorbell.

I went to open the door, a look, a aunt.

Me: “Hello, who are you looking for?”

The old aunt said to me proudly, asking your owner to come out, I am a little mother, I have something to tell your boss. Maybe I was so casual that I thought I was a nanny.


Damn, the old is not dead, your daughter is shameful and you are still working hard.

I immediately changed my face and said anxiously: “Our boss had a problem with business. He took away the police station the day before yesterday. He hasn’t released it yet.

As soon as the old woman heard it, her face changed: “Is it big?”

Me: “Everyone is grabbing, you said, I don’t know,” I don’t know. “

The old woman fluttered.

Happy! Fighting with me, tender, the old lady hasn’t come out yet! This is interesting!

Xiao Su was moved, Xiao Wei began to act, and began to go to Xiaofan’s house, go to Xiaofan Company, deliver food, send snacks, and wait for get off work.

Shameless, shame! Sluts, bitch!

Although I have a large nervous and broad -minded, I still ordered Xiaofan: “You are not allowed to see that woman alone!”

“I want to see me, I am present, I am a barbaric, provoking me, I will hit people, bite people, eat people …”

Xiaofan laughed and agreed, but Xiao Wei was not willing to give up easily.

Damn, the old lady is not easy to mess with. I did n’t beat her last time. This time I caught me again, I would never die.

Xiaofan is a very simple person, and he can see his thoughts from his face.

I know that there is a problem in his heart. In contradictions, struggling, he is soft -hearted, and old, it is the advantage and disadvantage.

I explained it clearly. I said to myself, Xiaonan, our women must have bones, what are men, toads with 3 legs are not easy to find, and men with two legs are not easy to find? I vowed that if he betrayed me and accepted Xiaowei, then me, I would definitely smile without hesitation, leaving him mercilessly, although I love him.

I want to love dignity, I am a proud woman. My love is also proud.

Betrayal, stealing affection, the third person must not appear in my love dictionary.

In front of Xiaofan, I still love to laugh and make trouble. The days have passed like this every day, especially Xiaowei knows that Xiaofan is going to travel abroad. She actually got out of control and rushed to the company. It should be that she went abroad with Xiaofan … Silent, fortunately, the company colleagues rushed up.

Four middle -aged women to one primary three, and two also seem to be persuasion, but they are actually provoking aunts, lively!

I always feel that something comes to something, and things come.

That night, Xiaofan said that something was wrong, so I went shopping by myself, strolled tired, and found a place to eat.

That’s how coincidence! I sat behind a card behind and sat in two people. It was actually Xiaowei and Xiaofan.

It seems to be green, what should I do

I was bloody to my head, stretched my breath to my feet, and my teeth bite the grid.

What do these two sluts take me?

I clenched the glass in my hand, and the younger brother who came to order dish was frightened. I squeezed out a smile, “It’s okay.”

After drinking a glass of water, I told myself, calm, calm and calm, breathing deep. What about Xiaonan? Are you willing to pretend not to know and just continue like this? Or told these two bitch in a big trouble, I BS, and then go away?

After drinking 2 glasses of water, I finally stood up and finally stood up.

I turned my head and saw the little micro crying into Xiao Fan’s arms.

Xiaofan didn’t move. It seemed that it was lovers, tears …

I was blinded, and my brain was hot.

I fell the glass to the ground and strode across it.

Xiaofan was stunned, and I clearly saw a hint of joy in the eyes of the stinky woman. Slutter, find death.

I stared at Xiaofan: “What’s going on?”

Xiaofan blushed, his face panic: “I …”

Before talking, Xiaowei got into Xiaofan’s arms: “We love each other.”

Damn, endless, this trick is here again.

I stared at Xiaofan, he was still panicked, and couldn’t get free of Xiao Wei’s embrace.

The more I look at the more dazzling, the more angry, the more angry, and the anger,

What kind of chicken on the table, cover it on the head of Xiaofan,

Red pepper, yellow oil, green peppers, really beautiful!

Xiao Wei was frightened, and Xiaofan wanted to take down the glasses and clean it,

The mouth is also numb: “Xiao Nan, it’s a misunderstanding, you listen to me explanation.”

I also explained that I will have another pot of shy eggplant,

Then I was sad. I cried, I was crying. My mother was crying while crying, and the cry was worse than the beating. It was really shameful!

After cleaning up, I turned my head to look at Xiao Wei, “Smart, you don’t know how to look at the Emperor Ma.”

Ya’s hair held his hair and dragged it out, slammed two big slaps, and then kicked into the table as his chest.

I pointed at Xiaofan and touched glasses.

I let go: “You remember it for me, you are fierce, don’t touch me in the future, see it once again.”

Sister fighting is serious, sadness is also serious

In the end, I stepped on his glasses.

Go to the bar to check out.

The boss who opened his mouth tongue was forgotten, I took out a few RMB, “No need to find it.”

The boss looked at me sympathetically: “Girl, take care.”

Crying out of the restaurant, I yelled, “Why did my mother carry it like this? Why is my mother?”

Call the old mother,

“Old mother, your daughter and boyfriend broke up.”

Lao Niang: “Why?”

Me: “He has a sexually transmitted disease, and it is very likely that he has sepsis, leukemia, and will be aging in advance.

“The most important thing is that this disease cannot be treated. Although it looks like an ordinary person now, it is rotten inside.”

Lao Niang: “Girl, come here again.”

Me: “Mom, I’m so back!”

Lao Niang: “You dead girl, hurry up and give me back!”

I did n’t say a busy word to take a taxi, and I did n’t say anything sad. The old lady had searched the intestines and said many famous words to comfort me.

Such as:

“Don’t experience the rain and rain, how can you see the rainbow?

Divide your own hands and get married.

When a man lives, the sow will go to the tree. “

I couldn’t help it, rushed to the old mother’s arms, crying loudly, crying,

The old lady touched my head and said guilty, “Hey, blame me, what’s okay to do you so beautiful, hey!”

I’ll vomit first!

I said to my old lady, “Mom, I stun them all two.”

The old mother’s hand stopped: “Is it serious?”

Me: “It’s serious, I smashed three plates on the bad head, and the cheap woman also slapped 2 slaps and kicked a kick.”

The old lady’s hands and feet trembled and grabbed a handle, “You died, why don’t you worry about it?”

“What should I do if someone is killed? What should I do if I can’t die if I can’t die?

In the chicken flying dog jumping, I couldn’t care about sadness. Looking for a mop, I found the mop first, or they would be killed.

“Daddy, control your daughter -in -law!”

“Your girlfriend is going to kill!”

“Is there a heavenly reason?”

The days have to continue, but I am really sad. You said where I am looking for such a young, handsome, gold, gentle, and no mother -in -law?

This is the best, but it is impossible.

I am sad, I am sad enough to throw the dragged nose onto the ceiling.

I don’t want to go to work, I call to the company and take leave.


“I was abandoned again!”

I can feel gloating, dead woman!

The female boss pretended to comfort me for a few words, and the phone hung up.

My mother rushed in, gave me a burden, pulled me hard, and said, “Girl, for hello, who is not good for you, the rich and powerful people, the old lady is worried that you can’t hold you. You still go to your countryside Grandma’s house hiding, hurry up and go quickly. “I

I was launched.

Go to the rural grandmother’s house? I won’t go, chickens do not have eggs, birds do not stretch shit!

I was lying on the bench of the park and thinking about where to go?

I didn’t want to come out where to go. When I arrived at the railway station, I just got a train.

I embarked on the journey. At the site.

Why do you look at it? Could it be that when I see me beautiful, the heavenly fairy is out of color?

A child next to him asked his mother, “Mom, is this neurotic?”

Damn, death, wait for your mother to clean up you.

I was carrying the bag, walking forward, and someone stared at me.

I rushed up. Everyone is scattered. I was stunned.

Suddenly, I found that a big tracing revealed on the newspaper on the square was my photo.

The photos were very poor, and I did not show my beauty.

Look down, re -prize 50,000 yuan!

Could I kill someone?

I don’t care much about it, running, wherever no one comes there.

Call up.

Me: “Lao Niang, it’s me.”

Lao Niang: “Dead child, where did you go? I have not been there to your grandmother’s house.”

Me: “What is the situation now? Who died?”

Lao Niang: “No one is dead.”

Me: “How can I get 50,000 to catch me?”

Lao Niang: “That’s the inspiration of people, 50,000 is Xie Li.”


Lao Niang: “Don’t talk nonsense, where are you? When your cousin goes to pick you up, tell you that if your cousin is exposed, you will wait for it to come back and be drawn to death.

Remember, hide it, in case you expose, you pretend to be stupid, say it is not you, you must wait until your cousin goes. “

Me: “Mother, am I biological?”

I hid in the hotel for 2 days, and my cousin came to pick me up.

When I went home, I went to my house on the second day of Xiaofan. I told my mother and told me that my favorite person was me.

The old lady took him to my grandmother’s house proudly. As a result, Mao was not worried. The old lady was worried about it.

Since Xiaofan came to pick me up sincerity, I really couldn’t bear such a diamond single man, obedient, obedient and rich. Since others have explained it, and the explanation is very reasonable, I will not say much about anything. , Go home.

My mother is naturally the happiest. Looking at her, I must have a lot of benefits. I am jealous.

Big Brother and the future father -in -law asked me to talk. Everyone said that Xiaofan was a honest child.

Therefore, the bad ideas are made by someone, and this person is small. Damn, don’t give you some color, you think I am vegetarian.

Driven, be sure to get some means to give you a stinky girl look like look! Soon, a big show began again. It didn’t take long for Xiaofan to tell me that there was a party, which also took me to know each other. They were all relatives and friends, and some of his classmates.

I didn’t take it seriously, but Xiaofan told me that some relatives might speak unpleasantly,

Also, Xiaowei’s father and his father are good friends, maybe she will be there.

Is there such a thing? I was stunned. Gumgapgacia, waiting for this day.

I went home and told the old lady again. I was a great relationship. The old lady and her unwilling took out a stack of RMB. “Is it enough?”

Me: “Only one top.”,

The old lady gritted her teeth: took out another stack,


Me: “Lack of double shoes pull.”


Lao Niang: Take out a stack trembling,

I pulled back a consideration, “too much.”

Before the old lady collapsed, I evacuated quickly.

Money, my favorite. After half of half of it, I bought a skirt.

Occasionally beautiful, look good.

I looked at the mirror for a long time, and then said to the lady standing on the side, “I’m really nice to wear this clothes.” Before the lady vomit, pay away.

Xiaofan came to pick me up, along the way, the child was serious, and he wanted to speak.

I can’t see it anymore, ask directly, “Just say anything?”

Xiaofan couldn’t help but: “Xiaonan, don’t we go, don’t we go? You don’t know, the aunt’s family that my dad is looking for now also goes, those people have no quality, I worry you …”

I thought: Damn, no quality, can I have no my mother? I don’t even be afraid, what else I can’t face?

I said, “It’s okay, it’s okay, for you, I can bear it. (Vomiting)”

Soon, when I arrived at the hotel, the lights were green and magnificent.

Get off the car and pretend to be the most noble princess in the world. He came from the support of the prince and arrived at the gate.

“Miss, you …”

A timid voice

I opened my confused eyes: “Well?”


Miss signing, I turned my head,

I rely on it, I almost didn’t faint, and there was a hammer hanging in the backpack.

Hurry up and organize the bag, Xiaofan is already stunned and looked at me,

“Sorry, embarrassing, just prevent wolf utensils.”

Xiaofan looked at me silently: “Xiaonan, you really fascinated me, I love you and can’t extricate yourself.”

Me: “Damn, it’s too outrageous. When you like a person, you feel beautiful when she takes the hammer. When she doesn’t like a person, she does not play well.”

I smile, smile again, and continue to smile,

Damn, if I don’t get lost to you, I will die.

When we stared at each other with affection, I felt a vicious eyes, turned around, Xiaowei was not far away, looking at me viciously.

There are also a few girls who are obviously filled with the asshole to dominate the brain.

Farther, the stepmother who borrowed the car was watching here.

Being around her mother, it is obviously that the surrounding people are not in a very heavy metal dressed in a few middle -aged and elderly aunts.

I visited the lowest level, the lowest -level span is far worse than my mother. For me, they are a group and they are all small cases.

Looking at the past, none of the villains in this venue could be over me.

I almost screams! Dugu for defeat or defeat or defeat ………….. Ah ah

I smiled proudly, smiled proudly, and smiled proudly!

Xiaofan grasped my hand tightly, and I would protect you.

I am a wolf running to the flock, who am I afraid of? Everyone is afraid of me!

Big Brother and Dad are always so handsome. We walked over to say hello. The big brother and father’s love for me was overwhelming, and he was almost telling everyone that this is my daughter -in -law of my family. Some relatives, friends, have changed their friendly eyes.

I also used the tricks that I would learn from the 8 o’clock TV series with my old lady, holding the wine glass, knowing people at the field, and reserved to make a girlfriend.

The ghost knew that two hours ago, I was still in the vegetable field for 5 cents and the aunts.

It’s really ups and downs in life, and it’s too exciting. When she goes home, she must be envious of vomiting.

Seeing Xiaowei and those girls, my eyes followed me, and almost all of them exploded, I couldn’t bear it!

Give them a chance to explode!

I pretended to be breathable and ran to the balcony.

3, 2, 1

Four girls, rushed to me in front of me,

“Really shameless shame …”

“Robbing someone’s boyfriend …”

“Hurry up and return Xiaofan to Xiaowei, otherwise you are not polite to you …”

“The lower woman, shameless, dare to entangle Xiaofan brother to gather …”

Is it really too much? Do you dare to help people in this skill? I looked at their flushed little face sadly, and I felt a little bit of knowledge for them.

You know, what is the quality of a real villon should have. Looking at the past, no one noticed us outside, and the sound inside was big enough.

Put the glass glass on the ground.

The left hand fork, the right finger, the left foot fork on the railing, a deep breath, a mouthful, the tongue blooming in spring thunder, and the long rainbow:

“The Donatt of the Doen Donal of the Dog of the Dog of the Dog of the Dog of the Dog of the Ducks of the Dog of the Dog of the Dog of the Dog of the Dog Mother raised by the bastard, the skewers, your mother -in -law, the wild cubs of the wild cubs, the stink bitch with the mother -in -law without the daddy “”

… without breathing for 5 minutes.

Those little girls looked at me stunned.

“Best, dare to sell lip tongue in front of your ancestors, have you blindfolded lard?”

I stared fiercely at them, and the evening wind blowing through my hair ends,

Holding the small hammer pulled out in the bag, “Who else has any opinions?” I stepped forward.

Slap, scattered, that little, ran at the forefront.

Single your hair and go out with a smile.

Xiaofan was looking around: “What’s wrong? What’s wrong?”

I smiled: “Nothing, I’m just a little boring, go to the balcony to blow a blow.”

Xiaofan: “I just found that Xiaowei was gone, they didn’t embarrass you, right?”

Me: “No, I didn’t see them.”

At a glance, the girls in the corner squatted, my eyes stared, brushed, and ran away.

Drinking wine proudly, wondering the next time I will give Xiaowei a little bit.

“Huh, there are so many shameless women this year, it must be money!”

“I don’t know what kind of parent and mother, born with such a daughter?”

“What is the difference between selling?”

I rely on who is so bold and gossip, for fear that I don’t know what I say is me.

Take a closer look, but it is not those juniors.

I sipped the wine, but I was old, and I had a good fruit.

Dragged over Xiao Fan, knew one by one, the auntie of the stepmother, the mother of the stepmother, and the one of the cousins.

Well, it’s you, cousin, the relationship is not very close, and it is also white.

I dazzled my leisurely, and those 8 women saw that I had no response, and said with a malicious smile, pointed out, the more dirty.

No one around me, I went up and slapped the cousin two big slaps.

Suddenly, a group of eight wives were blindfolded, and they looked at me tremblingly.

I pretended to be an unbroken touch, the noble instrument of the messenger, and smiled contempt: “Do you know what my dad is doing?”

The cousin was beaten, and just soberly wanted to resist. When I heard me say, hesitated. After all, the party is not rich or expensive, but it is not what she can mess with.

The remaining 8 women also converged and looked at me.

Xiaofan appeared again, and the elder brother came over too.

I told them in a righteous manner: “My dad is a selling vegetable.”

The cousin broke out, and she roared hysterically: “You are shameless, what are you? Dare to hit me?” She jumped, clamored, attracted everyone’s eyes, including stepmother.

While everyone came around, I was also sandwiched in the pushing crowd, and persuaded: “Pay attention to the impact, don’t pull this way.”

As he said, he stretched his legs in the pile and kicked 3 feet.

Then I frowned and hippie smiling face to provoke her with expression,

I kicked, that is, I kicked.

The beast was crazy, and the cousin jumped as crazy.

I use mouth shape: “Dashab!”

I smiled proudly, smiled proudly!

A group of people came over to persuade, and Dad came over, and said majesticly, “Don’t make trouble!”

Aunt cousin calmed down, and turned back to see me wiping her nose on her. The beast is crazy again. The stepmother finally couldn’t help it. Regardless of the wind, she pulled the cousin, what kind of wind do you smoke?

This ASan has always been pretending to be noble and elegant, and it is not easy to be able to corrupt to this point! How could she let her go like this, and she just scolded my old lady and scolded my father.

Ah Akra went to the partial hall with a cousin.

A person coming over at the door is not her mother.

I pulled Xiaofan: “Did that little her mother have seen my cousin?”

Xiaofan: “I haven’t seen it before.”

Hungry grandma, I laughed!

Rush, “Hello, hello!”

Middle -aged women looked at me and fired 3 feet: “What did you say last time that Xiaofan was caught and hurt me …”, I: “Auntie, the important thing is not this, just Xiaofan brought his girlfriend to come It was not noisy with her. In fact, they were noisy. The group of people of his stepmother’s cousin co -cursing Xiao Wei, greedy money, and sold B … “

The small universe of the middle -aged woman stretched out, seeing that the middle -aged woman’s 2 eyes were on fire, and her hair was upside down. It’s about to start up

I don’t see my eyes sewn.

“Auntie, they are hiding here.”

I ran to my cousin first: “Stupid B, my mother is here.” Seeing Xiaowei’s mother came out.

Aunt Cousin rushed up: “You are shameless, how do you educate your daughter, just sell it, want money and want to be crazy?” Xiao Wei’s mother was said to be in the center. Essence

“What is your old sister -in -law said? What do you say? Do you eat people? What are you pretending to be? What kind of hair do you sell? Did n’t your relatives sell it by a she? “

“Houma, scold you!”

I made dementia behind Xiaowei’s mother, shed saliva facing my cousin.

The beast is crazy, the cousin can no longer hold it anymore, and she rushed up at her mother.


Twisted, cursing, slamming …

I rushed up, in the name of pulling the rack, I kicked my cousin several feet, alas …

The cousin became more and more ruthless about Xiaowei’s mother. Xiaowei’s mother saw that I was in danger, and resolutely helped her on the front line, and she took the eyes to me. I: “Auntie, this is me, I should made.”

Then I ran out of the partial hall, and Xiaowei was in a loss. I rushed up: “Xiaowei, Xiao Fan’s stepmother hit your mother with her relatives. The stepmother said that it was not pleasing to the eye before, but now you are dumped. She is not afraid of anything, just take your mother to get angry. “

Oh yeah! There is another strong army.

Under my guidance, Xiaowei was bite with silver teeth, her eyes were wide, mother, 2 small thin arms rushed up and rushed up.

I am worried that the small micro body is thin and thin, so I stuffed a ashtray in the small hand, and I heard, slap, the stepmother fell, the battle stopped

It’s a big big bump, my vicious smile, my vicious smile

about there

I rushed up and yelled: Don’t fight, there are so many guests outside, isn’t it embarrassed? The stepmother has always been face -oriented. She never thought about fighting at the banquet. The cousin saw the stepmother falling, and it was frightened.

I opened Xiaowei and her mother: Mom, you can go


Xiao Wei looked at me in surprise. When did I have a good relationship with her mother? Xiaowei’s mother took my hand: good girl, thank you, then retreat, retreat

The stepmother is not easy to look at a big bag, pulling the cousin to leave the game

I sort out my clothes and get out of the partial hall

Looking at it, the obstructive little micro, Xiao Wei, her mother, stepmother, cousin disappeared

Wow, so comfortable, deep breath, continue to have a promising communication work, quack quack

I smiled proudly. My proud smile was very successful. I performed very well. The cousin was violent. The stepmother was beaten by ashtray. After returning home, I reported to the old mother. And ask me to take her next time, I agreed. Life has to continue, and the class has to continue. I am still busy, suddenly, I visit the uninvited visit, and take a closer look. Xiaowei is here.

Sure enough, when I saw me, I jumped like a thunder. It turned out that I was the fairy and monster who replaced her daughter. Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence I shouted seriously: We have pain

Little Mom: Better?

Me: Actually I am an actor

Little Mom: Actor?

Me: We did this last resort

Little Mom: Do you have to force it?

Me: We are for small and very good

Little Mom: For the little hi?

Damn, rely on, lean, what old to learn me

Next, I talked about a little mother about a father, not my parents, or my mother, my grandmother, my grandpa, my grandfather, or my grandpa, the miserable and desolate body of my grandpa. Xunxinhuan let the pure fiction of the heart of the heart of death, if there is a sad story that is absolutely absolutely ghost, and I just because I took Xiao Fan’s money

Crying, Xiaowen’s mother was crying, she pulled my hand and said: Good boy, suffering from you

Me: This is what I should do

Then she left

Auntie, I love you

After 2 days, the Xiaofan family came again, saying that there was a family gathering. I asked my mother to play in the past. I went home and said, the old mother turned the sky, and the days were waiting for the day to wait for that day. , She is also good at dressing up, how can she be addicted, and she has been watching the TV series at 8 o’clock, poisoning

The old lady went this time, the direct consequence was that the cousin would never dare to come to Xiaofan’s house again.

Things still have to start from the beginning. The party that day was the relatives of the family. It was said that the family members were gathering, but the rich people felt that they didn’t feel like a family gathering. Noble and extraordinary, constantly asking me: How? Is it noble enough? Is it cool enough? Is it enough? Is it arrogant enough? Damn, old mother, forgive me

Xiaofan asked me quietly: What happened to my mother, very angry

Me: Yes, your stepmist is just very polite to her

Xiaofan: I remember

At this time, my cousin saw me, naturally there was no good face, her eyebrows stood up, and she was crooked.

Haha, I did n’t expect that she dared to come, and dared to say bad things about me. I was happy in my heart. Today, my old lady is here.

Just when everyone waited for people to open a meal, the woman was gloating together, and the men were polite.

I and his friends, my elder brother chatted together. I suddenly found that my cousin and my mother were chatting together, and I still looked at me with disdain on my face

I remember

This cow b doesn’t know my mother. Last time she regarded her mother as my old mother.

Wow ha ha ha ha ha, the good show is about to open

I saw her 呱 呱 唧 呱 唧 呱 唧 唧 唧 唧 唧 唧

The old lady’s face became more and more ugly. Several times she wanted to confirm whether she was a neuropathy. She said bad things about her daughter -in -law. Is there a brain?

I told my mother with a mouth shape: Aunt Cousin

The old lady was clear, and then the brother was very good to hold the cousin away

I am silent, my old lady is not covered, I can’t beat her, it’s not a sturdy

After 5 minutes, the old lady had a weird expression out

Is there a situation?

I rushed over and grabbed my mother: What’s wrong?

Lao Niang: I stunned the ride

Me: It’s nothing, I still stunned a meal last time

Lao Niang: She vomited

Me: Step in vomiting? Lao Niang, your skill has risen again.

Lao Niang: Ah Ting actually spit out a complete pork large intestine

I spit out the wine in my mouth:

Are you sure that the pig’s large intestine is not the human intestine?

Lao Niang: She said I spit out the large intestine she had just eaten at noon

I:. Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence

After a while, my cousin came out

I greeted with a smile: Hi pig large intestine

The cousin ran away, and I dare not see me again.

Really, is I so terrible? Xiaojiazi Qi

At the end of the banquet, the old lady continued to be unsmiling. I leaned, the old mother, pretended too much, but did not say that Xiaofan was very anxious, and the old dragged me quietly, my mother was unhappy, what to do, what can I do, what can I do, what can I do, what can I do, what can I do? Do what women like, my mother also likes it, you invite her to go to the blood, of course, tell her, you buy the order

Xiaofan is really a honest child. Take the platinum card and hand it to the old mother. Mom, let’s go to the department store to buy something for you and dad

Lao Niang: Noble. Essence Essence Essence Leng Yanzhong. Essence Essence Essence Qi School. Essence Essence Essence

I can’t do it anymore, I really want to hit someone

Lao Niang, don’t install it, it ’s too too much to put it on

After walking out, the old lady rushed to the platinum card, and asked with a passion for meeting with the dragon girl and Yang Guo 16 years later: Can I buy anything? I want to buy anything?

Xiaofan: Of course

Go to department store

The old lady jumped off the car

I want this this one. Essence Essence Essence Essence

Lao Niang, what do you buy boxing sets?

It is not very enjoyable to hit you with the old strip.

Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence

Uh, old mother, buy this mop to do

Nonsense, of course, for you, or do you use what you use to fight my boxing set

I rely on. Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence

Don’t buy the kitchen knife, right?

Why not, this costs 40 yuan, the home is not easy to use, legendary 40 pieces of kitchen knife, give me 3 3

Damn, old mother, I dare to buy a toilet, I will die

Dead girl, don’t want you to move, I can’t carry it myself

No, I want to jump off the building

Pull, persuade, begging. Essence Essence Essence

I suddenly found that my cousin not far away was with a middle -aged man

I dropped the old lady who was reluctant to the toilet, I jumped to my cousin

Aunt cousin is good

Auntie’s face changed greatly: What are you doing?

Me: Ask for a good, just

The man around the cousin was proudly standing in front of me

The insignificant small face, slender eyes, overhead lips, corners of the corner of the eyes yesterday, the trembling nose hair in the breeze, up and down, all reveal a kind of intellectual beauty.

I held back the urge to beat 2 punch on his face

If you have n’t come yet, I suddenly discovered that the insignificant man shrank, and the cousin’s face changed greatly? I ran away without returning.

Behind the old lady’s chest hanging boxing sleeve, the mop is around the waist, holding the 40 kitchen knife in the legendary legend with the hand, running over: Who, who runs so fast, just like you, don’t run her, don’t run her, don’t run her, don’t run her, don’t run her, don’t run her, don’t run her. It’s a fool.


When I got married, Xiaowei came back. After all, I didn’t come in outside the hotel door. After watching it for a long time, I walked away … My love, finally gained

Wish-The lovers in the world are happy!

Finally took him down

Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence