I bought the 2020 Tiger 8 Manual Special Edition I bought at the end of December 2020. There are 75,800 naked cars and 86,000 landing. Only the first insurance and film are given. It ’s not easy to use. If they are upgraded, they recommend all one or two thousand packages. It’ s too expensive, so I gave up, bought my foot pads, and then spent 800 paste the entire car film. The sunroof me me. Also posted it, I feel that the glass will be more realistic, and I am at ease.

My car is the lowest match for Tiggo 8, and the window can only be reduced by one click. It seems that the lamp is not changed. The light bulbs and white lights feel that the grade is improved. Personally, the tail lights are pretty good or color; the problem of the lighting of the lights can be improved, and the light bulb can increase the brightness. , And did not turn to the auxiliary light, there was no problem with the city. If you go to the place where there is no street light, you can’t see the road, you can only open it slowly;


The rearview mirror does not have electric heating. Water on the rainy lens really affects safe driving, and it feels that the field of view of the rearview mirror is a bit small; although it is the lowest match, the panoramic sunroof is equipped, sometimes lying in the car to rest, open the shading curtain, open the shading curtain, The roof is very transparent and not suppressed at all; the trunk must be opened manually, it is understandable. I personally feel that the configuration of the electric rear box is quite chicken. In addition to improving the force, the slow opening, close -up person who is closed and the individual is slowly open. It is not practical at all; the chassis of the car is relatively hard. If the speed of the slowdown belt is very fast, the driving recorder can be excited, but there is no obvious uncomfortable feeling of normal driving. When bending, it should be smaller and feel at ease; the tire is a domestic brand. The 235 -wide 55 thick tires, 18 inches of the wheels, and the size is very suitable for the car. The tire is lacking, and it is more comfortable than the thick tires when driving. The trunk is very large, and there are two dark warehouses under the partition. The seat can also be flattened forward, and the trunk has a bed with a length of more than 1.9 meters. I occasionally sleep and rest in the back.

The air conditioner is a manual air conditioner. There is definitely no automatic air conditioning. The cooling speed in the summer is a bit slow. It may be because the space in the car is too large. Buttons, in addition to being able to fuck blindly, can also give people back. Touching it is easy to touch, and the glass panel is easy to leave fingerprints. It is ugly and needs to be managed frequently. Just listen to a broadcast, and there are reversing images. The Tiggo 8 reversing image is very clear, and it is also very bright at night. This should be related to the sensitivity of the camera. It is better than the car of my friends around me. That function is even more functional, not only can you listen to music with the Internet, but also can act as a large -screen navigation, which is very convenient to use;


The steering wheel multi -function buttons are only on the right, and the left side is blank. Those who obsessive -compulsive disorder can buy an additional installation online, and there can be multiple fixed -speed cruise functions. In addition to adjusting the volume, calling, and a mute, there is also a multi -function button. A voice button, you can directly use the instructions to the carlife directly. No other cars need to say voice wake -up. I always feel so stupid;

The handbrake is a point of the handbrake, which is easy to use; it is also equipped with steep slopes and OUTOHOLD. The steep slope is slowly descended, but Outohold I use it every day and it is very easy to use. I can’t do without it. Pull the handbrake, start with the oil automatic loose handbrake, stop the slope and start to avoid slipping, but you must pay attention to the instrument panel display when driving. Sometimes you do n’t activate Outohold if you do n’t step on the brakes. Check whether the instrument shows the activation, and the brakes are loosened. Equipped with 4 speakers, it should be enough for ordinary popular sound quality. If you spend more than a hundred and two high tone heads, the sound effects will be improved to a certain extent. It is; I don’t think the sound insulation of the car is not as worse than some people. There is no problem with the normal volume dialogue before and after the high -speed driving, that is, the position of the window rearview mirror is occasionally vaguely noisy, and the music does not feel it. I will listen to music when I drive, and I do n’t have any impact on me; I think I think I use the 1.5T engine horsepower, and I usually have a 1500 conversion gear. The power can be connected. At present, the comprehensive fuel consumption is about 6.5, and the low -speed fuel consumption has a minimum of 4.9 fuel consumption of 4.9. In fact, the combination should be at 8L/100km. Such a large car is also considered fuel;


If you are maintained, I use the full synthetic motor oil. Do it once every 10,000 kilometers. The Tiggo 8, 4 L is not enough, and I have to match a small bottle of small and incomplete. The price is less than 400. Then change it by yourself, change it once every 5,000 kilometers, how to save money …

The original intention of buying Tiggo 8 is the large map space, the basic configuration to meet my needs, cheap prices, and trust the Chery brand. You can cover the wind and rain, and the warmth and winter warm travel needs for me and my family. The problem is quite satisfied. I hope my feelings can help those who want to buy and buy Tiggo 8.