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At the end of last year, there was a difference, bringing away the only nail pliers in the family. When I came back, I was counted by my lover, saying that I couldn’t cut my nails by me. So I started to add a nail tie.

#本站首晒# KAI 贝印 Type 001s 指甲钳


#本站首晒# KAI 贝印 Type 001s 指甲钳

Taobao turned around and watched the double people first. Except for the blade part is stainless steel, the other body plastic style, Tmall flagship store costs 188 yuan. All kinds of purchasing purchases also cost 4 or 50 yuan. Think about the activities of the Tmall flagship store’s transportation fee trial.

#本站首晒# KAI 贝印 Type 001s 指甲钳

Twin Liren Nailing Pie

#本站首晒# KAI 贝印 Type 001s 指甲钳

On the right side of the page, I saw the craftsman’s skills, and there were several styles with a nail storage box. It seems that it can solve the problem of nails. Looking at Guan Sun Liu, I saw Guan Sun Liu, and I was still under Beyin. There is a small stainless steel spoon spoon in the home. It is very useful to eat kiwi or something. Then he turned his eyes to the Beiyin.

#本站首晒# KAI 贝印 Type 001s 指甲钳

Putting a link of Taobao, the true and false need to distinguish it by yourself:

#本站首晒# KAI 贝印 Type 001s 指甲钳

Bena nail tie

There are many models, 001, 003, 005, 119 and so on. In contrast, the difference is mainly appearance and material. For example, the handle of 001 and 119 is plastic, and 003 and 005 are stainless steel; 001 storage boxes are translucent and 119 is white. Personally, I feel that these do not have much impact on use.

#本站首晒# KAI 贝印 Type 001s 指甲钳

The blade has a flat and arc. There are also sizes of S, M, and L. The width of the blade is 9mm, 12mm, and 17mm.

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It is used to cut nails or get used to arcs. I have seen a lot of comments on Taobao. Everyone generally said that the M number is too large, and the S number is enough. There are also limited editions such as Hello Kitty and Miffy. The price is also high and low, the cheapest 001S model, basically around 30 yuan, and the price is quite suitable.

Considering that Taobao fish dragons are difficult to distinguish, just to find something from Japan during this time, let’s bring a shell seal nail tong by the way.

#本站首晒# KAI 贝印 Type 001s 指甲钳

By the way, see what the Japanese people buy to use it to use it. The highest -selling nail tie with the highest sales volume is these: the link

#本站首晒# KAI 贝印 Type 001s 指甲钳

Finally, I chose the cheapest Beyin Type 001S, ranking 6th, which is pretty good (mainly poor).

Below is the link of Nika, 315 yen (less than 20 yuan), and the price is low. It should be noted that this is an ADD-ON product, and the order can only be purchased for more than 2,500 yen.

#本站首晒# KAI 贝印 Type 001s 指甲钳 Beyin 001

In addition, I saw that some people said that this nail tie was sold in Rosen (still Xido? 711? Can’t remember) convenience stores are sold. But I don’t know if it is in Japan or the country. You can also touch your luck. My shell printing fruit spoon was bought in a daily supermarket in China.

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There are not many things this time, and it is not heavy. The EMS of the JSHOPER was delayed for a few days when entering the warehouse, and for more than a week before and after.


#本站首晒# KAI 贝印 Type 001s 指甲钳

Hanging card packaging is very simple

#本站首晒# KAI 贝印 Type 001s 指甲钳

The bottom is seal with non -drying glue. The size of the nail pliers is about 72mm × 15mm × 20mm (long × width × thick, manual measurement error).

The main body wrote Stainless, there is no gloss. The upper and lower two -piece structure, Made in JAPAN.

Pressing the handle is plastic, two black and white. Inlaid with stainless steel on it. The texture of Xiaoyu is granular, and the polishing effect is good. The position of Xiaoyu can play a non -slip effect on the thumb when cutting the nails.

The nail storage box is translucent plastic and Made in JAPAN. It can be removed. The tail is a flat ring that can be used for lane. When installing, these two protruding strokes are stuck on the main structure of the nail tongs.

I do n’t know if I did n’t master the method. The process was not too smooth, not like Taobao’s comments very loose. Of course, it is not unable to remove it, but after a few times, the two raised seemed to have some wear. I do n’t know if it would be loose when disassembling.

Let’s take a look at the blade part, some traces of cutting and polishing, the width of the blade is about 9mm. In actual use, even when the toenails are cut (the picture is not available).

#本站首晒# KAI 贝印 Type 001s 指甲钳

From the side, you can see the “upper and lower blades with 0.01mm wrong layer of the upper and lower blades on Taobao’s blade to form a shear -cutting method. After cutting, the nails are smoother, and the life of the blade is effectively extended.”

In fact, as far as I have used the double -standing nail tongs (the blue transparent model in the picture below), the same design is also used, but it does not seem to be specially used as a selling point to publicize.

#本站首晒# KAI 贝印 Type 001s 指甲钳

Overall, I think workmanship is okay.


The entire nail clamp does not seem to have any prominent ergonomic design, and it feels average to use it.

#本站首晒# KAI 贝印 Type 001s 指甲钳

When trimming the nails, the feel is crisp, and there will be a crisp and loud click. This was a bit surprising, I thought it would be soft and dull. But clicking on, but cutting out the momentum and motivation.

Compare the effect with the old domestic double -arrow nail tongs in the home.

Domestic nail tie blades are traditional bite -type design, relying on the sharpness of the blade and the bite force to cut off the nails.

#本站首晒# KAI 贝印 Type 001s 指甲钳

After using it for a while, after the blade is worn, it can only be cut by the nails by brute force. Naturally, it is not so flat at the fracture, and even a bit rough.

The misalignment of the nail tongs of Beyin, 0.01mm upper and lower blades, is actually more like scissors, not pliers. Perhaps it is more suitable for nail cutting. By cutting, the fracture formed is very smooth and basically does not need to be polished, so I can’t help but stroke. After the mother and lover are used, they are also very recognized. As for whether it can really improve the service life, it takes time to test.

#本站首晒# KAI 贝印 Type 001s 指甲钳

For the nail storage box, and the anti -nail spattering function, I still use it well. However, when the mother and lover cut the first knife, the nails bounced out, and it was not good to see it in the storage box carefully. It can be seen that at the front of the storage box, in order to cooperate with the blade, there is a mouthful on both sides. How to extend your nails in and cut).

If the nail cut is too long, the extra nails will extend from the opening of the side, and cannot fall into the storage box smoothly.

#本站首晒# KAI 贝印 Type 001s 指甲钳

Therefore, it is recommended that each knife should not be cut too long, and it can be reduced to zero more sections, which can increase the success rate of the nail storage, reduce or even avoid the occurrence of nail splashing.

Of course, there are also disadvantages. The nail storage box is still a little hindered when trimming the edge of the nails on both sides of the blade. It is said that the nail tongs of the craftsmanship are better dealt with in this place.

In addition, blocked by black sales, the cut nails are concentrated in the front of the storage box, which is easy to leak out from the opening of the two sides. It needs to be cleared from time to time or pour it to the back.


Good nail trimming effects, good workmanship, low price, comes with anti -nail splashing and broken nail storage function, I am still very satisfied with this nail pliers. Although the nail storage box will be hindered when trimming some corner positions, it is always flawless. Overall, it is still worth buying. After all, cutting nails is also a very frequent and troublesome thing, isn’t it?

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