The common children’s room tatami bed is the following ↓


There is no highlight at all. The decoration is blindly tossing. In fact, as long as you make a slight renovation, there are 3 additional points, and the tatami will be high -level and more functionality!


门 Around a arched door hole

The arched arched with a soft arc always gives people a gentle feeling. It was just a tatami that brushed the paint. With the extra points of the arched door, the face value was instantly high! I feel that I feel beautiful. Children are here to rest and play games. They all like it.


2 2 heads at the bedside of the bed to storage

I have always felt that the tatami bedside bed is 2 heads at the end of the bed. If it is not used, it is a waste. Put the two heads directly on the two heads, don’t you have more storage space? Doing bookshelves, toys, nourishing flowers, or having to occupy the ground, and with the cover of the arched door, the hidden effect of the partition area is also very good, it will not be exposed.

The lack of a study can also change the partition area to a suspended table. The child is older to study and read books. It is also a good creativity. He also saves a study for the family.

✔The sense of security

Children lack a sense of security. The bare tatami design may not be used to sleeping alone. However, if an arched door hole is surrounded by the outer side of the tatami to form a surrounding feeling, for children, more or less will bring some sense of security. You can also add a guardrail, so that the effect will be better.

Anyway, I have a tatami design at a glance, and I have to make an arch door on the outside! Of course, in addition to the arched door hole, the tatami can also make a more complex modeling design, one is more cute than one ~



Don’t say that children are, I like a adult, leave the entrance in the middle, and rest in the inside. This is too happy. There are also lighting windows on the 2nd side, which does not affect the brightness inside the house.

Irregular shape


In fact, it is quite a test of construction. The bed is paved. The child has a cute and loved private space in an instant, and the sense of security is full.


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