Master this week’s capital flow and see potential investors. There are 118 investment and financing incidents this week, including 66 domestic and 52 foreign countries.

Overall domestic situation

√. Potential investors this week include 68 investment financing incidents.

√. Domestic investment and financing this week is still hot, mainly concentrated in the two major areas of O2O and e -commerce, including 10 e -commerce fields and 14 O2O fields;

√. O2O and corporate services have increased. Among them, 14 financing incidents in the O2O field are disclosed, all of which are early investment. This week, mutual assistance to venture enterprises starts 2 financing this week; 9 corporate services are also early investment, with large amounts.

√. Capital heat in the field of education has increased significantly. There are 7 financing disclosure this week, of which 2 have invested over 100 million yuan. It

√. Relatively speaking, this week’s financial and cultural and cultural fields have decreased sharply; there is no financing disclosure in the field of sports and fitness.

√. Shared bicycles have entered a new capital and founding. This week, there are two creators in the field of shared bicycles in the O2O field. cast.

√. Among the startups that announced financing this week, there are many situations that have been transformed to B -end, such as learning the community “Magic Cran”, agricultural B2C fresh e -commerce platform “”, etc. To the bottleneck.

√. This week, there were 45 rounds of investment A and earlier investment, accounting for more than 68%; round B financing, two round C financing incidents. Single financing this week.

√. In terms of amount, there are 9 levels of investments over 100 million yuan this week, which is relatively scattered. The Korean fried chicken brand “Kuqiao Chicken” has received 300 million yuan in Series A financing.

List of domestic financing

Specific financing details

E -commerce

“Mai Mai Da”, which focuses on oatmeal beverage brands, received 20 million yuan of angel round financing

Investors are personal. Mai Mai Da (Beijing) Beverage Co., Ltd. is a brand management team that focuses on high -quality oats. Integrating cross -border marketing, mobile internet and industry 4.0 and other advanced technologies, large oatmeal drinking industry chains that integrate organic oat planting, oatmeal drinking, production, and sales have been built.

“Yitao E shop” received 10 million angel round financing

Investors have not disclosed. The product of the Yitao E store Hangzhou Yitao Technology Co., Ltd. is an offline purchasing service brand. At present, it has more than 4,000 franchise merchants in China and set up branches in Shenzhen at the end of 2012.

Women’s clothing e -commerce brand “Pomegranate Collection” received millions of angel round financing

Jingwei China and Zhenge Fund jointly voted. The pomegranate collection is a high -end women’s clothing brand with the main flower type. In the early stage of the brand development, the dress is the main item.

Designer brand shopping app “Jin Shangzhi” received 10 million yuan A round financing

Investors are Tencent Double Types and Nakagawa. Jin Shangzhi (Blue Box) is affiliated with Beijing Boolong Technology Co., Ltd. is a designer brand shopping app for white -collar women. Here you can shop with celebrities, let international designers, buyers, help you match clothing, design design Style, etc.

Cross -border e -commerce KKS received nearly 10 million yuan of angel round investment such as Tsinghua Venture Capital

Investors are Tsinghua Venture Capital, Zheng Ming, and individual investors. KKS only focuses on the United States to China, and the higher quality life needs of families, covering many categories such as food, health products, maternal and infants, etc., including 1,000+ well -known brands, more than 100,000 selected products. In terms of product quality, KKS is only imported from the original, each product comes from the United States, and is updated simultaneously with local American shelves.

Agricultural B2C Fresh E -commerce Platform “Taste Network” received 50 million yuan B+wheel investment

Huishan Dairy Strategic Investment. belongs to (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., which was founded in October 2014. It is an agricultural vertical e -commerce for agricultural products, ingredients, etc.. Including high -quality original ecological agricultural products, meat and poultry eggs, rice noodles, fresh aquatic products, fruits and vegetables, leisure foods, etc. supports tourists to buy or consume after login in account, and support payment methods such as payment, membership value payment method, Alipay payment, bank card payment and other payment methods. Taste network supports national distribution. The distribution method is SF Express. The company has announced two rounds of financing:

In December 2015, he received a round A financing of 33 million yuan. Investors include the listed company Donghua Software and the well -known media man Lang Yongchun, actor Tong Lei, etc.;

At the end of October 2016, the Huada Agricultural Group’s 50 million yuan strategic investment was obtained.

The fabric e -commerce platform “Search” received tens of millions of yuan A and A+round of financing

The Meixing Group and a southern chemical fiber group led, and the original investors Zero 1 Capital, Innovation Workshop, and investor Wu Xiaoguang followed. It is reported that in May 2015, Souya received tens of millions of RMB angel round financing of Zero 1 Investment Investment, Innovation Workshop, and Wu Xiaoguang.

Souya is affiliated with Shenzhen Weiyang Science and Technology Co., Ltd., which is positioned in the vertical B2B e -commerce in the fabric industry, and is committed to creating a traditional industry information matching and transaction procurement platform. Core technology “Finding Find Cloth” provides a new procurement, sales, and management model for the many categories and highly fragmented fabric industries.


E -commerce “Princess Pea” received $ 26 million Series B financing

Leaded by the World Innovation Lab (hereinafter referred to as Wil), Ito Choyan Commercial, Intime Capital, and Tao Yun Capital followed. Princess Pea was officially launched in August 2015. It adopts the “open platform+self -employment” model and the combination of “PGC+UGC+KOL” to provide domestic users with popular Japanese products. The sources of products sold by the platform are divided into two types: one is purchased directly in Japan, and the other is a Japanese supplier from Princess Pea directly, and all products are directly mailing by Japan.

Emerald Trading Platform “Dazhuang” received millions of dollars in round of Huacheng Peak, round financing


Huachengfeng Investment Corporation invested. It is reported that Zhuang is a emerald trading platform. The first third -party emerald appraisal guarantee trading service for the “appraisal treasure” was launched for 9 months. The transaction value of the physical identification of the platform exceeded 30 million yuan, and the highest unit price was 650,000 yuan.

Convenience store B2B “Store Merchants Interconnection” completes 700 million yuan in Series B financing

Leading by the Everbright Ruihua China Opportunity Fund, Pioneer Group’s B -round financing with a total amount of 700 million yuan. Established in January 2014, the store business connectivity was formerly a worry -free Ant Commercial Co., Ltd., which is supported by mobile Internet and big data. Business service platform. It has four major sections: ordering treasure mall, shop Pharaoh Financial, Worry -Free Ant Logistics, and Store Business Big Data. By digging the commercial value of convenience stores, the company connects the “last mile” of the brand and consumers, and provides a full set of three -dimensional solutions from online to offline sets for brand owners, convenience stores and consumers.

Cultural and creative

Food New Media “Rosemary” gets strategic investment in seconds

Fund comes from seconds, and the current valuation reaches 100 million yuan. Rosemary was launched on November 26, 2015. It is a new Internet media focusing on food and lifestyle. It is a daily food program on the Internet. A small food recipes videos, 2 minutes of food tutorials. At present, the second shot has begun to jointly produce “Rosemary Food” and “Snack China” series with rosemary. The second shot will give the rosemary team more opportunities to build their own content brands and form a common ecology.

Model card production APP “Buy Meng” received 5 million yuan of angel round financing

Investors have not disclosed. Buy Meng Model Card is affiliated with Shenzhen Buy Meng Information Technology Co., Ltd. It is a common professional tool for making model cards for modeling cards.

“Shi Xiaokeng Culture” completes 1 million seed round financing

The company is continuing to seek an angel wheel, planning to raise 5 million, and transfer 10%of the shares. Shi Xiaokeng is a IP based on nano movies, games and comics. The main image comes from Shi Xiaoke, the protagonist in the game series “The Most Paddy Games in History”.

Military self -media platform “Camouflage” won millions of angel round investment

The “Camouflage” is the first self -media platform based on vertical military content. At present, the company’s business has begun to extend to military theme film and television, offline content services, technology media and other fields. In -depth cooperation has been established with Phoenix, Tencent, iQiyi, Youku, and many national defense industrial departments, enterprises, etc., and opened up Tencent Beacon Tower, Phoenix Military Intelligence, Phoenix Fire Military Intelligence, Phoenix Storm Eyes, Iqiyi Military Soldiers, Well -known military columns such as military wonders are loved and discussed by extensive military fans.


Printing service provider “one seal” received 10 million yuan Pre-A round financing

Leaded by Junshang Capital and Fat Cat Venture Capital (looking for Steel Network), angel investor Cai Jingzhong followed the investment. It is reported that earlier this year received 3 million yuan in angel investment of Leyi Capital. Together together in March 2016, focusing on service graphic agencies, advertising companies, activity companies, convention and exhibition companies and other industries, through a set of SaaS to replace the functions of previous intermediaries, provide one -stop orders and “the fastest fastest fastest and fastest. The logistics distribution service of the next day. At present, the main business scope of the main business is in the Beijing area. At present, there are nearly 2,500 cooperative merchants, and the monthly revenue has exceeded 2 million.

Real Estate retail service provider “Fang Couple Technology” received 10 million -level Series A financing

This round of financing was led by Junrun Investment, Hangzhou Shiyou Investment, Shanghai Erza Cai Investment, and famous investor Xie Zhongshi. Earlier, Fangxiu Technology received the angel round financing led by Chen Qiudong, led by Chen Qiudong, the vice president of Sai Bole Investment. Fang Couple Technology was founded in May 2015. From the original traditional online real estate Internet direct sales platform to the current new retail service provider model.

The Korean fried chicken brand “Kuqiao Chicken Chop” received 300 million yuan in Series A financing

Kuqiao Chicken Chop is a chicken steak brand. It was introduced by Beijing Senna Impression International Catering Management Co., Ltd., launched 27 kinds of marinade, 13 diploma, and 80 series and more than 180 items delicious. Kuqiao Fried Chicken is an authentic fried chicken brand introduced from South Korea from South Korea. In 2013, it successfully joined forces in the world’s first cold drink giant Hagan Das in 2013; With Tsinghua Ziguang Group reached a strategic cooperation and comprehensively opened the intelligent management model.

Pet comprehensive service platform “Dog Ecology” completes 10 million yuan A round financing

Investors did not disclose. The dog ecology is a comprehensive pet service platform. It focuses on providing dog consignment, pet beauty, dog special cars, dog schools and tutor education. It is affiliated to Beijing.

“E bag washing” received hundreds of millions of yuan B + round of financing

Investment led by Libai Group, Rundu Group and other institutions. Ebag Wash is a new service brand under Beijing Rongchang Technology Services Co., Ltd., an O2O laundry service product developed based on WeChat platform. Customers will put the laundry to the designated washing bag and make an appointment to pick up the time. Pieces and returned within 72 hours.

The vegetable preservation system “Vegetable East Po” received a new round of financing

The new round of financing provided by the has not been disclosed. It is reported that the company was invested by the Angel Ring of Jingwei last year. Vegetable Dongpo is a fresh O2O system SaaS solution, a product of Beijing Wooden House Times Technology Co., Ltd.

Construction Machinery Leasing Information Platform “Mechanical Butler” received 9.8 million yuan Pre-A round financing

Investors are source capital, angel investor Liu Tingbo and 360 gold rush crowdfunding. It is reported that the company’s angel round financing was completed in October 2014, with an amount of 1.78 million yuan. The investors are the evergreen peaks and angel investors Liu Jun and Hu Boyu. Mechanical butler is an APP of construction machinery rental information platform. One end of the platform is connected to the owner (mechanical owner or company) and machine (driver) with construction machinery, and the other end connects the leaser (construction enterprise or individual) who requires leasing construction machinery. The platform is responsible for matching transactions to improve the service chain docking efficiency.

College student mutual assistance guarantee platform “Qingcao Mutual Aid” completes 5 million angel round financing

Investors are Hangzhou Angel Bay. “Green grass mutual assistance” is a company founded by a group of post -90s entrepreneurs. It is a platform for mutual assistance guarantee for college students. It was launched around November 1, 2016. The first batch will launch a mobile phone crushing screen mutual assistance plan and a comprehensive accident mutual assistance plan. The main school students’ scenes are mutually assisting, and it can truly solve the imminent problem of college students. In order to better enter the life of the college group, Qingcao Mutual Aid will also establish a grass mutual aid society in colleges and universities through campus volunteers.

“Comparison Mutual Assistance” gets angel round financing

Investors and financing amounts have not been disclosed. Neighborhood mutual assistance is an innovative network mutual aid platform. It is committed to using the strength and reliable technical means of Internet mutual assistance groups to help others and protect themselves.

The community service platform “Weibly” announced that it has received tens of millions of strategic investment

Investors did not disclose. It is reported that the company has received 3.1 million angelic investment. Founded in 2015, it is a free SaaS model property service platform. It provides a one -stop smart property solution. You can have a system background, property APP, and owner APP without paying. Property and owners provide services such as community announcements, mobile phone repairs, visitor invitations, neighborhood circles, and living payment. Specific to a scene, for example, the invitation of visitors, the owner sent a QR code to a friend’s mobile phone through a micro -holding app. The friend can pass through the access control code and save the trouble for registration.

Sharing electric vehicle platform “Rent Eight Rings” completes 10 million yuan of angel round financing

Rent Eight Rings was established in May this year and escaped from Dongda Blue Bird. The company is currently cut in from the campus market. Since the launch of Shanghai Songjiang University Town in September this year, it mainly adopts the “self -operated+franchise agent” model to open up the market. At present, the lease eight precepts have been launched in Changzhou, Nanjing, Ma’anshan, Shanghai, Fuzhou and other places, and have signed 20 urban agents. However, only four areas including Songjiang University Town and Changzhou University Town, the customer service phone number on the Bayijie APP.

“1 Step Bicycle” received 200 million yuan A round of financing

Investment led by Honitor -in -law and Zhongchi Investment. 1 -step bicycle is affiliated with Chengdu one -step sharing technology Co., Ltd. is an intelligent shared bicycle company. It focuses on providing short -distance travel solutions for urban city. Through the combination of smart hardware and bicycle, using the current mobile Internet technology to achieve pileless parking, price discounts ,Energy saving and environmental protection.

The Internet home improvement brand “Yue” completes nearly 100 million yuan in Series A financing of China Merchants Investment Capital

Leading by China Merchants Investment Capital, Hongtai Fund and the famous angel investor Wang Gang followed. Established in August 2015, is an Internet home improvement brand. The platform integrates the system integration of the whole product, full -house customization, furniture software, financial products, and VR technology to build a complete pan -home installation industry ecosystem. The one -stop integration of home life services mainly serves B -end customers.

“Bicycle Online” received tens of millions of yuan Pre-A round financing

The capital is the Wanchao Group. Bicycle online is affiliated with Hangzhou Jingqi Network Technology Co., Ltd. It is a bicycle network media platform that focuses on the operation and promotion of bicycle campaigns on the Internet, mobile Internet, offline platforms, and providing one -stop marketing promotion services for enterprises and organizations. Bicycle players provide professional and interactive communication platforms.

Corporate Services

User Behavior Tracking Technology Co., Ltd. Appa received $ 19.5 million B+round of financing

Investment by Temasek Holdings, the United States CIA, FIRSTFLOOR CAPITAL and Qualgro. With artificial intelligence technology, APPIER assists brands and marketers to understand and analyze users on mobile phones, tablets, personal computers, and even changing cross -screen behaviors on TV. Find the most valuable use of ethnic groups to effectively achieve business goals.

The “upper shop” that the city shop is directly connected to the service has received tens of millions of angel round financing

Investors did not leak. Shangpu is an APP product under Hangzhou Shangpu Network Technology Co., Ltd. It was established in 2016. The company is committed to urban business direct services and hopes to upgrade the industry through big data to provide people with solutions for smart shop selection. Essence The “upper shop” set up a shop rental platform as the entrance to the merchant to find the shop. The feature of this platform is that in addition to providing users with basic information such as shop source addresses, shop source engineering conditions, etc., they are also committed to using big data to bring together urban commercial elements to the platform. The total number of population within one kilometer of shop sources is the total population, community, subway stations, banks, schools and other gathered sources, surrounding house prices, per capita consumption of catering, peripheral formats, etc., forming an analysis report on the source of the shop.

“Love Packaging” completes 10 million yuan Pre-A round financing

Investors did not disclose. Ai packaging is a B2B+O2O platform for the packaging industry. It mainly provides customized finished product packaging services for manufacturing, food retail, advertising and entertainment industry.

Market activity management technology service provider “Lingmai Network” received nearly 50 million yuan A round of financing

The leadership is Shenchuang Investment Group and its Red Land Venture Capital Fund, and Zijiang Enterprise follows the investment. Lingmai Network was established in 2009. It mainly provides market activity automation technology platforms for packaging consumer goods, Internet, finance, and MICE through its market activity management platform “Easy Reward” and “Huateng Software”. Construction, big data strategy analysis, operation management, resource procurement distribution, information interactive communication and other functional services, and provide a one -stop one -stop one -stop one -stop one -stop one -stop one -stop service management SaaS software, activity resource supply chain services, Internet of Things big data collection application and related value -added services, etc. solution.

The office space “Chuangyi” won the Huazhu Hotel Group’s led by 100 million yuan financing

Crees, led by Huazhu Hotel Group, was established in 2006. The founder is Li Yongjie, a commercial real estate operation entrepreneur of Shanghai Hongji Group. At the beginning of the establishment, Chuangyi focused on shaping a new industrial form, integrating space operations and resources into one, and launching the Chuangyi series park. Among them, space operation is the core business of Shanghai Chuangyi Industrial Service Module. It is divided into two major lines of office and cultural blocks. Its office product lines include Chuangyi Space, Chuangyi Booster, Chuangyi Office, and Chuangyi Cafe Essence

Product manager community PMCAFF completes round A financing

The overall valuation was 200 million yuan from boiling point capital and Qicheng Investment Capital. In April 2016, the Alpha Commune Pre-A round of financing was completed. PMCAFF was founded 9 years ago and is currently the most well -known product manager public welfare organization in China. The PMCAFF community was initially organized by more than 50 product managers to communicate and learn. The earliest initiator came from Baidu, Ali, Tencent, Sina, etc. Later, he received millions of angelic investment in light source capital.

Event process management SaaS platform “Big Activity” completes 9 million yuan Pre-A round financing

The investor is the hotel brother. Established in 2015, the Big Event is a collection of activities under Nanjing Daughter Qi Information Technology Co., Ltd., online ticket sales, professional management, event promotion, participating personnel management, event conference service, and post -meeting statistics. The integration full -featured management platform, while providing professional services for organizers, also brings the most humane and efficient activity management experience to the organizers.

Mobile marketing tool “Tongdao” received $ 1 million Pre-A round financing

Mindworks led, SOSV followed. Tongdao is a refined mobile user marketing tool with automated marketing functions. Marketing personnel can conduct targeted personalized marketing based on the real -time behavior data of APP users to enhance the user’s life cycle value.

The marketing platform “Dili Technology” received 60 million new rounds of financing

Leaded by IDG Capital, followed by new media. It is reported that the company received millions of angel round investment last year. DERE Technology is a mobile advertising alliance based on the HTML5 webpage. The main advertising business includes video website patch advertisements, portals display advertisements, mobile Internet display advertising, video patch advertisements, information flow advertisements and other forms.


Laser developer “Hua’an Technology” received 5 million yuan of angel round financing

Investors are Beno Angels. Huaan Technology is a technology company focusing on the development of a new generation of laser. By optimizing the product structure and the use of new materials, the team tries to develop a 50W -power laser marking equipment to improve the speed and quality of laser marks. It is reported that the first industrial -grade product is expected to be launched within half a year.

Artificial Intelligence Capital HUMAN+Obtaining Tens of millions of yuan Pre-A round financing

Investment by China -One Capital, Lishi Venture Capital and Light Capital Following Investment. Human + is an provider of mobile visual deep perception solutions in the field of artificial intelligence. It is committed to providing visual perception capabilities for mobile robots and creating visual intelligence for mobile robots.


“AOE Input Method” received millions of yuan of angel round financing

Investors are games for Renren, Investment Investment, Micro Investment Fund, etc. The AOE input method is an application for overseas markets such as Europe and the United States. It focuses on new features such as dynamic personality themes, smart expressions, and synchronous translation to meet the user’s increasingly diversified information communication needs.

Robotic founding “Beiwen Photon” received 10 million yuan B financing

Cobos robot provides funds. Beiwai Photon is a high -tech company focusing on robotic eyes. The main product lines can be divided into drones to fixed high radar, small barrier radar and multi -line long -range radar.

Desktop Cloud Terminal CPU Research and Developer “Jiwan Microelectronics” was invested in Jilin Provincial Science and Technology Fund

By completing the equity delivery, Jilin Provincial Science and Technology Investment Fund Co., Ltd. obtained 3.85%of the equity of the company. Jiwan Microelectronics was established in August 2013 in Changchun High -tech Development Zone, Jilin Province. Essence The company’s entrepreneurial team is composed of a number of senior technical and management experience. OEM/ODM manufacturers in the field of cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and big data can provide standards, semi-custom SOCs, and Turn-Key services.


Supply Chain Financial P2P online loan platform “Anyi Investment” completes Series A financing

Investors are an asset management company in Beijing. An Yitou is a P2P wealth management platform specializing in supply chain finance in China. It was launched by Hangzhou Qisheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. in July this year. Through cooperation with the upstream and downstream of the supply chain The borrowing claims will control risks from the entire process of loan, medium and loan. Through the rigorous risk control management system, the platform is committed to building a safe, efficient, open, and transparent online lending platform with the help of Internet technology. While helping supply chain companies to solve financing problems, it helps investors to achieve wealth appreciation!

Consumer Financial Services “Xiaoan Times” completed tens of millions of RMB Pre-A round financing

This round was led by Huacu Capital, and Zhejiang Zhaoyuan followed. The Xiaoan era is a consumer finance service company. The business scope mainly includes consumer white bars and cash loans. Core products include cash loans, car loans, and consumer scenarios loans. When the user fills in the application, the Xiaoan Times conducts risk assessments based on the personal information provided by the user, and finally provides users with loans between 20,000 to 500,000. At present, the cumulative loan loan exceeds 200 million yuan. As a financial service platform between the bank and the entire network, the Xiaoan Times by obtaining the data authorized by the user, the data from the third party, and the user’s entire network data (payment data, social media data), etc., to make a comprehensive portrait for users , Build a precise algorithm model, comprehensively manage the risks of assets and funds, and reduce the chance of bad debts.

The quantitative trading cloud platform “Mi Basket” received 25 million yuan in Series A financing

Investment in Huarui Capital and Baidu. Earlier, the team completed the angel round financing in November 2014, and the investor was the source code capital. The rice basket is a quantitative trading cloud platform created by Li Ke with the team, which brings together financial data, and provides users with a tool for R & D trading strategies such as recovery and real simulation transactions. The team holds strategy competitions to provide incubation services for excellent strategies.


Live Classroom SaaS service platform “Learning Cloud” received 10 million yuan Pre-A round financing

Investors have not been announced. Xueyun Lishi belongs to the Three Mang Century (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. It was established in December 2012. The main business is to provide online education companies with a cloud -based real -time interactive live broadcast class SaaS service. It is divided into two types of charges, one is to charge the seat monthly, and the other is to charge it by lesson.

Parent -child education service platform “Learning Canada” completes millions of angel round financing

It belongs to personal investment, but has not disclosed the investor. It is reported that the first round of angel investment was obtained at the beginning of this year. Xuejia is a regional education and training institution launched by Xiamen Xueduo Network Technology Service Co., Ltd.. Parents users can directly search for children through learning to plus APP, Xuejiawei WeChat platform, or Xuejia plus PC web page. Education and training courses, institutions and teachers, and conduct free experience audition.

IT vocational education institution “Emerald Education” won Yuhong Capital 200 million yuan C round financing

Yuhong Capital Investment. Established in 2012, the Emerald Education Group is a vocational education institution dedicated to mobile Internet and digital entertainment. Essence The company has established more than 30 molecular companies or direct training centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Changsha, Chengdu, Chongqing and other places, with more than 400 employees. The company has announced two rounds of financing:

In early 2015, it received a round A financing of 60 million yuan, and the investor was not disclosed;

At the end of 2015, 150 million yuan B financing led by a well -known venture capital fund in China was completed.

Online education live broadcast platform “Xiaohe said” to complete 2 million seed round financing

No investors are disclosed. Xiaohe said that it is an online education platform of “Training+Live” launched by Shenzhen Weiyin Cloud, which aggregates the resources of high -quality education institutions and a large number of famous teachers across the country. The live broadcast application of the iPhone, Android, and iPad is covered with QQ, WeChat, and Weibo accounts. Just take out the mobile phone and simply operate, and you can contact countless well -known mentors around the world in real time. Xiaohe said that it subverts the traditional education model and provides users with a more convenient and fast online classroom service; Xiaohe said that it is a “training+live broadcast” online education platform, which aggregates the resources of high -quality education institutions and a large number of famous teachers in the country.

Maker Education Enterprise “Green Orange Maker” received 10 million Pre-A round financing

Investors are Lixin Kangbang. Beijing Green Orange Makers Education Technology Co., Ltd. is a content service platform focusing on maker education. It provides an overall solution of one -stop maker education. , Mathematics, Design, Humanities and Arts, Leadership and other education curriculums, and cooperate with Tsinghua University Maker Education Lab and Tsinghua University Basic Industrial Training Center to develop and promote a comprehensive and unique “hero journey” maker education course. Related educational institutions provide more than 400 hours of innovative education courses to meet the needs of maker education courses from elementary and middle schools to high school in high school.

Learn the community “Magic Cube” to complete the 150 million B round financing

The investor is the shareholder of Fengdong’s shareholder, and the valuation of 450 million after investment is different from the previous business line of the C -side. On the basis of maintaining the development of the C -end business, the Rubik’s corner will start trying to use the “standardized product+customization of customization+customization The way to develop+local data entry “is turned to the company under the K12 field. The Rubik’s Cube has been launched since June 2013. The most commonly used and free learning communities for primary and secondary school students, focusing on the proposition research of small entrance examinations, middle school entrance examinations, and college entrance examinations, providing simultaneous learning, examination prediction, grade evaluation, answering competition, classmates social networking, etc. Mysterious application. In October 2014, he received nearly 10 million US dollars in Fosun Kunzhong. The Rubik’s cubic grid uses gamified ideas to design products, making the “painful” K12 learning happy, stimulating students’ learning interest and vitality.

“Research on the Examination” completes the Hujiang Investment Pre-A round of financing

Zhang Xuefeng’s team, who became popular on the Internet course, was exposed to the completion of the 10 million-level RMB Pre-A round of financing at the beginning of the year. The investor is the Hui Gui Fund, which focuses on the middle and early education projects of Hujiang Investment.

The predecessor of the graduate entrance examination is the 9 -year -old Suzhou Haitian Sunshine Education and Training Center, which has been deeply cultivated in the examination industry. Since the start of the business, the research on the postgraduate entrance examination has been focusing on the tutoring of the postgraduate examination and the pre -examination counseling before the examination of the civil servant examination. It has created a professional curriculum system, and has reached cooperation with many institutions across the country, integrating channels, and exporting content and teachers to institutions.


Outdoor lifestyle service provider “Tutu Outdoor” gets round B financing

Investors did not disclose that Tujun Outdoor was created in 2006 and is an outdoor lifestyle service provider for Chinese outdoor sports enthusiasts. The company’s direct -operated Tutu Travel Life Hall has settled in large and medium -sized cities such as Xiamen, Xi’an, Chengdu, and Kunming. Essence

The accommodation sharing brand “Qian Su” completed 50 million yuan in financing

This round of financing is led by enterprises in the industry. According to the Venture Capital Times, Qiansu is a global vacation rental accommodation operation management brand. In 2013, it officially involved in the non -standard accommodation industry of the sharing economy model. Provide a comprehensive accommodation method such as hotel -style apartments, short -term rental service apartments, high -end villas, special homestays, high -quality long -term rental apartments, foreign homestays, and other all -round accommodation methods.

The overseas tourism photography service platform “Lu Tu” received 2.8 million yuan of angel round investment

Investors did not disclose. Lu Tu officially landed in 2014. It first opened a store in Nantong, mainly connected with foreign teams, and then transported the product to the online OTA and offline large travel agencies and wedding photo studios. The store also received some scattered customers. In addition to the WeChat platform, the road map is planned to be launched on the APP side in December. It is now in the internal test stage. It will mainly realize the purchase of C -end consumer products. It will also update industry information, tourism information and strategies. What you see and hear.


The e -sports portal “Rabbit Games” completes 10 million A round financing

At present, the valuation has reached 100 million yuan, and the investor Long Yuan Yunteng ( Rabbit Play Network is Beijing Rabbit Play Online Technology Co., Ltd.. At first, it took the e -sports vertical portal as its positioning, and then adjusted the direction and used online teaching to do e -sports training. At present, only League of Legends (LOL) projects are opened, and courses are conducted for the game’s 5 positions.

Military VR game developer “Chitong VR” received 3 million yuan of angel round financing

Investors are Guangzhou Zhuoyuan. CTVR was founded by Lin Chuan in April this year and is committed to the development of military VR game products. Since its establishment, the team has launched two games, namely “Armed Assault” and “Wings of Peace”. CTVR currently serves B -end customers, such as online multi -platform paid downloads, leisure places VR experience. Now, CTVR has reached cooperation with more than 20 companies, including domestic PC helmet companies and Guangzhou hardware equipment manufacturers. Its charging model is divided into two types, one is selling software; the other is divided into offline experience stores.

“Fan Fan Network” received 110 million yuan in investment

Fanfan Network received a strategic investment of 500 lottery networks, accounting for 51%of the shares. Fan Fan Network is a mobile -side social poker game operator. Its products include “Brand Friends” and “Texas Night”.


The “wheel interconnection” in the field of automobile life service platform received 100 million yuan C+wheel financing

On the afternoon of December 1st, the wheel interconnection announced today that it has completed a 100 million yuan C+round of financing. The new shares in this round of financing are Hanfu Capital.

Wheel (Shanghai Easy Point Time and Space Network Co., Ltd.), founded in Shanghai in 2012, is a mobile Internet company focusing on the automotive life service field. It is committed to creating the first platform of the owner’s palm life. The wheels have 12 innovative mobile phone applications, covering the entire car chain from the front car to the rear car, including star products such as wheel inspection violations, wheel test driving licenses, wheel communities, and other star products.

On April 12 this year, the wheels completed the 550 million yuan C financing of the 550 million yuan C -round C -financing led by Yixin Capital, Horizon Corporation, Jinglin Capital, SAIC and Bailihong.

In December 2014, the company received tens of millions of dollars in Series B financing of Junlian Capital.

In April 2014, the company received tens of millions of dollars in Series A financing of and Jiayu Fund.

In August 2013, the company obtained Dexun Investment 10 million yuan Angel Investment.

Medical treatment

Psychological Health Mutual Assistance Platform “Asteroid” obtained angel round financing

Star Fire Finance provides funds. The specific amount has not been disclosed. The asteroid is an anonymous and social product of the little prince’s theme, creating a beautiful rotating scene of the asteroid universe, relying on painting, music and text for spiritual healing and emotional assistance.

Oncology medical service company “Zhikang Bo Medicine” completes Panlin Capital B financing

Investors are Panlin Capital. Established in December 2012, Zhikang Bo Medicine is the first company in China to provide tip medical consulting services specifically for cancer patients. It is through its own unique I-GRAFTTM technology platform and strategic cooperation with the international and domestic tumor medical centers. A tumor patient is looking for the best treatment plan, thereby improving the clinical efficacy of patients and maximizing the survival of patients.

The clinical contract research organization “Pulse Bio” has received 55 million heads of financing in Qiming

This round of financing was led by Qiming, Terry invested, and then invested in medicine. Established in August 2016, the Pulse Biomedical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a clinical contract research organization (CRO) that provides high -end services for pharmaceutical and medical equipment innovation enterprises, and is committed to improving the success rate of R & D products.

Psychological Health Platform “Good Mood” received 50 million angel round financing

Enhua Pharmaceutical Investment. Good mood is a mobile medical platform that focuses on the field of psychological psychology, and is committed to Internet medical services in the field of psychological psychology. The platform mainly provides services such as learning scientific research, personal psychological counseling, private doctor services, instant information, medical record management and other services.

Cinda Biopharmaceutical Complete $ 260 million in round D financing

This round of financing is led by the advanced manufacturing industry investment fund management of SDIC Investment Investment Management Co., Ltd. (“SGC Innovation Innovation”). The original investors such as Junlian Capital, Temasek, and Gaoming Capital were jointly funded.

Cinda Biopharmaceutical (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was established in August 2011. It is committed to being the best and international high -end high -end biopharmaceutical pharmaceutical companies in China to develop and produce high -end biopharmaceuticals used by Chinese people. The company has obtained an investment of up to $ 232 million in world -renowned venture capital, forming a new pattern of supporting innovation with global capital. At this point, Cinda Bio has completed a cumulative 410 million US dollars of financing:

In October 2011, I received a 10 million US dollars in Series A (Fidelity Asia) A round of investment;

In June 2012, he received tens of millions of dollars financing in Series B in the Eli Lilia Fund;

In January 2015, the C round was completed by US $ 100 million. The investors were Junlian Capital, TEMASEK Temasek, and Sidom Capital (Fidge Asia).

Medical equipment e -commerce “Beiden Medical” announced that it has received 65 million yuan in Series A financing

Investors are from Zhongwei Fund, Oriental Fugai and Pricewater Capital. Beiden Medical is a B2B platform established in Nanjing. The company was established in 2010. Beiden Medical mainly purchases through upstream medical device manufacturers, serving downstream small and medium -sized medical device dealers and some private medical institutions. At present, clinical testing, experimental instruments, surgery first aid, disinfection sterilization, medical electronics and ultrasound, medical treatment Eight medical product lines such as consumables.

Pediatric Medical League “Ci Lu Medical” has received Qingrui Venture Capital Ten Thousands of Pre-A round financing

Qingrui Venture Capital Investment. Established in 2010, Cilu Medical has always been committed to providing overall services for high -end children’s healthcare. Relying on its own doctors and nurse teams, in Beijing, Shanghai, and a number of high -end private medical institutions in Beijing and many high -end private medical institutions to provide management output and provide many years of high -quality high -quality high -quality high quality Services and recognize tens of thousands of families. Ci Lu Medical also has a comprehensive market expansion channel and corresponding teams to achieve stable historical performance.


Air Purifier Research and Developer “Taoye Technology” received 6.38 million yuan of angel round financing

The leaders were Zijinhui, and the investors were Mizuki Tsinghua Alumni Fund and Thailand. Beijing Taoye Technology Co., Ltd. was established in May 2015. It was founded by three doctors of Tsinghua University. It is a high -tech company dedicated to air pollution purification and optimization of air health. Quality Air Purification Technology “has developed” wet intelligent air purifier “. The product can achieve high -efficiency purification of indoor PM2.5 and formaldehyde, and zero consumables and free cleaning.

Overall situation abroad

√. This week, there are 52 investment financing incidents in foreign investors abroad.

√. This week, foreign countries are concentrated in the field of science and technology, and 10 financing disclosures are disclosed; medical, corporate services, and finance follow them.

√. This week’s cultural and creative, education, and e -commerce fields are relatively cold, especially in the field of cultural and innovation. Only two financing incidents were disclosed, and they were all small investment in seed wheels.

√. In terms of regional distribution, India and North America financing incidents are still the largest, but angel investment in Thailand, the Philippines and other countries has gradually become active.

√. In terms of rounds, this week’s round A and earlier investments were 39, accounting for 75%, and there were many seed wheels this week, with 18.

√. In terms of amount, foreign investment is generally small this week, and there are many small investment events of about $ 100 this week. Only 3 million US dollars of financing, namely: Super high -speed rail founder HTT has received over 100 million US dollars, O2O real estate information platform OPENDOOR received $ 210 million, and the French high -end audio brand Devialet received 100 million euros C round C financing investment. The most week.

√. From the perspective of the capital side, foreign capital investment is slightly cautious this week. Several more active investors have almost no investment disclosure this week. Individual investors this week are extremely active, and there are many situations as followers.

List of foreign financing

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