Today I recommend a public account for everyone, he is–

Ex -obstetrician and gynecologist 6th floor


Public account,

The eleventh diagnosis room (ID: consultingroom_11)


It is a public account for female health knowledge.


As Wu Yanzu of the obstetrics and gynecology industry, the sixth floor has always been mindful to the world, hoping that one day can be used to use beauty … 呸, no, it is the girls who use healthy knowledge to protect the world.


All you care about

Health common sense, popular science popularization, health rumors, skin care plastic surgery, gender knowledge and even emotional care and safety guidelines for girls

Wait, you can find it here. I hope that everyone can move my little hands, poke the cards below to pay attention, and learn interesting and expected medical science.

This is six floors


He always said, he loves this world

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