Let’s talk to you today, what are the mobile phone accessories that pay “IQ Tax”. Do not buy these mobile phone accessories below!

① nano liquid film

It is understood that the nano -liquid film is a nano -level liquid that uses titanium dioxide particles in nanomaterials to make it uniformly fill the screen gap and form a thin layer of protective film to achieve the role of protecting the mobile phone screen.


What kind of anti -knife scrape promoted by merchants can also smash walnuts. It is deceiving. The current mobile phone screen itself can be done, but it is true that the liquid is evaporated without sensation? It is recommended that you still have a steel film better. Don’t wait until the screen is broken before you can’t regret it!


② Glowing mobile phone case


Some friends like more individual mobile phone cases, especially the type of bling bling. For example, the iPhone’s logo can glow after wearing it. The news will flashed. It looks really cool!

I want to say that this is pure IQ tax. The light -emitting mobile phone case will only make your mobile phone more hot, and it has always occupied the mobile phone charging port. The most important thing is that it will exacerbate the aging of the battery over time. Glowing!

③ external lens of the mobile phone

There are no telephoto lenses released this year. Some people think of one outside, so they bought external lenses on the Internet.

However, the picture is not stabilized, and the picture quality is terrible. With a tripod when going out, you also need to focus manually.

Well, the above three models are the mobile phone accessories that pay the “IQ Tax”. What have you used? Don’t be fooled in the future, hurry up or forward it to your friends and relatives around you ~