When my family was decorated, I was tangled with dual -bearing pots or a single basin. Until I saw this interesting design, my thoughts completely dispelled. Put a double basin, wash it, and use the other half to make storage. The hanging toiletting table is designed. Instantly there is a washing cabinet. The table is clear and refreshing.


Is it surprising that the two pools are not used to wash and change to the storage pool. Is it reliable?


Reasons 1: Increase the space of the suspended washing table


At the beginning, it is also mentioned that this design is particularly suitable for hanging toiletting desk, because the entire bathroom has only one bare countertop, and the daily necessities are placed on it. Essence So add this storage pool to the suspended washing desk, which is more appropriate.


Reason two: convenient hand

The washing pond with a bilateral basin was changed to the storage pool, which not only increased the storage space, but also facilitated the scrubbing supplies during daily washing. You do n’t have to raise your hand without bending over. When you do n’t have to bend, you can touch the cabinet as soon as possible. When you wash your face with facial cleanser, you can get it without opening your eyes. It can be said that it is very convenient.


In order to avoid some valuable or not easy to wet items splashing water stains, it is recommended to put a classification of this half of the pool. The bottom layer is used to place valuables, and a layer of objects are spread on it to place commonly used washing products such as toothbrushes.


Of course, in addition to the bathroom toiletting table, you can also design it like this. You can also design it like a kitchen pool. The pool is divided into two, and half of the tables can be placed on the table. In this way, the dishes and dishes that are usually washed can be placed on it to avoid leaving stains on the table to leave stains. Essence

Or you can design the double pot pool and the other half as the style of laundry board. You can usually wash clothes directly here, or you can put the washed items on it. Therefore, even if you do not make a storage, there are other design methods, which can be installed according to your own needs.

The home is a large single groove and the hanging toilet does not have to wash the cabinet. If you feel that the storage is not enough, you can also look at it: The toilet is built into a wooden board, extending it as a table to use, and the method is simply saving money.

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