TOP1: Modern Housewives Japanese -style whiskey glass Crystal Wine Cup Personal Beer Personalized Cocktail Cup glass

Modern housewives from China, modern housewives, ambitious and practical home and catering supplies, and use the way of living in life to convey the concept of a better life. In daily operations, we adhere to the concept of sharing beautiful things, and grow from the unknown small shops to the leadership of the industry. In the future, we hope to make modern women the best choice for every family pursuing quality life. If you like the ceremonial sensor, then I believe you will also be stunning crystal glass with this cup, creative origami texture. The heart is used to drink whiskey and juice. All kinds of drinks are very brilliant, and white water can be touched.

TOP2: Light One Cute Thread -type glass cup heat -resistant Furnishing Family Women’s Simple Simple Windwood Network Red Milk Coca -Relans

From China Guangyi, the Guangyi brand was established in 2013. It is mainly engaged in household products. The main sales channels are online, covering the mainstream e -commerce platform with annual sales of more than 100 million yuan. The product line covers all ages to meet the needs of all levels. The brand alone has always insisted on providing customers with cost -effective and practical products, which is loved by consumers. Crystal spiral glass, with a capacity of 300ml, crystal clear glass, Phnom Penh, tobacco, amber colorful, transparent color optional.


TOP3: Japan’s original imported Ishizuka Nittan Nittan Slim Snow glass cup Japanese -style tea cup handmade wine glass gift box gift box birthday gift

From Chinese food and painting houses, food and painting houses are a brand with food concepts with food. Founded in 2011, it developed to 430 terminal stores in 25 provinces across the country. More than 10 major commodity categories in Dalian directly operated were imported ceramic tableware, glass cups, earth pots, bento boxes, etc. There is a saying in Japan called food and ware. The food needs to be matched with beautiful tableware to complement each other. The use of screens and visual beauty in food and painting houses to satisfy people who love life and pursue high -quality life. Japan’s original imported crystal glass glasses first snow cup water cup tea cup Valentine’s day gift.


TOP4: Bormioli Rocco Pom Oliek Italian imported Ito three senses of high cups 5 types of capacity

Bormiolirocco Pomioloke, Italy, Bormiolirocco from Italy, was born in 1825. It is one of the factors in the world’s early production of glassware. As early as the eleventh century, the Bormioli family was engaged in the production of glass products. In the glassware manufacturer, he has a long history and rich traditional experience. Through the continuous technological innovation and expansion of scale, Bormiolirocco has gradually evolved from a small family workshop to a worldwide group. The ultra -thin edge of the long and extended cup rods is derived from the Italian precision manufacturing technology, which brings you visually extraordinary enjoyment. Passing a tranquil attitude towards life, the elegant shape is reflected in your taste of life.

TOP5: Netease strictly selects 2 Czech -made crystal glass red wine glasses

From China NetEase strict selection, Netease Strict Selection is a self -operated e -commerce brand of NetEase. With “good life, not so expensive” as the brand concept, let Chinese people enjoy a world -level good life at a more suitable price. Strictly select the source of in -depth international brand manufacturers, go to intermediate, eliminate brand premiums, reasonable prices, NetEase self -employed, self -built teams, creating an ultimate shopping experience, and returning goods in 30 days. Czech imported lead crystals, retain the aroma of red wine.


TOP6: Creative glass cocktail glasses Crystal champagne high cup personality Matianni cup triangular bar wine glass


From Irongeer, China, the introduction of computer CNC equipment and furniture production technology in Germany, Italy and other countries, and the production cycle of large -scale equipment production of assembly lines has been shortened. With more than 10 years of furniture production experience, with ingenious design, strict selection of materials, careful feeding, exquisite technology, reasonable price, sincere and thoughtful after -sales service, to provide users with high -quality, high -quality modern furniture. Creative glass cocktail glasses Crystal champagne high cup personality Matianni cup triangular cup wine wine glass.