It is said to be in March and April

Many people suffer from a disease:


“Meteorological allergy”

“I opened my eyes in the morning,


I found that the temperature is 30 degrees! “

From time to time, there is an urge to take off! Intersection

Especially like Guangzhou

“Two Seasons”



It’s about 30 degrees of high temperature.


It’s difficult to sleep well at night!

Wake up several times a night, and the pajamas are sticky and personally

I can’t sleep well! Intersection

Tossing and tossing, I can’t get up the next day! Intersection

Sweat and sticky outside.

One idea every day:


Quickly shower and change to the cool and loose clothes!

Treasures, listen to my sentence persuasion


Don’t take old T -shirts as pajamas in summer!

There is already a new type now

“Ice Delhi”

After putting it on, the whole body is cold to fly, and I am afraid of hot weather! Intersection

Many people think they buy

Just pick up ice pajamas casually.

I used to think so too …

I bought Ice silk home clothes with a low price,

It’s not as “cool” as I thought!

/Although it feels cold, it will get hot soon when wearing it

/Sweat absorption is poor, and you will stick to your body as soon as you sweat

/And there is no elasticity, uncomfortable dressing, after washing a few times, you will deformed silk …

Moreover, the ice fabric is too hype!

The merchant’s strength to promote the coolness performance, but there is no report to prove that there is no report.


In fact, in order to regulate the bad hype in the market, the relevant departments have long been formulated

Product standards for cool textiles.

GB/T 35263-2017 The Inspection and Evaluation of the Instant Cool Performance of Textiles “stipulates that

The cooling coefficient of the contact of qualified clothing is not less than 0.15.

If the standard is not reached, it cannot be called cool clothes.

As a qualified grass planting machine


My fans spend a little more money, I will be sad ~~ OK

In order to not take the “wrongdoing” this summer, we will catch this when we choose the product.

Do not show the cool proof of the pass!

After finding a lot of brands, I finally found one

Real “ice pajamas”!


First of all, give you a report:

Tested by professional institutions, this home service contact coefficient coefficient

Comply with national standards ≥0.15


Put on your body and drop 8 degrees!

Smilts sticky? nonexistent!


Cotton, chemical fiber




It is several times cool!

The room temperature of the air -conditioned room is 23 degrees


Fainfe home service


It is actually more than 10 degrees lower than the pure cotton home!


Thinness of fabric

It also achieved the extreme.

Compared with ordinary home furnishings, you can know what is what is

Light, cool, no restraint


,What is called

“Put on or not wear”

The same ~

In the light under the light, there is one more thing

Silk’s gloss ~

Sliding down with the one in his hand, the touch is like slowly slipping from the skin!


Imagine returning home from the hot outside and putting on ice pajamas.


The moment I put on it, it was like lying in one


“Ice bed”

On the top, let’s calm down and calm down!


The first feeling of taking this home service is:

“It’s cool”!

You can feel it across your clothes

The coolness of the ice silk comes into the body a little bit

, Silk’s hot heat dissipates from the pores ~


As an upgrade this year,



Make it quietly

The middle of each pit stripe is covered with

Yamai’s “ice hole”


It is several times more than ordinary ice silk home

“Breathing holes”

, Create ~ Exploring, it looks cool when it looks!


even though

5 pieces are stacked together

, All are visible to double breathability!

In order to prove the effect, we found an ordinary ice silk home service for experiments:

Simulate summer high temperature with a hair dryer

Blow for 20 minutes at the same time

Fainfe home service temperature will obviously lower

heat radiation

It is even more absolute: there will be no cold, but the more you cross the heat!

Less than two minutes

Fainfe home service “automatically heat dissipation”

The heat of ordinary Bingsi home service is still delayed.

Put on it, the heat on your body


“Consciously retreat”

~ Each pore is transporting the body cool.

Even if you don’t turn around at home, you don’t be afraid of sweating.

The colleagues who started together said:

It is much more comfortable than wearing pajamas,


Slippery and cool


Intersection It’s no more hot in summer!

It can be dried up after a hour after washing in summer ~


Do not give mites and colonies a chance to survive!

Many of them buy a few sets home and replace them.

Cost -effective,

A set is only 59!


Buy two sets of settlements and minus 10 yuan, 108 yuan/2 sets!

Another standard for buyer’s home service that cannot be reduced: must be necessary

“It looks advanced, wearing it beautiful!”

And it ’s definitely a little embarrassing that a guest suddenly came at home. If you want to go out to take a takeaway, you have to change your clothes …


And the face value of Fainfe, you should be able to feel it:

Advanced but not fancy!

Not only

Wear at home.


Touring GAI everyday, walking out, walking dogs, and exercise

It’s not inferior to wear!

The version is also careful.

Such a particularly good set like this,

The vision will be thinner, and the little man can wear tall


There is still a refreshing temperament in the way.




It’s really suitable for Xiaobian,

Summer never dares to wear small thick legs of shorts ~

Wide leg pants

can do

“Infinite tolerance”!


The thick legs, the fake span, the buttocks, the legs are not through the pass!

Plus belt



, Instantly lengthen the proportion of lower body waist and legs.

Round neck cut

The neckline is exactly the position below the collarbone.

Just like Xiaobian

Girls with not superior shoulder and neck line


Very friendly, slightly exposed collarbone, easy to get swan neck.

The neckline also made reinforcement treatment

, How to wash and wear will not deform!

Slightly split the top of the top

, Plag in front of the top and show long legs.


Girls who can’t plug clothes can get the dressing skills easily!

Go out and do it at home.

Home -to -home improves life happiness, and it will not look sloppy when you go out.


Can also be used as one


Fashionable wearing items

Meimei go out ~

Like me, I also mentioned it before, the Bingsi home service I bought before,

Most of them are not flexible, and they will deform, draw, and get the ball after washing.

And the traditional cotton pajamas will be washed a few times

“Wrinkles, soft collapse”



This home service is particularly elastic, and it is pulled everywhere

bomb! bomb! bomb!

Cus, hem, neckline, fabric

It does not deform why it is pulled, and there is a “嘣 ~ 嘣” sound of the rubber band twice!

The pants are loose band


It is easy to wear and take off without lolling.

And how to scrape

Don’t hook silk, can’t afford the ball.


This summer has passed, and you can continue to wear it in the coming year!

You can roll on the sofa and bed on the sofa at home.

How to grab it, don’t wrinkle

, Still still!


Soak in the water for half an hour, and the water is still clean.


Do not go away!

Summer clothes are washing diligence,

a lot of

The clothes are not washed out without waiting for it!

This set of home service has been bought a lot to come back to recover: The quality of the exaggeration is good

Pay attention to the quality when buying.

It will definitely increase your favorability of this set of home clothing several times!

Five fresh girly colors

Which color is good!

The color system of the entire series is done

Quite vitality, quite age reduction

You can wear each age group.

All are designed.

Can live

80 ~ 135 catties

Fairy cute.

This sudden high temperature was uncomfortable.


At first glance, the price of Bingsi Housefront is even more popular!

Let’s cool down some discounts!


This set

Original price 119

Athens wheat ears home clothing set

Fans purchased on this platform


¥ 59/a set!

¥ 108/two sets!

Two sets are reduced by 10!

Two pieces are changed directly, this summer is perfect ~

The price of two sets is not as expensive as a cotton pajamas in other houses!

It is equivalent to 59 and bought it


Cooling clothes+


Pajamas+casual clothes+commute set!

The welfare officer will pack your tickets. This summer, you will never lose this set of home clothes!

“Ice Delhi”