Many young mothers pay particular attention to their body changes, and think that after giving birth to the abdomen, it will help the recovery of the body. Therefore, prepare abdominal bands and bodybuilding pants in advance before childbirth. When the child was in his life, he wrapped himself tightly from his hip to his belly, so that it was very difficult to bend over. When you can go to the ground, you can put on your bodybuilding pants and tightly stretch your body, hoping that this can restore the shape as before.

Under normal circumstances, the reproductive organs in the pelvic cavity are supported by various ligaments and pelvic foundations to maintain their normal position. During pregnancy, with the growth and development of the fetus, a series of adaptive changes will occur in each system of the mother, and the reproductive system changes the greatest, especially the uterus, and its volume and weight increases to 18 times and about 20 times the first trimester; fixed fixation The uterine ligament also softened and elongated.

After delivery, the uterus began to recover, which can be reduced into the pelvis about 10 days, but it takes 6 weeks to return to normal size. The ligament for fixed uterus is slightly relaxed than before pregnancy. The vaginal and pot bottom support tissue. Due to excessive stretching, expansion and damage during childbirth, its elasticity decreases cannot be fully restored to prenatal state. The effects of the dynamic uterine expansion. The postpartum abdominal wall is relaxed, and it takes about 6-8 weeks to gradually recover.


The abdomen wrapped in normal puerperium not only does not help restore the tension of the abdominal wall, but also increases due to the increase in abdominal pressure.


The decline in the support of the organs has caused the uterus to sag, the uterus is severely tilted and then flexed, and the front and rear walls of the vagina are swollen. Due to the changes in the normal position of reproductive organs, the blood flow of the pelvic cavity is not smooth, the resistance decreases, and it is easy to cause various gynecological diseases such as pelvic inflammatory inflammatory disease, attachmentitis, pelvic blood stasis syndrome, which seriously affects the health of the maternal.


The integrated postpartum abdomen does not have underwear and panties. This type of abdomen is not affecting the breastfeeding and toilet of postpartum mothers. The height of 33.5cm can receive the lower abdomen from the chest. This height can effectively treat the stomach and abdomen Received together to prevent excess flesh from being prominent. There are 7 body -shaping soft bones to prevent curls. Moms should not worry about it. This softness is very good to wear.

Integrated postpartum abdomen band cascular cutting common


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Three -piece set includes: stomach belt, abdomen belt, pelvic bone. It belongs to the adhesive, which is very convenient to use. Wherever you want to lose, the three are separated. You can move back and forth and freely adjust the looseness. Moms do not have to wear tightly and tightering the strength due to size problems. Worry

Three sets of postpartum abdomen with abdomen

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This one is also three -piece, so I don’t introduce too much. The three -piece set is much more convenient to use than gauze. The principle of weight loss is the same as the gauze. The adjustment is tight, I am worried that it is not recommended that the Baoma use too tightly


Three -piece set of thin abdomen after childbirth


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This model should be the most convenient. It can be exaggerated to say that it is an innovation. In front of the zipper, the zipper eliminates one by one to buckle the buttons. Just pull the zipper in front, very convenient

After the zipper is born, the abdomen belt with a button behind

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This is a row of three rows in front of the underwear that can adjust the fastener buttons. For white -collar mothers, the mother who needs to invest early is more suitable for this. The effect of the abdomen is relatively strong. Impact (of course, the recommendations recommended above will not affect the activity)

Pastener abdomen with a strong abdomen after giving birth

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For the skin -sensitive Baoma, it is recommended to choose a cotton belt. This style has been found for a long time, including the adhesive and fabric Xiaobian, which has been carefully tested. The postpartum mothers with Gonghan can put a warm sticker in the inner pocket.


Caesarean section special cotton abdomen belt

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