After a day of busy work, after returning home at night, the little fairy estimated that they quickly unloaded the makeup, put on a nightdress, and eaten and played freely at home.


Before going to bed, a comfortable nighttime can make the little fairy’s good mood for a day. Because people are animals that need a sense of ritual, they are beautiful all day, and their state of life will not be better. So Xiaobian recommends a few nighttops for the little fairies ~ Are you ready?



The Korean sweet -winding nightdress, simple and playful long T -style design, the overall dotted with a small cherry pattern, the nightture itself does not have any sense of restraint, put on it, just put on a big T 桖, In addition, most of the cotton products have the characteristics of soft and moderate, and they are quite comfortable to sleep. With the classic ball head, you no longer need to apply makeup before going to bed, and the state is also mentally energetic.


Japanese nightdress is a small fresh style, and the floral pattern conveys a fresh and full girly atmosphere in minutes. The neckline adopts a classic V -neck design, and the bow is a bow lace design. It is sweet and cute, and it is convenient to wear and take off. Such a nightdress is not just before bedtime, you can wear it at home. It is also appropriate to wear it to do something ~



The theme of the French nightdress is romantic and sexy. Lace is one of the most important factor. The floating leaf sleeves out of lace and the retro doll collar of lace all exudes exquisite and romantic flavors. The delicate folds on the chest, and the multi -layer of lotus leaves behind them add beauty to this sleeping skirt. The little fairy who likes this kind of nighttime must have a romantic dream inside.



The European and American nightdress is often a combination of wonderful and sexy. The exquisite hip -hip nighttime, perfectly set off the grace of the figure, the big V -neck outlined, charming and atmospheric. The little fairies who like this kind of nighttime may wish to add a real silk jacket to themselves. I’m not afraid of cold.



The Bohemian style nightdress, the design of the suspender is deeply loved by the little fairies, revealing the exquisite collarbone, showing the exquisite neck ~, the design of the skirt itself is very simple, the color of the color is particularly noticeable, and it conveys the national style. Feeling, there is a different beauty to wear. The little fairy wearing such a skirt must have a special sense of ritual.

The above is the recommendation of Xiaobian’s nighttime. What style of nighttime do the little fairies like? Interested little fairy can pay attention to pajamas party, and you can see a variety of bedtime clothing. In contemporary, sleep is a very important thing, and nighttime is an important choice. Keeping a beautiful mood for a day, a suitable nightdress is an important choice for a beautiful mood.


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