At the moment of the epidemic, due to the consideration of physical health, many companies choose to let employees “home office.” At this time, a good table lamp is essential.

And with the beginning of the school season, parents are also time to buy good table lamps for their children. Many parents always worry about: Chinese youth myopia rate ranks first in the world for a long time. Is this platform lamp care?

In January 2020, the Considegey purchased 10 platform lights sold on the market and sent it to third -party authoritative testing agencies for testing.

Test brand

▲ 10 table lamps in this test

Test indicator

Illuminance, uniformity, color rendering index, color temperature

Test Results

1. Five platform lamps named “AA” level, recommended


Hasbao, Midea, Miner

The light illumination and uniformity of these three products reaches “AA”, and the color rendering index is about 95.


Philips, Op Lighting

The nominal illumination reaches the “AA” level, the measured measurement has not been achieved, and there are false standards.

3. Undaled level

Xiaomi, IKEA

Waiting for 5 table lamps, the overall performance is average.

Photo: Philips and Op Lighting have not reached the nominal “AA” level

The most eye -catching claim is the “eye protection lamp”, but there is no concept of “eye protection lamp” in the national standards. The name of the national standard is called “reading and writing operation platform lamp”, which refers to the desk lamp for reading and writing.

The “eye protection” of the table lamp depends on these indicators:



It can be simply understood as whether the lights are bright enough. The larger the value, the better. The degree of illuminance is whether the light is evenly exposed. In theory, the smaller the value, the more uniform.


The national standard GB/T9473-2017 “Reading the Performance Requirement Requirement Requirements Reading and Writing Operations” has made the control degree and uniformity. It is divided into two levels of “A” and “AA”. high.


It is worth noting that the 10 table lamps tested this time,

Hasbao, Midea, Tinses, Op Lighting, Philips

Wait for 5 table lamps to label the illuminance to reach the “AA” level, and

Xiaomi, IKEA, Foshan Lighting, Kang Ming, long quantity

None of the five platform lights are not marked on the outer packaging level.

▲ Table lamp illumination test


The results show that the five standards are said to reach the “AA” class lamp,


The lighting and uniformity of these three products have reached “AA levels”. The lights are brighter and uniform. It is suitable for reading, drawing, writing homework, design, etc.


Although the nominal illuminance reaches the “AA” level, the actual measurement has not been achieved, and there is a false standard.


The lowest illuminance of Jingshang table lamp in the ≤30cm area is 477LX, and the requirements of the “AA” illuminance ≥500LX have not been met; while the actual uniformity of the actual measurement of the Op Lighting MT-HY03T-157 table lamp in the 30-50cm area is 3.08, which is slightly exceeded “AA AA AA AA “The level uniformity should be ≤3 standard requirements.

Study and work under darker and uneven lights for a long time, light may cause visual fatigue, and severe may cause myopia.

Xiaomi, IKEA, Foshan Lighting


Several unbounded table lamps did not meet the “A -Class” or “AA” standard, which did not meet the average performance.

Color show: 1 long -lasting light color color is seriously distorted

In addition to illumination and uniformity, consumers also need to pay attention to the indicator of the color rendering index.

The higher the color rendering index, the closer the color of the object under these lights is closer to the real color. In indoor lighting, the higher the color rendering index, the more vivid the object is.

▲ color rendering index, color temperature test

To protect vision, this magazine recommends choosing a table lamp with a color rendering index of not less than 82.

The results show that the color rendering index of 9 table lamps is above 82, which is worthy of recognition. include

Noses, Opi Lighting, Hasbabu, Midea, Midea

The color rendering indexes in many table lamps are around 95, which can clearly present real colors and excellent performance.

1 model


The table lamp color rendering index is only 68.8, and the performance is relatively poor, which may make the color of the object distorted.

It is recommended that children in the family need to learn, draw, and design families with higher requirements for light coloring, and choose table lamp products with higher color rendering indexes.

Color warm chapter: Don’t exceed 4000K at night

The color temperature is simply cold or warm.

It is not recommended to use more than 4000K color temperature when reading and writing at night. When the light is too warm, it will be white and blue, and the stimulation of the eyes is strong, especially the child, which may cause damage to the vision after a long time.

The results show that among the 10 table lamps,



The color temperature is warm, only 2708K.

IKEA, Xiaomi, Opi Lighting, Hasbao, Duns

The color temperature of the five table lamps is below 4000K, which is suitable for use at night.

Kang Ming

The color temperature is too high, up to 4299K, which may be stimulated to the eyes. It is not recommended to use it at night.

If it is a litter lamp with color temperature, it is recommended that consumers use table lamps at night, dial to the reading gear, or lower the color temperature to protect the eyes.

The “eye protection” table lamp standard is long -term and far away

Reading the recommended national standard GB/T 9473-2017 “Reading and Writing Lantern Performance Requirement Requirements” for reference for the reference of the reading and writing lamp is classified as “A” and “AA” grade classification of reading and writing lamps, and stipulates that the grade should be marked.

However, this magazine found that a number of table lamps including Xiaomi and IKEA have not marked the execution of the recommendation standard at the bottom and outer packaging, and most of them perform the standards of ordinary lamps GB7000.1-2015 or GB 7000.204-2008. There are only requirements for safety and other aspects, and the performance indicators such as control, color temperature, and color rendering index are not mentioned.

The aspect did not recognize the test results and put forward different opinions to request re -inspection. It indicates that without any other interference factors, the distance from the center of light from the center of the light should be the shortest distance of the optical path in the test process, and it should show the highest degree of illuminance (lingering) values. In the report provided this time, the measurement of the measurement of Yuanxin is lower than multiple test points, which is obviously not in line with scientific facts. Philips Jing has an excellent light design, and has a completely different illumination design on the use side and back side. Please pay special attention to the correct way of using this product to arrange the emitting surface vertically downward.

This magazine feedback Philips opinion to the testing agency, and the inspection institution does not agree with the company’s views after re -inspection. The engineer responsible for this test told this magazine that most of the table lamps on the market are the brightest part of the center of the center, but the brighter part of the desk lamp design is on the side of the table lamp, not the first below the center of the center, the center of the round heart, the heart heart heart The location is just on the edge of the light spots. In addition, the luminous surface during the test has indeed been arranged vertically.

Opti Lighting

Also objection to the test results, you need to confirm the test report and apply for a re -inspection. It also provided this journal with a qualified report from the same batch of desk lamps issued by Op Lighting Lab.

Reply to this magazine, “The LED table lamp produced by our company is not designed for special purpose, so the standard uses GB-7000.204-2008″+GB7000.1-2015 instead of using GB/T 9473- 2017. “

IKEA China

Reply to this magazine, “In order to help us better understand the testing situation, can you please provide you with information such as the light bulb brand and model, power, light flux and other information used in the test? At the same time Sample information is for us for reference. “This magazine subsequently provided specific sample information and detection data.

▲ Xiaomi and IKEA lamps that are generally performed this time

GB/T 9473-2017 “Reading the Performance Requirements Requirement of Reading and Writing Lights” standards are applicable to table lamps for reading and writing lighting in families, classrooms and similar places and table lamps that claim to “eye protection”. In other words, table lamps that meet the standard or “AA” or “A” level are more suitable for reading, writing homework, painting, and work.

But in fact, many parents do not know. They often buy a few table lamps in supermarkets and use them for children. If you buy non -reading work desk lamps, it is inappropriate to read, write homework, and paint.

Because the standard is recommended, companies can choose not to execute. From the perspective of the industry, this magazine calls on manufacturers to mark and strictly follow the standard to distinguish the “eye protection” table lamp products from ordinary table lamp products. Essence

From the perspective of consumers, the “Consumer Report” recommends that parents prioritize the “eye protection” table lamp with nominal desk lamps or implementing recommendations.

【Special Statement】: Ben


The test results and mentioned that the brand is only responsible for testing samples, which does not mean the quality status of the same batch or other models of products.

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Illuminance, uniformity, color rendering index, color temperature

Hasbao, Midea, Miner


Philips, Op Lighting



Kang Ming