PART1: Modern New York Wind -Stone Material Styling Lantern

Furnishing table lamp renderings 1:

时尚现代简约风! 18款客厅卧室台灯精选

This is a practical vertical platform lamp. The material is green, environmentally friendly, durable, soft and comfortable to light, stable and safe as a whole, convenient to save space, stone design is very humane.

Furnishing table lamp renderings 2:

Furnishing table lamp effect map three:

时尚现代简约风! 18款客厅卧室台灯精选

The unique Dana platform lights have been favored by home decoration. The European -style table lamp, hollow decoration, shows a retro intention. Environmental and safe materials and stable power performance are the best choice for your home life.

时尚现代简约风! 18款客厅卧室台灯精选

Household desk lamp renderings four:

Creative modern exaggerated shapes, noble and elegant, with dual function of decoration and lighting, soft and not dazzling lights, all light materials are made of classic stone, durable and wear -resistant. The stone bracket is stable and not easy.

Part2: Natural retro style -ceramic material model lamp holder

Furnishing table lamp renderings five:

An elegant spiral pattern was printed on the lamp column. The faint pattern blooms the unique beauty in the bright light. The second major feature of this table lamp is: the double -layer design that is popular this year, even the quilt has a double -layer society in the design of the desk lamp. Such a double -layer design makes people more visual effects.

Furnishing table lamp effect picture 6:

A retro -style table lamp, the hollow iron design looks connotative. If you like a retro and elegant feeling, you may wish to take such a retro table lamp home. It can warm and soft at night warmly, making our home warm and comfortable.

Furnishing table lamp effect picture seven:

It is a very individual table lamp. The small round arc lampshade is portrayed with some simple patterns of Chinese style, and adds the most popular printing material in Chinese style. There is also the black one that is not ordinary. Do you think this is actually similar to the four treasures used to grind ink in ancient times.

PART3: Fresh Rural Wind -Wood Material Styling Lighting

时尚现代简约风! 18款客厅卧室台灯精选

Furnishing table lamp effect picture eight:

This table lamp is shaped in the barrel, with a little American rural retro style, which is made of high -quality pine wood. There are delicate wood grain on the barrel to handle meticulous treatment. The anemine cloth lampshade is fashionable and practical, with clear texture, and a unique pattern is formed when the light is passed. The Quartet base supports the light body well, and it is stable and durable in line with the aesthetics of the entire shape.

时尚现代简约风! 18款客厅卧室台灯精选

Furnishing table lamp effect picture 9:

The stand of the table lamp is made of solid wood. The unique lines are liked by many customers. Customers also reflect that this table lamp is placed in the living room a highlight. The characteristic table lamps make people unforgettable at first sight. The rice white lampshade with brown wood grain color shows a sense of fashion. The unique shape and ingredients are worth your brought home.

时尚现代简约风! 18款客厅卧室台灯精选

Furnishing table lamp renderings 11:

时尚现代简约风! 18款客厅卧室台灯精选

The simple and interesting appearance, solid wood creates a unique beauty, has a strong sense of fashion. The conical lampshade is made of flat linen linen, which is fashionable and practical. The base triangle is designed with a small cylinder, which is very design. The slightly charged bottom balances the visual aesthetics, which is very beautiful.

PART4: Romantic Industrial Wind -Glass Material Styling Lantern

Household desk lamp renderings 12:

时尚现代简约风! 18款客厅卧室台灯精选

This table lamp has a simple shape. The fabric material lampshade with a metal lamp rack enhances the texture of the product, and there are three colors of black and white gray. In addition, the base of this table lamp has a switch, which facilitates home decoration and reading needs.

Furnishing table lamp effect picture 13:

A modern and simple table lamp, the lampshade and the lamp holder are round structure, simple and fashionable. It is located on a high -level wall cabinet, and adds a simple chair to easily create a small private Office.

时尚现代简约风! 18款客厅卧室台灯精选

Fourteen of the house lamp renderings 14:

The colorful glass material makes this table lamp exudes charming colors, which can create a comfortable and romantic atmosphere. The base uses exquisite cultivation technology, which is stable and practical. The color saturation is high, the leg color is not easy, and the light feels good.

Household desk lamp effect picture fifteen:

Yellow and white are flat, and the European -style table lamp with crystal beads looks very simple but very delicate. With elegant furniture, you will think of a maverick.

时尚现代简约风! 18款客厅卧室台灯精选

PART5: Metal Industrial Style -Metal Material Style Lighting

Homestead lamp renderings 16:

This is a retro desk lamp made of carving technology. The iron light is durable and wear -resistant. The special retro style makes people look bright. The bronze color is high -saturated, exquisite and affordable.

时尚现代简约风! 18款客厅卧室台灯精选

Furnishing table lamp effect picture 17:

时尚现代简约风! 18款客厅卧室台灯精选

Putting such a American simple table lamp on the corner of a display cabinet, the small and cute and a bit like retro oil lamp design is really elegant and a little cute princess style. Can a girl resist this style? Is it just a night?

Household desk lamp effect picture eighteen:

Simple fabric lampshade, artistic lines of lamps, such a Nordic -style table lamp, a desk corner of the corner, and light -colored solid wood furniture to create a simple and comfortable learning office environment.

时尚现代简约风! 18款客厅卧室台灯精选

Family table lamp effect picture 19:

时尚现代简约风! 18款客厅卧室台灯精选

European -style arc -shaped, with some star -shaped decorative lights. The beautiful linear design is in place. The space created by solid wood is placed on the glass coffee table. Just like a crystal villain wearing a big hat.