I believe everyone will not be unfamiliar. From spring and summer to cold and winter, a pair of pants can help us create a different style, especially in winter. As the style of the jacket gradually thicker, small foot pants are more popular, and many fashionable essence is still many fashionable essence. The first choice for out of the street.

However, for ordinary people, it is recommended not to always use small foot pants to combine sneakers. Although the partner is simple and practical, the more the tide people wear it, the more fashionable, and the ordinary people are easy to wear out of breath. So what shoes are suitable for ordinary people to combine small foot pants? The answer is pointed shoes, boots, loafers, and short boots. Give up the “small foot pants+sneakers”! This winter with these 4 pairs of shoes, decent and thin!

1. Small pants+pointed shoes

Sneakers seem to be full of casual atmosphere, which is a weapon for reducing age and enhancing daily sense, but after all, it is the most common basic model. If it is matched with small foot pants with the same low -key and no bright spots, then dressing is easy to give people a “rotten street” feel.

Many fashionistas like this pair of partners, mainly because they will make articles on shoes and matching, with the help of matching to make this pair of combinations that may fall into the old -fashioned combination.

But ordinary people are lacking in age or in the bottom of the match, so this pair of partners is not fashionable, but nothing but rustic. But as long as the sneakers are replaced with pointed shoes, the middle -aged woman will definitely have different surprises.

Beef shoes are different from sports shoes. It focuses on shaping the elegant and gentle and gentle female image. The dress emphasizes femininity and is especially suitable for middle -aged women over 40 years of age.


Coupled with the thin and narrow shoes type, it can stretch the leg length by showing a sense of extension on the sight. Even if it is not tall, use it with fine narrow smoke pants and small feet jeans. Essence


Second, small foot pants+boots

Boots have been occupying a place in autumn and winter fashion, not only keeping warm, but also to improve the gas field.

As the name suggests, small foot pants mainly refer to the style of tight pants type pants. Black leggings are a member of this type of pants. In addition, tight jeans and cigarette pants can also show the fine legs and the bloated effect of the bloated legs and bloated. Essence

However, if you use long boots to combine small foot pants, it is best to choose small black pants or blue tight jeans, which looks natural and generous.

With long boots combined with small foot pants, there is also a very important advantage, that is, the long boots are made of leather fabrics. It is more textured than sneakers and canvas shoes, cold and not stuffy.

However, long boots are not recommended to choose color systems such as ginger or wine red. Black, milk camel, brown flat -bottom boots or thick heel boots are more helpful to create a sense of high -level.


Third, small foot pants+loaf shoes

The main feature of small feet is trousers tightness. In order to make the leg shape and foot type integration, it is necessary to choose thin and narrow shoes.

Like pointed shoes and boots, they basically have this characteristic. Choosing the same style as the color of the pants is not only simple and convenient, but also reduced the division line of the lower body.

In winter, it is also a reason to use black Lefong shoes to combine black leggings. It is to create long legs with the help of color.


Lefu shoes are simple and generous and fashionable. Like we go to work or go out on the street, we can use it to improve the texture.

However, it should be noted that Most of the Fook Shoes styles are relatively beautiful. It is best to choose nine points when combining small foot pants. By exposing the ankle to enhance the breathing, let the dress and dullness be worshiped.


Four, small foot pants+short boots

Small feet and short boots are also a pair of partners that are very suitable in winter. It is not only very practical, but also improves the warmth effect. Most people can use it.

With flexible, warm and fashionable and versatile is the benefits of short boots. From smoke pipes to trousers to tight jeans, to various leggings, combined with black, milk camel or brown boots will not make mistakes.

When using smoke pipes and pants+short boots, don’t forget to use color echoes to show your sense of advancement.

Next, let’s talk about the styles of the short boots. In winter, the short boots that can be selected are very rich. It is recommended to use Martin boots, Chelsea short boots or pointed ankle boots.

Most of these boots are more classic and beautiful. After combining with small pants, they can shape the slender and smooth leg lines.

Small pants are generally matched with various long jackets. With the help of the hidden meat owned by the jacket, they have a thinner advantage to avoid strengths and let middle -aged women have slender legs. Then they can also use small pants, short boots short down jackets and cotton jackets.

After the middle -aged stage, a woman needs to have their own thinking in dressing, and refuses to follow the trend blindly. Like wearing a small foot pants, compared with the shoes, they can take a different approach to create a good temperament from these 4 pairs of shoes!


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