People who know B & O Play know that this product from Danish company is coming to design, recently, B & O Play has launched a new product: BeoPlay E8.

BeoPlay E8 is a wireless Bluetooth headset, which has a simple-style design style, self-contained splash and dust-proof attributes. The earphones are equipped with a charging storage box. After taking out, click on the aluminum alloy touch interface, you can set functions to listen to music, switch track, call, activate transparency mode, and voice commands. Many operations can be made without using a mobile phone.

BeoPlay E8 can provide up to four hours of music playback after charging, and its mobile charging box is also convenient, just inserting two headphones into the charging box can be automatically charged, achieving additional complete charging. E8 contains a sleeve magnet, automatically binds the recess of the charging box, and guarantees that it does not fall.


Headphones built-in 5.7 mm dynamic speakers, using near-field magnetic induction technology and Bluetooth 4.2 chip, there are three noise reduction grades, just tap the corresponding button of the left headphones, you can turn on the automatic adjustment mode, you can listen to music in the office At the same time, it maintains communication with colleagues, but also pays attention to the surrounding traffic environment while walking on the road.


BeoPlay E8 Wireless Bluetooth Headset is now launched two colors: black and charcoal color. BeOPlay E8 is equipped with a cortical storage box, a chargeable, four different silicone soft hoses. BeoPlay E8’s retail price and delivery channels, please look forward to.