After buying the flowers, I don’t know what kind of vases are good -looking? The editor of Xianyang Decoration Network tells you, don’t rush to buy it, think about what kind of vase furnishings you want.

What’s particular about the vase in the living room

现代风格客厅装饰花瓶少不了 不同外形花瓶挑选有讲究

To know,

Modern style living room decorative vase

现代风格客厅装饰花瓶少不了 不同外形花瓶挑选有讲究


现代风格客厅装饰花瓶少不了 不同外形花瓶挑选有讲究

Modern style living room decoration different shape vases

现代风格客厅装饰花瓶少不了 不同外形花瓶挑选有讲究

“Small Flower”

If you buy some small or slender plants, then small vases are also good. Small flower wares have more materials, metals, pottery, glass, etc. have many choices, but it is more like decoration, it looks good there, and the small on the table does not take up space. This does not occupy space. This does not take room. At the time, the flowers are like the icing on the cake. A fern plant and a small daisy can be inserted in a small vase to become a beautiful scenery on the desk.

“Narrow mouth vase”

If people who do not often buy flowers often, then narrow vases are most suitable, simple 4-5, or only one, several blue sprains, or Dutch wood hydrangea, can be placed in this way In the narrow mouth vase, clean and neat is a good choice. If you put it in a lot, it is too dense and thick.

现代风格客厅装饰花瓶少不了 不同外形花瓶挑选有讲究

“Guangkou vase”

Common flowers in winter, such as kapok and winter plums, are not easy to find suitable flower wares. If you use too small vases, you can not only carry the tall of the wooden branches, but also accidentally break it. Essence

The wide -mouth bottle will not have such worries, and steadily wrap these vitality. Of course, the bouquet of the wide -mouth vase is not limited to this, and the full bouquet is also applicable.

“Suspension Flower”

The suspended flower ware allows small green plants to have a more flexible placement method. It is no longer just placing the flower pot on the window sill, shelf and other planes. Windows, door locks, hooks on the wall, etc., can be called the “Hal’s Mobile Castle” in the flower ware. If you think the corner of the home is too boring, this is a good choice to improve the sense of vitality.

Some people know what is good for the living room table or TV cabinet. If you don’t want to trouble, then buy a few pots of flowers, or buy some green plants and buy some suitable vase decorations. related

Living room decoration vase

There are still a lot of attention. I hope the above sharing will be helpful for living room decoration.