School uniforms are uniform dressing in order to facilitate management. Primary and secondary schools generally have school uniforms.

Elementary school


A certain class


In order to build a class culture construction, the head teacher customized a class service for children. The members of the family committee collected opinions from everyone and answered the dragon.

I wrote above that I agreed to buy the dragon “name+size”.


Most parents responded soon.

I always feel that this kind of opinion is weird. Since it is based on everyone’s opinions, decide whether to purchase uniformly, why should I leave the size?

Originally, the original intention was very good. The cost of class culture and the clothing of their own small circles was different from other classes. As long as the school allows it, there is no problem, but will the school school allow class clothes?

When the child grows up, this kind of clothes that can’t be worn several times a year. Is it a waste to buy it? There is also this way of solicitation of opinions. Directly put on the size, and has made a decision to the parents in advance. It can only be “huh”.

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