“Little Woman”

Book 1: “Little Women”

brief introduction:

This book uses family life as the object, and the emotional entanglement of family members as a clue, describes the love of the Maqi family during the American Civil War.

Among the four sisters of the Maqi’s family, whether it is Meg, who is willing to love poverty, or becoming a writer Joe through his own struggle, and the death of Besie who is frankly facing death and Emi, who is responsible for the weakness, although their ideals and Emmios Destiny is different, but they all have the common characteristics of self -reliance.

The various emotional experiences and life experience described in the book are the process of every girl going to mature; the kindness, loyalty, selflessness, generosity, dignity, tolerance, courage, and bravery advocated in the book are human ethics that humans will always respect and pursue And faith.

“Reason and emotion”

Second book: “Sense and Sensibility”

Although this is Jane Austen’s first novel, writing skills are quite skilled.

The plot of the novel revolves around the mate selection activity of the two hostess, and focuses on revealing that in the British social trend at that time, marriage is used as a woman’s habit of seeking economic security and improving economic status. Essence

The heroines in the novel are pursuing equal communication and possibilities with men’s thoughts and feelings, asking for equal rights in social status, and adhering to independent observation, analysis, and choosing the freedom of men. At that time in the United Kingdom, this was almost tantamount to the shout of resistance.

“Between Rats”

3rd book: “of Mice and Men”


Works of Nobel Prize winner and writer John Statric. The novel tells the tragedy story of George Milton and Lyney Simer, the two civilians transferred to California to find jobs during the Great Economic Depression.

Lyney is two meters tall and scary, but she is like a child. George is his only friend. They have zero work everywhere, but Lyney is simple and kind, but often breaks into a big disaster. Every time Lenny had a disaster, George had to escape with him and wandered endlessly.


They have a humble dream, hoping that one day they can save enough money to buy a small piece of land. They can be the most beloved rabbits in their own small world, chickens and pigs, raising Lynie’s most beloved …

“Legend of the Big Throat”


4th book: “Sounder”

The protagonist of the story is an unknown black boy. He lives with his family in a remote mountain village in the south of the United States. There is a hunting dog with a loud voice at home- “big voice”.

The age is not good, the winter is approaching. In order to make the family full, the father became a theft and was arrested and imprisoned.

In order to rescue, he was shot, and he was seriously injured and lost. Just when the boy couldn’t get it for a long time and was almost desperate, his loud voice dragged his disabled body home.

After that, the boy had the burden of supporting his family, and when he was free, he looked for his father. Life has passed one year and a year, and his father finally returned, but at this time he was an elderly and disabled old man.


“Kanterbre Story Collection”

5th book: “The Canterbury Tales”

Influenced by Bohaqiu’s “Ten Day Talk”, this book is recognized as the first book in the history of British printing.


Joe is therefore regarded as the founder of British poetry. The story has 30 pilgrims gathered in a shop in London and went to Kanterbury, 70 miles away. The boring loneliness on the way of Tianjin, whoever tells the story is the best, you can eat a good meal for free.

The content they tell mainly includes 23 stories such as love and knight adventure legend, religion and moral stories, funny stories, animal fables. Most of the stories are written in dual -rhyme poetry style.

“Hand Ax Boy”

6th book: “Hatches”

Blaine is 13 years old. He is going to the summer vacation with his father. Dad is in the virgin forest in northern Canada, where he is engaged in the work of oil fields. How can Bryin reach the long -awaited virgin forest?

One day, the opportunity came, and Brian was able to take a small airplane to the oil field. However, the driver had sudden deaths, and the plane fell deep in the unmanned forest. Fortunately, Brian was spared to die. Before he got on the plane, his mother sent him an ax. Can Brian, who holds the ax, can Bryin survive?

“Pray for Owen Minny”

7th book:

“A Prayer for Owen Meany”

This is a novel about faith. The protagonist Owen Minny is inherently short, surprisingly short, less than 150 cm tall, but qualifications.

He is small and energetic, and he is full of enthusiasm and ideals. He considers himself to “under the arrangement of destiny” and bear the major responsibility of helping weakness and weakness. He is destined to execute God’s “dreamer” to assign his mission of saving people.

His best friend John is the illegitimate child of the richest man in the town, but in the Shaobu League, he killed John’s mother. One of them is a dwarf, and the other is an illegitimate child. They support each other in the traditional conservative town, and have spent the years of laughter and tears together, becoming life and death.

“Shuangcheng Ji”

8th book: “A Tale of Two Cities”

: The famous novel of British realist writer Dickens. In 1775, a white -haired man was sitting in a room in a tavern in Paris, and he was busy making shoes.

He had been a prisoner for 18 years at the buses. Now he is a freelance, but he does not know his name and cannot recognize his friends. What he knows is that he must continue to make shoes.

Sitting on a road camp in a car to Paris, this is the daughter he had never met. Luying brought her father back to London. Under the love and care of her daughter, he forgot to live and learn to live like a free man in the past.

However, in the storm of the French Revolution, it had not disappeared nor forgotten in the past. Soon the past dangerous secrets brought the road camp and the people she loved back to Paris … the horrible death machine, the broken man is waiting for the enemy of France hungry.

“King of Kings”

9th book: “All the King’ s Men “

This novel has won the Pulitzer Award and was moved to the screen -based on the life of the governor of Louisiana, the United States in the 1930s, describing the protagonist Wili Stark. The children of the farmer, relying on their diligence efforts, and reforming politics to benefit the people’s beautiful wishes, and step by step to the governor’s seat.

However, since then, it has been engaged in dictatorship, pulling gangs, the party and the same, getting deeper and deeper in the mud pits of corruption, and finally a doctor’s inexplicable gun …

“Big Future”

The 10th book: “Great Expectatons”

This is one of the most mature works of Dickens

After Dickens experienced a rich world of life, he had a deep understanding of people, the surrounding environment, and his own life experience. All mature ideological knowledge summarized in the book “Great Future”.

The title “Big Future” is ironic. The theme of this work is definitely not just the story of the ideal disillusionment of orphan Pippe wants to be waiting for a person -Pippe lives in his sister’s house, his life is hard, and his ideal He was a blacksmith like a brother -in -law, and he did not want to be a waiting person.

Later, the reason why he wanted to be waiting for the environment was because of the changes in the environment, which was also one of Dickens’ philosophical ideas -different environments could create different people.

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