Professional suit customization requires many years of industry accumulation. Today, the Cuban -collar shirt is brought to you.

What is Cuba collar shirt


Cuba collar, English name CAMP Collar, also known as Pajama Collar, Hama Collar and other nicknames. It is an extremely comfortable and comfortable collar collar type. The unspecified V -neck design is its biggest feature. Different from the sense of bondage of the first button to design the first button on the neck, the first buttons of the Cuba collar shirt are designed in the chest position and are mainly designed by short sleeves. Compared with other types of shirts, they are more lazy and casual. Sexual and retro gentleman charm, cool in summer.

Why is it called Cuba? Of course, it is because of Cuba. Because most parts of Cuba are a subtropical rain forest climate, the average annual temperature is 25 ° C, and it is too hot to wear a suit shirt. So the Guayabra shirt design of the old Western school uniform design was born. Its characteristic is that the collar of the lapel and removed the shirt, so it is much cooler. The first four pockets are designed, with small patterns on the chest embroidery. It is mainly based on the color and light color matching, while the long -sleeved design is not losing the formal sense.

The Cuban government used the Guayabera shirt as the official dress and official uniform of diplomatic activities, cool and demeterned. The Cuban collar shirt, which became popular as early as the 1950s, was derived from the Guayabera shirt.


Features of Cuban collar shirt

Aspect of fabric

Cuba collar shirt is mainly cotton, and some are artificial fibers. Because of the hot climate, the material of Cuba shirts is usually thinner.


The three styles of the collar are basically the same, so it is not easy to distinguish from this. They are divided into flat refutation and square collar. There are no buttons in the neckline.




The Hawaiian shirts are mostly decorated with hue mulberry flowers, and now more vacation elements are added in it. Most of the Cuban collar shirts are pure colors, and the bowling shirt will have 1 or two contrasting lines. A small pocket.

Why wear a Cuban collar shirt?

It has a reason for its popularity. The most prominent and best place is that it can expose the neck, and the part of the chest to the neck is visually extended. Even people with short necks are suitable for wearing.

Do you wear inside?


Someone once asked this question. Here I suggest that you can wear a bottom. After all, as soon as you sweat, thin clothes will stick to your body, and sweaty wet is not good -looking.

However, if you have confidence in your body, you can try not to make a bottom.

But if it is a thin body, wearing a base. The bottom of the bottom is recommended to choose the white vegetarian T as the main. The fashionableness has nothing to say. It can also choose the vest. The neckline is low and there is a effect of not wearing a base.

How to wear handsome?



Literary retro is the most basic style and one of the favorite styles of tide people. You can choose not to stuff your shirt into your pants to create a sense of nature.


Summer leisure wind

Traveling in summer, a Cuba collar shirt full of summer style is the most suitable. Coupled with solid casual pants (trousers and shorts), the holiday atmosphere comes ~ enjoy the waves! what! Sunshine, beach, waves!

If you want to look a little casual, you can also try the matching of shirts+white T+trousers/shorts+small white shoes. Young and fashionable!


Gentleman elegant wind


In addition to the conventional items such as T -shirts and casual pants, Cuba collar shirts can also be combined with trousers, showing the elegance of gentlemen.


Quickly abandon the impression of Cuba’s shirt old and earthen. He learned to match, from literary male gods to sexy elegance, to free switching to youth. This summer, let Cuba collar shirts appear more! To sexy and elegant, and then to the youth, it is free to switch. This summer, let Cuba collar shirts appear more!

The suits of the superiors have always adhered to the deep connotation of traditional suit selection, fine workmanship, well -sliming, tall and handsome, and the surface of the surface, rigid and soft, and the traditional Chinese culture. The superior suits customized the considerations adapt to local conditions, drawing on the color design of European and American countries, drawing inspiration from different styles and genres, and refining the image of Zhuoer’s unswerving and high -quality business men, creating business clothing and business versions that are more suitable for the Chinese version of the Chinese version. type.