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Tang Wei

It is a very sexy female star. She is particularly sexy, and every time to attend the event can give people a bright visual effect. She is wearing this time

A dress with black as the main color, fusion of light -colored printing and deep V -neck dresses, the whole person shows a full sense of high -level sense

It exudes exquisite glory. If you are also as low -key as her, you might as well look at the matching skills she masters.

| Small directory in this issue

1. Black is the highlight of the main color.

2. Mature women are more suitable for deep V -neck embellishment.

3. Properly integrated light -colored printing on the body.

* Black is the highlight of the main color ▼

I was fascinated by Tang Wei! Wearing a sleeveless printed dress high -level elegance, the goddess Fan is full,

Black is the most classic color of the fashion industry and the strongest color of tolerance. It can not only bring you a thin visual effect


You can also set off your skin tone even more white, even if you are yellow and black skin eyebrows, you can choose to choose with peace of mind.


This dress does not adopt pure black design, but the main color of black is enough to show a delicate and elegant femininity, allowing you to glory from the ultimate simplicity. ▼


* Mature women are more suitable for deep V -neck embellishment ▼


Tang Wei is bold,

Wearing a pink suspender skirt show “proud figure”, squeezed is not afraid of glowing


, Mature women are more suitable for deep V -neck embellishment, because deep V -neck can not only show your fair and delicate skin and sexy career lines, but also play a role in trimming your face and stretching your neck lines. Women who have a small round face can also collide with a perfect effect with it. ▼

* Properly integrated light -colored print on the body ▼

Pure -colored dresses may not give people too stunning visual effects. If middle -aged women want to show a delicate charm from this, they may wish to properly blend the light -colored printing on the body.

Tang Wei chosen this dress is embellished with this dress

Many rose pink flowers print,

Combined with the outline of the belt, the overall feeling of high -level and atmosphere also broke the dull monotonous, and the rewarding rate was full. ▼

Tang Wei’s beautiful businessman is very high. She does not like exaggeration, but knows how to show the ultimate sense of high -level sense from simplicity. This is also worthy of everyone’s reference. While pursuing fashion, she must not ignore the cultivation of her own temperament.

→ How to become a city beauty?

* The matching of the mid -length jacket ▼

When you go out every day, you will inevitably choose a mid -length jacket to match your own.

For the short beautiful eyebrows, short jackets

It is more suitable for you, because it can bring a refreshing visual effect, making you look more capable.

The medium -length version can play a very good covering role. This design is very friendly to the beautiful eyebrows of the legs, and it can also bring a very elegant temperament. ▼

* The choice of set ▼


If you are not too sensitive to picking and dressing, you can choose a suit. It can make your upper and lower style present a high degree of consistency, and it will not bring a very exaggerated visual effect.

You can choose the color that suits you,


If you want to give people a refreshing and sharp visual effect, the atmospheric white is your best choice,

If you want to show a low -key and elegant temperament, the dark combination can show your dignity. ▼

* denim shirt ▼


It is almost a stylish item that is a person. Because its version is very superior, there is no great restriction on the figure, and the slightly fat eyebrows can also be perfectly controlled.

It can show the ultimate leisure style, pursue fashion, and can take into account comfort while pursuing fashion. No matter how you wear it, you will not make an error.

Women entering middle -aged chose it can show you a age -reducing temperament. ▼

* The choice of suit ▼

The suit is an artifact of urban beauty concave shapes. It allows you to show your exquisite and dignified femininity. It is especially suitable for OL women who enter middle -aged and workplace. It allows you to rejuvenate a full -fledged female popularity.


if you

If you like more low -key, choose the most conservative black


It can enhance your whole person’s temperament, make you advanced and calm, and you can properly blend the sequins on your body to enhance the design sense. ▼

Of course, everyone can also integrate some special ways to wear. For example, putting a suit jacket outside and wearing it without rules can present a strong style of ladies, making your whole person look noble and elegant.

Tang Wei is really a sense of atmosphere. If you know how to show your beauty, everyone must have some effort to wear, so that you will glow with female stars.

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