“Every summer, I want to wear shorts!” With a high temperature of more than 30 degrees, I believe that every boy wants to remove heavy trousers as soon as he arrives and let your calves breathe! In fact, the “five -point pants” is not sloppy at all. As long as it is good, it can not only increase the proportion of height, but also increase the highlights of wearing. Let’s take a note of the following 5 style of dressing!

White Tee X tannin pants


The most versatile items of the year are more than tannin! At first I want to try the party to try panty pants. You can choose the basic white Tee with plain denim pants. Stepping on a pair of small white shoes on your feet will be very refreshing. If you want to add a little change, choose a white Tee with text and a micro -brushed jeans to enrich the overall dressing.

Gangga X pants

How can there be less vest in summer? If you usually have the habit of fitness, please show up your muscle lines generously (benefit the women’s eyeballs), leisure vests with pentoles. Can increase momentum!

Shirt X Pan Pants


I don’t want to wear too casual, and want to make the calf out of breath. Choose a plain shirt to match the top, which can highlight the charm of men. The bold party can also open the shirt to the second butt, and the micro V shows a little pectoral muscle, which is very masculine!

Light -colored top x penta pants


If you want to be a boy next to your family, use rice and white as the focus of the overall dress. Choose the thinner linen and cotton materials. Even the combination of T-Shirt X pants, the overall freshness is still bursting! A pair of white cloth shoes, as well as stockings, baseball caps, canvas bags, etc., can be rich in style.

Army green top x penta pants


“Jun Green” is definitely the basic item in boys’ wardrobes today, and it is also selected as “high -quality” color system by women! Whether it is tannin, khaki, cotton pants, you can easily match it, and then add a baseball cap and the backpack to strengthen the overall leisure sense. It is a low -key and charming style!


Five -point pants are really too versatile and beautiful! In fact, as long as you choose the right item, you can set up a completely different and beautiful style. Go out of the pants in the wardrobe and let you wear more diverse!