“Making diamond paintings, easy to mention the value”, seeing the publicity in short videos, she privately sent a video publisher and made a test water, and found that the money was easy to make, so she paid the agency fee-

More than 400 people fall into the diamond painting scam

Diamond painting stacked by Chen Dongping in the lease warehouse

“Do a part -time job at home, easily enter 10,000 yuan in a month …” Using housewives, college students, etc. to make money to make money, use diamond paintings that can be recycled at high prices as bait, and scam for materials, margin, agency fees, etc. For more than a year, 449 victims had worked hard for more than 6.86 million yuan. On November 11, a public prosecution was filed by the Procuratorate of Tongzhou District, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province.

Each diamond painting can earn more than 100 yuan

Wang Yan is a full -time housewife. In June 2020, she brushed a short video of “making diamond paintings and easily mentioning” on her mobile phone. According to the video description, the steps for making diamond paintings are very simple. As long as the artificial crystals of different colors are pasted on the design pattern. “The threshold is low, it is easy to get started!” This made Wang Yan, who usually brought the baby full -time at home, and immediately contacted Chen Dongping, a publisher of the video.

Chen Dongping is a native of Nantong, Jiangsu. He is a “post -90s” and has no stable job. Seeing someone contacted her privately, she immediately added Wang Yan as a WeChat friend. Chen Dongping introduced to Wang Yan that according to the size of the diamond painting, the cost of a diamond painting raw material is between 180 yuan and 300 yuan. As long as it is completed and the painting is sent to the designated place, there will be manufacturers who specialize in high prices to recycle and pass the acceptance qualification. After that, you can get a remuneration ranging from 280 to 580 yuan. Except for freight and material costs, each diamond painting can earn more than 100 yuan.

Wang Yan was very excited. “However, if you want to make diamond paintings, you have to pay the deposit first.” Wang Yan hesitated when he heard that Chen Dongping raised the deposit, but felt that this was indeed a good way to make money, and Chen Dongping promised that as long as the acceptance is qualified, the security deposit can be refunded. Wang Yan transferred a deposit of 3,000 yuan and bought two material packages.

After paying the agency fee, the other party will lose contact

Wang Yan quickly received the raw materials of diamond painting. According to Chen Dongping’s request, she sent the finished product to Chen Dongping after completing the diamond painting. Chen Dongping also transferred Wang Yan’s account at the agreed price. The first cooperation was so smooth that Wang Yan was convinced of Chen Dongping, and Wang Yan added another 10 orders.

Seeing that Wang Yan had been clamored, Chen Dongping told Wang Yan that he wanted to make more money to become agents. The agency fee ranging from 199 yuan to 3999 yuan. The higher the level, the more discounts to enjoy the raw materials, and the cost is also the cost. The lower it. At the same time, the agent can also develop offline, and pack the live hair processing of diamond painting to others, and be the boss directly.


Wang Yan thought of seeing the screenshot of her with the settlement fee of the agency in the WeChat circle of friends in Chen Dongping. She felt that the matter was very reliable, so she paid the agency fee of 1999 yuan.

But as soon as she paid the money, things would change. Every time I send it back to the finished product, the other party said that the manufacturer has not had time to check the goods and cannot pay for the time being. Over time, it was difficult for her to contact Chen Dongping, which made Wang Yan realize that she might have encountered the Internet “killing piglets” and reported the case to the public security organs. Chen Dongping surrendered on June 12, 2021.

449 people are deceived

After investigation by the public security organs, it was found that Chen Dongping used diamond painting as a bait and cheated money in the same or similar way. Including Wang Yan, a total of 449 people were deceived, and the amount involved was as high as 6.86 million yuan.

According to Chen Dongping’s confession, when Chen Dongping was looking for a job in 2019, he came into contact with the handicraft processing of diamond paintings, cross -stitch, etc., and paid the agency fee and security deposit. In the end, he was all sinking and no news. This experience did not let Chen Dongping learn from, but made her feel “business opportunities”.

Chen Dongping’s so -called hundred -dollar diamond painting raw materials were purchased at the price of a few dollars and ten yuan through the online shopping platform. The diamond paintings sent by Wang Yan and other victims were piled up in the leased warehouse by Chen Dongping. There was no manufacturer to repurchase. Chen Dongping’s screenshots of the settlement costs of agency settlement in WeChat friends were also forged. These cheated money was used by Chen Dongping to purchase real estate, cars and daily consumption.


On September 20, the public security organs transferred the case to the Tongzhou District Procuratorate for review and prosecution. “Chen Dongping’s fraud is not clever. At first, she would pay a part of the repurchase of the victim. When the victim tasted the sweetness, she charged margin and agency fees for various reasons. “The prosecutor said that Chen Dongping posted false information on the Internet and lied that diamond painting had good sales. The processing fee was used as a bait to attract the victims to pay margin and agency fees. His behavior was suspected of fraud. In the review and prosecution, Chen Dongping confessed to his criminal facts and voluntarily signed a confession for confession. On October 15, the Procuratorate of Tongzhou District filed a public prosecution.

The scammers renovated the diamond painting, and there were a lot of scam routines, but the scams were inseparable, and they were all staring at the victim’s money bag. Prosecutors remind that when choosing part -time jobs on the Internet, we must be vigilant and do not easily transfer money. Any high -return propaganda may be traps. Do not make losses because of greed.

Source: Justice Network