Without the blessing of high -value and beautiful figure, the room for femininity is very broad. They can use wearing to enhance their temperament to create a sense of fashion. The following are all daily wear suitable for ordinary women. They use some simple clothing to construct a generous dress. They do not need to be tender, and do not need too many fancy colors to light up.

The easiest match with the same color


In terms of color selection and matching, it can be reduced to simplify, and the most direct color matching can make the picture present very generous. However, this also requires women to be absolutely correct in the selection of this color system, and don’t touch those colors that are not easy to control.

If you do n’t trust other colors for the time being, it ’s better to be black. This color will never interpret a sense of violation, and it is also easiest to get along with women of different ages. When the tops and pants are used in black, you must pay attention to revealing the skin tone. Like this top, it will make most of the arms skin show it and reduce the sense of weight.


In the way of matching the same color, any woman can learn. This kind of dressing routine is simple and straightforward. It does not need to spend too much energy or mind to maintain the same nature and integrity.

However, the selection of colors should also be properly changed. It cannot always rely on the overly popular color system, and it can also be replaced with caramel brown colors. This color is particularly friendly to mature women, which can present their experiences, and will not be too suspected of being tender.

T -shirt+trousers is the simplest

There is the most concise and atmospheric color matching method, and naturally there is the most generous match. Especially for women who are not good at dressing, they can keep in mind some fixed dressing formulas or dressing methods. The combination of T -shirts and trousers is the most common single -product combination mode in summer.

However, there is still a lot of room to play in terms of the selection of specific color selection. This group of wearing is the most grounded, using black sleeveless T -shirts to show comfort, with the help of blue jeans to show her casual temperament. And through this kind of cold tone that everyone is familiar with, reduce the monotonous and boring feeling of black.


The combination of T -shirts and trousers can be measured from the aspect of width. If you feel that your body is not particularly excellent, you may wish to borrow a wider pants leg to modify the flaws.

Like this dress, you can reduce the risk of thick legs as much as possible. In the color matching, you can also move closer to the simple direction. A dark T -shirt with pure white pants makes the distribution of black and white more balanced, and the proportion of dark and light colors is equal. Many people can control this shape.

Different colors of pants products


The versatile and atmospheric black pants are naturally standing high in the eyes of women. However, we must know that the shortcomings of such clothing are not a perfect item, because it is because of its excessively popular Volkswagen Only leading to insufficient style creation, it will also increase the sense of oldness. You can choose different colors of pants. As long as their pants are suitable, they can weaken the flaws of the legs.

There should be a few basic colors of pants in the wardrobe to deal with the needs of various occasions and shape a variety of styles. Like this white pants, it is similar to black. It is invincible in compatibility, and it belongs to clothing with high frequency.

If you want to wear new changes, in addition to replacing the jacket appropriately, the selection of pants should not be too similar. You can use a variety of solid pants to present different shapes. Pay attention to the cost -effectiveness of clothing, you can adopt blue trousers. After all, this kind of pants will not bring the risk of old age, nor will it bring a sense of disappointment.


It’s like this blue trousers. Generally speaking, it is not a costume with too high challenges, but also allows people to have a soft spot for it. Reasons for heat.

Although the pants are not very eye -catching in a set of styles, if the selection error or the color selection is too monotonous, it will also block the interpretation of women’s fashion sense. Those pants that are too raised are naturally to be tied up, and it is most suitable to replace some good and thin items.

This khaki pants, mild color is also the reason why it is prominently siege. It has less dullness than black, and is as easy to control as white. Women of different ages can use this pants.


Women with ordinary figures, they can try some colorful pants to enhance the attractiveness of the shape and enlarge their charm. However, the selection of pants and legs should be the top priority.

Just like this green suit pants, although the color gives it full of vivid and vitality, but because of the cutting of suit pants, it can still condense a few capable or neat style. This color has a very high saturation, full of age, and can be matched with some unique clothing or simple items in the upper body.


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