Which season do sisters like best? Many people like spring, all things are prosperous, not cold or hot, they can be beautiful. Not like winter,

I have to be wrapped into a ball every day


After all, the taste of frozen is too uncomfortable!

No way, just wear in winter

Mainly keep warm

After all, getting sick too much. So as soon as winter, I need it before going out

Armed from head to toe


, Go down the hat to the socks, wrap yourself tightly!

So today, I’m here to give my sisters

Warm small object

Mainly, scarves, hats, and socks, keep looking down!


Let’s talk about it first this year

Cold hat

In fact, it is the wool hat. It can be kept warm and can be worn in winter.




And the price is not expensive, why not?


Cold hat basically

Mainly solid color

, Simple and generous, not at all. Cold hat is very suitable for matching

Casual clothes

, Come with jackets and knitted sweaters.

Like this


The hat body is long, the top of the hat


The style is very suitable for girls with fleshy flesh, which can make the face look longer and sharp.


The melon hat that is close to the scalp

Select carefully, especially picking people, large heads, flat heads must not work, do not choose the high cheekbones or the corners of the jaw, it will be more exposed.

I really like this folding thick eaves cap of Rose, two sharp corners

Two kitten ears

It’s so cute ~

Aspea member Liu Zhimin this one

Klein blue hat

I also love it too, it is white to the whole person!


The classic style of the cold hat is plus

Embroidery letter/logo

It is also a very popular single product element.

This year’s Halloween JISOO’s COS object is LISA, the same look of two beautiful women looks good.


GET same paragraph



Or change to

Patch logo

It will be more personalized than pure color, but it is also versatile.

The thick needle weaving models are also very popular, and the style will be even more

Retro and cute

, Suitable for a little bit of vitality ~

Although the fisherman’s hat is mainly used to cover the sun in summer, if the material is changed,

Winter is also very easy to wear

Intersection Popular this year

Leather fisherman hat

The windshield is easy to take care of, and both Jin Chen and Song Yanxuan have worn.

The furry fisherman’s hat is even more

Cute warmth

, But because of the loose version, sisters must buy the right size!

Speaking of winter hats, don’t forget

Classic Beret


ah! In my impression, the beret seems to be born for winter, and it has a sense of atmosphere in winter!


The Breda hat is not picky, the round face, square face, and diamond face are all suitable, you can

Blocking the depressed temple

It has a good modification effect on cheekbones.

Zhong Chuxi’s photo, with a pumpkin -colored Breda hat, with big red lips,

French style

Not only did you want to get the same Bretan hat, but also want to know the lipstick.

Xu Jiaqi is also a big Breda hat. The Breda hat appeared too many times in the airport map. She wore it.


Cool feeling



I don’t know how many sisters are like me. I feel that the wind is so strong this year, which causes the winter clothes I bought.


Long model

, I’m afraid of filling the wind in the clothes.


In this situation,


It’s necessary! Everyone must wear a scarf, so you can catch a cold!


Solid color scarf


It is the best, no matter what color your coat is, it will not be obtrusive to put them together.

The most troubled match is naturally

Principles of the same color

See what color you are in your clothes, you know what color you should buy.

Lazy people a little bit, direct


Black and white gray

Three -color province, contracting all your coats.

If you are mostly black, gray and other neutral colors such as your winter clothes, in fact, I recommend everyone to choose

Bright color scarf with high color saturation

, Rejecting old -fashioned!


The first thing I thought of was in “Ghost”

Jin Gaoyin’s red scarf


I remember that the streets and alleys were full of red scarfs that year.

And the hottest this year




BV green

, Put it on it, you will win steadily in your fashion aspect!

Stream scarf

Always very popular,


The tassel elements are not easy to control in other items, but it is a combination of scarf.


The tassel makes the heavy scarf look lighter, so that the winter jacket looks like

Casual and natural

Don’t forget!


Art retro

The cavity is full, and the fashionables do not give up ~

There are many types of plaid,

The more quiet the color, the simpler the texture


The more resistant to see.


Scottish grid

Very classic, there will be no errors in the match, many female stars love!

The pattern scarf itself is more complicated and eye -catching, so the coat is as much as possible

Basic solid color

It is not easy to be tacky.


Or this year’s fire


It is also very 8 mistakes, elegant and generous, and it is not easy to look old.

I said “the bigger the scarf, the more fashionable”, but this year it is popular


, Try to be as clean as possible, don’t be too procrastinating.

Socks are fashionable items that can be used all year round.


A pair of beautiful and chic socks

It’s a finishing touch of LOOK!

Socks are also very easy to match, the simplest way to match, or

Same color

, Let the socks echo the color of the top and bag, so that

The overall match is more harmonious


Since it is winter, it must be socks

The longer the better

, Socks. Zhang Yuanying Xiaoyuan relying on his legs to put the middle socks directly on the bottom socks, he was also cute.


Sisters with superior figure or leg conditions can be directly

Yoga pants+mid -stocking


Wear it outside, and wear solemn legs like this!

Reba directly use socks


Wrap the pants up

Hahaha, the legs really have long legs!


Small leather shoes are more suitable for solid color socks,



It will not destroy the formal sense of leather shoes.

If you have black loafers, please try it

Love Shoes+White socks

Looking at it, there is a kind of quiet book aroma, coupled with refreshing pants, too temperament!

Sneakers do n’t pick socks, solid colors, stripes, plaids … as you like.

The beautiful eyebrows can boldly pick color socks. After all, the colors of winter are too dull, so that a pair of bright socks can light up a good mood!

Cici and Zhou Yutong, the “girlfriend costume” of the good sisters, has a very atmosphere. I did not expect that wearing a black suit can still be so lively!


Warm three -piece set

, Sisters all arranged themselves quickly! Warm it together!

What season do wheat do do?