“The” Modern Chinese Dictionary “is coming out of the app. You can only check 2 words a day without paying. Will you pay for it?” A few days ago, the “Modern Chinese Dictionary” APP released by the Business Press was officially released. Yuan is higher than the price of the paper version and attracts attention.

On September 24th, the person in charge of the Digital Publishing Center of the Business Press told Nandu reporter that the “Modern Chinese Dictionary” app is not only a simple electronicization of paper books, many content and functions are second development, involving multiple costs, than paper, which is more than paper paper. The content of the quality version is much rich and there is no advertisement.

“The form of paid for our digital publishing products is a variety of. It is the key to provide high -quality content. I hope that users can gradually develop the habit of knowledge payment.” The person in charge said that it will absorb the publicly paid or year -on -year on a monthly basis or year -on -year. In the suggestion of paying, some reference books will charge annual fees in the future.

“Modern Chinese Dictionary” app is online, only 2 words can be checked for free every day

As China’s first standardized Chinese dictionary, the Modern Chinese Dictionary is the main reference tool book of modern Chinese Mandarin pronunciation, Chinese character specifications and vocabulary specifications, which was written by the Institute of Language of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Since publishing, after 6 revisions, it has been printed more than 600 times and issued more than 70 million copies.

In August this year, the Commercial Press was officially launched in the Modern Chinese Dictionary (7th Edition) APP published by the museum. The official website shows that this app will provide users with “professional, intelligent, personalized” language learning knowledge services.

According to the Business Press, on the basis of presenting the content of the “Modern Chinese Dictionary” (7th edition), the APP presents the method of searching for Pinyin, the first primary paper book retrieval of the Ministry of Pin, and the digital retrieval of handwriting, voice, and camera parts query query. Methods and realized “查 方式 方式”.


But what caused netizens to discuss is that the APP can only query 2 words for free every day. If you need to query more and use its main features, you need to pay 98 yuan.

The official website of the Commercial Press shows that the 7th edition of the “Modern Chinese Dictionary” is a fixed price of 109 yuan. However, in many e -commerce channels, the 7th edition of the “Modern Chinese Dictionary” is priced at 93 yuan, which is lower than the APP pricing.

Official: Pricing involves costs such as new function development, and there will be a variety of payment forms in the future

Why does the main functional fee of the “Modern Chinese Dictionary” APP be higher than the paper version of the paper version?

Regarding the basis of pricing, the relevant person in charge of the Business Press Digital Publishing Center told reporters to Nandu reporters on September 24 that the development of new functions such as games, the maintenance costs of the later period, the development of font fonts, and the broadcasters read aloud. It will also update other functions.

It is reported that compared to the entire content of the paper version, in addition to adding multiple groups of words inquiries, the “Modern Chinese Dictionary” APP also invited CCTV news anchor Li Ruiying to produce a standard Mandarin audio of the whole dictionary, adding personalized personalization “Daily word” and customized learning functions and game sections.

Some consumers have proposed that the price of the “Modern Chinese Dictionary” APP should be more close to the people. “We may reduce the price by 10 or 20 yuan, and there will still be people think it is expensive.” The digital publishing at a particularly low price, the industry cannot develop healthily. “

At the same time, he said that the “Modern Chinese Dictionary” did not put any advertisements in the APP. “Some people recommend that prices and advertisements, but we believe that if advertisements bring bad guidance to young people, it is even worse.”

After the APP was launched, the Commercial Press received a lot of suggestions for payment. The person in charge said that it would absorb a month -on -month paid or pay for annual payment. In the future, some reference books are prepared to charge annual fees. “The payment form of our digital publishing products is a variety of. Users can gradually develop the habit of paying knowledge. “

The official website of the Commercial Press shows that the APP business is another important direction for the digital publication of the Business Press. At present, it is mainly concentrated in the direction of linguistics. The design and development of the APP are based on the analysis of the user needs, and the multimedia and education and learning functions are added.

Writing: Nandu reporter Zhang Yating