Women wear less “triangle trousers”, running three women popular wearing mesh+lace, stylish foreign and trend

Women wear less “briefs”, and the three women are popular with mesh+lace, fashionable and trend. The lighting fabric is stitched with lace, and it focuses on no trace design. To achieve a zero -skin experience, no matter what you are, you can easily control it. Special tailoring design can also effectively modify your body shape and make you more women. This underwear is spliced ​​with lace and cotton, which is comfortable and breathable, the ice feel is super strong, the lace on the waist, modify the entire design, becomes more layered and more unique.

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Why do girls like to wear black bras?

From the beginning of development, girls have to deal with underwear for almost their lives. Black is the most basic color. Whether it is the choice of underwear or ordinary clothes, many girls will choose black as the basic color matching, and the younger the younger girl. The more I like the basic color of black and gray now, but I don’t like some fancy colors. And ordinary people outside often can’t hold bright colors of underwear. If you really want to try this style, choosing black is still wise.

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There is a kind of pants called “no trace pants”, which is still fashionable, but unfortunately it is not suitable for thick legs!

In fact, for girls who do not match, wearing a suit is the simplest way. It does not need to spend much thought, and there is almost no big problem. You can wear a sense of fashion in minutes. Like Miss Sister’s sportswear, she looks good to wear, but some people are not suitable for wearing. For example, girls with thick legs will be ugly. There is a kind of pants called “no trace pants”, because the shape of the pants is not generally dazzling. The younger sister is dressed because of her good figure, but unfortunately this pants are not suitable for thick legs.

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This year’s must -stitching skate shoes, I am not embarrassed to brush the street without it

Since the deconstruction fire, the stitching fire has been made. No one or two pairs of stitching models are embarrassed to go out! There are several models that look better and cost -effective than it. This wave of strength planting should be full. Don’t think it’s just playing with colors, Mondrian’s design style = “Baijiabu” color BORO, which meets the excessive requirements of all your colors. Vansk8-Hi stitching model. Vans’s stitching this year is too fun. The chessboard grid is put on the inside of the lace. The red and blue Era is not eye -catching. Let’s have a classic black and white checkerboard grid.

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Let’s take a look at the most popular dressing this spring and summer this year


The most popular dress this spring and summer, it is estimated that everyone will know the signs of the following three streets! The key is that this suit is easy to wear, convenient, it is a suit! Many people in Fashion Week street shooting are also this wearing route! Even the furry jacket in winter can be a half skirt with the corresponding color of the accessories, with a black inside, simple and stylish! There are many popular patterns this spring and summer, such as animal texture and dot elements, as well as the overall look of other patterns, which can be seen in Fashion Week!

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