Not all boots can reflect a sense of high -level. Not all shoes are pointed, not all high heels can be high, but this “flat heel” shoes are really temperament.

So, it’s all spring in 2021, give up your boots! The aesthetics are too general, and there is no sense of high -level. This year, the “flat heel and flat -headed” shoes are very high, with high -level aura.

1. Know the “flat -headed heel shoes”

The flat -headed heels are very simple, that is, it is flat in the head shape.

Not as sharp as the pointed, and there is no curved as a round head, it is almost square

The models of the head shoes are worn in the major cattops.


The flat head looks more unique, giving people a very generous feeling, maybe because of the “four flat and eight stability” of the toe,

Then heel, just follow the flat.

Second, the design sense of flat head and flat shoes

① metal embellishment

1) square buckle

Flat -headed and flat shoes are a little leather, like small leather shoes.

So the leather and metal feel that they are born with a partner

The noble leather shoes are embellished with metal, and it looks even more Feel.

However, at the same time, it is flat, and the overall feeling of the shoes will not be too luxurious. If you think it is a fine heel, it will highlight the luxury of the metal.

Look good, generous



2) “knot” type


The “knot” metal is the shape of a bow or a small flower knot.

Such metals will not only reduce their own sense of luxury, but also the relatively small and exquisite bow can increase the cute and playful style.

So choosing such a flat -headed heels will be very age reduction

Oh! But color, try to choose


Black leather shoes are slightly mature.


② Special style

1) Niu tendon material

The uniqueness of this one comes from its material. The material of beef tendons has always been a representative of strong and wear -resistant. However, in addition to this feature, of course, it also comes from its style.

Like this

Beef tendon material


Shoes will give people a more stable feeling,

Then the color is more classic brown

It is very easy to match clothes, especially for retro style.


2) Double stack love design on the upper

If there is only metal embellishment on the upper, some sisters may not like the luxury of the metal itself, but the flat -headed heels that choose the love design will not.

Love design is relatively young, and not only wearing and stacking will have a sense of layering

Looking at this “stack” heart, it also feels very feeling. It feels like this shoe has a three -dimensional feeling.

3) contrasting color decoration

I always introduce some of the same color design of the same color flat -headed shoes. Sometimes the effect of contrasting color will have a better effect! first,

The breath of spring, the color of spring is brighter and lively, so the embellishment design of the contrasting color may be better

Green and cherry color are definitely the most lively colors in spring. The red with green is originally vulgar, but it looks particularly fresh here.

③ Short tongue design

The short tongue is actually relative to those tongue. The tongue here is the upper that can be exposed to the back of our feet.


The short upper design will show more back skin. In hot weather, this design will be cooler

It is not so sultry, and if Jiojio is very good -looking sisters, it will be more perfect to show some more.

Third, with parts

➕ suit suit 平 flat head flat shoes

We usually look at the suits with a fine heel, and then I feel that there will be a strong female popular field with a strong aura.

However, if it is a suit suit that I usually want to wear, choose a flat -headed flat heel to match it.

The flat -headed heels give people more casual and comfortable feelings.


➕ Design sense shirt 裤 apricot pants ➕ flat head and flat shoes


I have to say that the overall dress of this set is very coordinated. First of all, the silk -white shirt and our flat -headed heels are a color, echoing each other,


The hat and pants are apricot, so it is also more coordinated

The shirt feels like silk fabric, and the texture is very good.

This design of three or seven points, this design is very creative

, Make the flat and unsatisfactory shirts and pants more personalized and more advanced.

➕ Long vest skirt 平 flat head and flat shoes

This set looks very high, because this long vest skirt is very rare, sisters, do you usually see a dress and then match a short vest. This set of wear is very feeling, especially the color of the color of bean -green, and it comes from the breath of spring.

It is also very beautiful with a white flat -headed heels, because the color of the shoes is matched with the inner matching

Essence The long vest skirt, also carefully matched the belt, can also show the figure, perfect!

Does such flat -headed heels attract you? In the spring, wearing a rush, flat -headed heels must come!