The shape of short skirts is often used to create age reduction because of the strong sense of pretty sense. But in order not to look too tender, mature women and mature women need to grasp the simplicity of color matching. For example, this striped skirt that Cheng Xiao recently chosen has the classic retro atmosphere.


Although the stripe elements have retro charm, the stripes on Cheng Xiao’s skirt are not rigid. The simple color matching emphasizes elegance, and the rendered stripes show their charms. Cheng Xiao’s “fleshy body” also became an advantage. He wore the short skirt and was gone, showing a pair of comic legs generously, and he had countless eye -catching.

Small directory in this issue:

1. Cheng Xiao’s wearing analysis;

2. How to wear a striped skirt to wear a trendy and age -reducing effect;

Cheng Xiao’s wearing analysis


Although Cheng Xiao’s striped skirt is very basic, it can meet the needs of more people. The style of the classic skirt is more sexy and pretty than long skirts. The black boots on the feet can also prevent large -scale exposed legs.

The striped pattern of the rendering process is full of modern fashionable atmosphere. The horizontal -distributed striped skirt can play a role in improving the visual proportion. Add white shirt collar to striped skirts, and can also emphasize the capable and elegant style of the skirt shape.


How to put a striped skirt with a trendy and age -reducing effect?

Tip 1: The style shows a good figure

Choosing a fitted skirt is a must -have step in shaping stunning dress. The short skirt that Cheng Xiao chose this time has a silhouette that can outline her proud figure. However, when your curve is not perfect, you need to avoid the model of lightning on the model and try the loose type of skirt.


For example, short skirts with waist and umbrella -shaped skirts are very friendly for women with a lot of waist and hips. Women with obvious waist and long legs and short legs have to choose as much as possible to choose the waist position higher than the actual waistline, so that they can be taller and slender.

Whether the silhouette of the short skirt is three -dimensional slimming depends on the choice of the skirt. If the fabric is soft, it is difficult to play the effect of covering the flesh and thinness. The slightly stronger knitted short skirt will not look cheap, but also more daily than other high -end fabric skirts.


Tips 2: Striped classic and personalized personality

Compared with pure -colored skirts, a style with striped decoration will be more eye -catching. However, there are many pattern skirts on the market, and each woman is suitable for different styles. If you only copy the selection of others, it is likely to make a disaster -like effect.

For example, compared with the horizontal stripes and vertical stripes, it has the effect of widening the shape. This kind of horizontal stripes can make the shape even more shapely for people with slender upper body. However, people who wear large skeletons and are slightly fat will look particularly bloated.

When the striped pattern is too ancient, it will also increase the maturity of people. The stripes on Cheng Xiao have been rendered, which is much more personality than ordinary stripes. Because stripes are a classic black relationship, there is no new feeling in large areas.


Tips 3: Boots are modern and thin


With a pair of boots for short skirts, it can create a modern and sexy dress. This combination is particularly popular in recent years, because the use of boots can show street charm. Compared with the shape of a street style item, Cheng Xiao can be accepted by ordinary people.

Black boots also have the effect of modifying leg shape, which is friendly to women with pear -shaped figure. For example, Cheng Xiao belongs to the type with a thin upper body and a lot of fat on the lower body. After wearing a thin black skirt with a thin effect, the proportion of the whole person is much superior.

After analyzing Cheng Xiao’s skirt shape, we can find that if a woman wants to wear a striped skirt to wear a hot and hot sense, we need to boldly challenge the novel stripes. Of course, when you choose stripes and skirts, you cannot ignore your own conditions. Women who know how to avoid strengths and avoid weaknesses will have a more delicate and fashionable appearance.