In the construction of home decoration, the use of paint in which area is inevitable, but in the overall decoration, the color adjustment steps are also critical, so

Painted color tuning method

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Step 1: Be careful when painting coloring. Generally, try samples. First, you can find the number of color coatings, and then prepare large samples according to the small sample results. First adjust the side and secondary colors in the small container.

Step 2: First add the main color (the color with large dosage and small color power in the color), and then slowly add the dyeing ability with a large dyeing ability (or color), keep stirring, and observe the color change at any time.

Step 3: “From shallow to deep”, especially with strong color force, avoid excessive amount.

Step 4: In color matching, the coating and dry coating film will have a slight difference in color. After all kinds of coatings are dry, the color will deepen. Therefore, if it is a dry model, the coloring paint should be tested after drying; if it is a wet model, you can drip the sample in the color paint to observe whether the two colors are the same.

Step 5: You should understand the floating degree and the change of paint materials in the compound paint in advance, especially the amino coatings and over -chlorine coatings. You need to pay more attention.

圈内人油漆调色方法要点解析 按着步骤走准没错

Step 6: When preparing complex coatings, select the coatings with the same properties of the coatings, and the solvent system should also be dissolved. Otherwise, due to the poor mixing capacity of the coatings, it will affect the quality, and even layered, precipitated or glue phenomena. It cannot be used. Essence

Step 7: Because the color often has a variety of different colors, if it is equipped with a positive green, it is generally used to use the yellow and blue head with a green head; when it is purple, the blue head and the blue head should be used. Red; when it is orange, red -headed red and yellow -headed yellow.

Step 8: Pay attention to which auxiliary materials to be added in the process of allocating colors, such as the color of the drying agent, curing agent, diluent, etc., so as not to affect the color.

圈内人油漆调色方法要点解析 按着步骤走准没错

Step 9: When preparing compound paint such as gray and green, due to the preparation of multiple pigments, the density and oil absorption of the pigments are likely to occur. Surface active agents or pheasants, anti -floating agents to solve. If 0.1%of silicon oil is used to prevent and control it, the various surfactants produced by foreign companies need to be divided into what kind of solvent system for use, and the amount of addition is generally 0.1%to 1%.

Step 10: Using the slightly transparent characteristics of the color paint film, the appropriate background color can make the color of the surface paint more vivid than the color of the original coating. This is based on the principle of natural reflection. A color, coating engineering is called “transparent”. For example, the yellow primer can make the red more bright, the gray primer makes the red more red, the blue primer can make the black black and brighter, and the water blue primer makes the white more clean and innocent.

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圈内人油漆调色方法要点解析 按着步骤走准没错

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Painted color tuning method