Shanghai, January 14, 2022/ PRNewswire/ – Recently, the well -known British Clock brand Kenmidi and Shanghai Ya Ya Clock Sales Co., Ltd. launched a Chinese style table clock with a special look in 2022 tigers. The lifelike golden tiger is entangled in the black piano lacquer bell, and the sense of grace is out of the way.

The new tiger’s year-on-year bell is born from the Kenmidi classic Chinese style series “Queen Annie”. It not only continues the style of the George dynasty that will never fade, but also increases the concept of “Chinese style”- The exquisite small clock shell is used as a scroll, which outlines a brilliant golden ink pen with the more exquisite and gorgeous golden tiger theme.

In terms of the appearance and details of the Golden Tiger Terrace, it can be described as different pattern design. In addition to the protagonist Golden Tiger, it is also superimposed with many “supporting actors” to create an overall artistic atmosphere. Some typical Chinese images, such as “cloud covering the moon”, “Yan Chengxing”, “attic pavilion” and “pine stone bamboo forest”, are poetic symbols that make ancient and modern literati souls dreaming.


In order to present these ingenious oriental scenes with the best artistic effects, Kenmidi uses manual shaping to create a three -dimensional relief effect first in these areas, embedded gold leaves, and then artists hand -colored gold and black as the United Kingdom as Britain as the British. The classic elements of the George dynasty style added a lot of cross -cultural interests to this clock and the west as the immortal status of the British royal family in the minds of the British. Favorite value.


Inside, the inside can also be described as a precise Kenmidi Tiger Table bell adopted a polishing 9 -day triple music newspaper movement movement, with 11 gemstone cottage escapement agencies and the intimate automatic night stop of the report. (10 pm to 7:15 am) Take care of the family’s high -quality sleeping sound bells to play Ximin Temple, West Tinton and San Michael church music, the empty voice gives time to the time to keep the color warm.

For details, forging high -end clocks are the first important righteousness engraved on the soul of the Kenmidi brand. In the past 170 years, Kenmidi has adhered to the family operation method, so it also has the most tacit and intimate team. After the family inheritance of the Five Dynasties, it has continuously refined various traditional watch craft skills, including engineering, decorative metal processing, bell production and exquisite decorative crafts such as Chinese style, hand -drawn and inlaying the traditional craftsmanship. The ground sniffed to the significant significance of continuous innovation to the modern market. This year’s Tiger New Chinese Wind Clock, which was launched this year, is a perfect innovation in the combination of Chinese and Western in many innovative attempts of Kenmidi.

In addition, the Kenmidi Tiger’s National Wind Clock is exclusively customized for the Chinese market. On the one hand, it reflects Kemidy’s cherishment of the Chinese market, and on the other hand, it is also another successful friendship of traditional Chinese culture and British watch culture- This is the same as the cultural mission that does not change in Shanghai for 20 years.


In the field of European and American mechanical clock imports for more than 20 years, Shanghai Qingya Clock Sales Co., Ltd. is currently the chairman of the Chinese general agent of the top seven international clock brands including Kenmidi, the United Kingdom, and said that the year of the year of the tiger The bell bell is a sincere New Year gift brought by Kenmidi for China’s mechanical clock fans. At present, the epidemic is blocked. The elegant clocks will also continue to do a bridge that loves and follows this kind of love and follow, so that the heart of the hobby clock spans all over the world and unobstructed.