To understand the maintenance of leather seats, we must first know the uniqueness of the leather used in the car. Most of the car seats use fine and soft yellow leather, which are good for elasticity and color, and mostly use the entire large head layer leather, because the two -layer skin feels good, which is the same as the raw materials of furniture, leather, and leather shoes. the difference. In addition, there are buffalo leather seats. The leather is thick and harder and the quality is more sub -quality. Usually, pay attention to maintenance.

The leather seats are in contact with the human body every day. The biggest disadvantage is that it is easy to stick to stains such as fat, sweat, and dust, and it is not resistant to the scratches of sharp objects. If it is not well maintained after long -term use and sunlight, the cortex is prone to hard or cracked, so the owner must use and take care of it carefully.

There are two sets of leather seat maintenance. One is that when the new car was just bought, the leather seat of the new car was applied to a layer of light agent to add a protective layer. The owner can ask the car beauty shop to do it or do it by himself. Usually clean the seats, remove the stains with a general detergent. The second is regular maintenance. Use professional leather soft cleaner once a month to maintain and decontaminate. Professional leather soft cleaning agent is softened and does not harm the leather. The current car supplies stores are generally available. After each cleaning, do not blow dry with a hair dryer. You can use a soft cloth to gently dry or air dry.

Due to the soft texture, the leather seat should pay attention to stay away from the heat source (such as cigarette butt) and strong sunlight, so the car film (anti -ultraviolet and infrared radiation), add curtains, and seat cushions should be given. Usually, the car seats are used as the car seat. The high -quality cowhide surface is smooth, the texture is delicate, the color is soft, and the thickness is thin and uniform. In order to achieve the modification effect, you should try to choose the leather and color of the original leather seats and the most similar in color when you are in the bag.

A beautiful leather seat, the requirements of the board and sewing process are high, and the board should be particularly accurate, especially at the corner, the slightest error will affect the beauty. When sewing the leather, use a dedicated sewing thread. The pin is uniform. The bright line must be straight and the needle distance must be the same.

When the leather case is stretched on the chair cover, it should be evenly used, and the nails are reasonable, otherwise the chair wrapped will be relaxed, and the leather surface will fall off. In addition, a layer of sponge should be attached to the leather in the bag, and a sponge of different thickness should be used when the bag is in different parts. The density of the sponge should not be too thin, otherwise the seats wrapped out are uncomfortable and the service life will be shortened.

The disassembly of the chair is also critical. The tools need to be dedicated to the car. There is no appropriate tools not only extend the disassembly time, but also cause damage to the original car screw and slide rails. Essence

In addition, the leather seats or other leather ornaments inside the car will have problems such as folding, cracking and rough light, decolorizing, and aging. Usually you can use the leather care agent to simply wipe it yourself, or make thorough cleaning and light maintenance when performing interior beauty. Simple cleaning and light can only maintain short -lived beauty. But if it is too frequent, it may affect the texture of the leather seat. Therefore, you can also choose the “leather seat coating” process to make a deep maintenance of car leather jewelry. The “leather coating” adopts environmentally friendly raw materials such as high -quality wool fat and natural plant resin in Australia. It can form a smooth and flexible intangible protective film on the surface of the car dermis of the car, while maintaining the dermis and completely isolation of dirt. Choose a cool place to avoid long -term exposure in the sun and make the leather fade.