I must have the right to speak as a primary school student! The most profound experience in the year of the baby is learning the table. I have always felt that there are thousands of learning tables, but it ’s not IQ taxes. A few hundred yuan tables and chairs can also achieve reading and learning! However, with the admission of children, cultivating habits, cultivating interest, and learning atmosphere, a strong space for free and free, and designing scientific learning tools, etc., all of which have become daily needs. Essence

First, in terms of the creation of the learning atmosphere, learning tables have more advantages than ordinary tables and chairs.


Especially for children like us for a year or two, everything about learning is novel and interesting. They need a sense of ritual and new learning space to give them a touch of vitality and vitality and The background of joy.

A sentence we often say in school education is called “environmental education”. In family life, the layout of the entire environment, the creation of the atmosphere, and the progress of activities are influencing the child’s learning and growth state subtly. Before the child went to elementary school, we always lived in grandparents’ house, but when facing admission, in order to give the child a more neat and comfortable environment and let the child have an independent learning space, we returned to our home. Look, do the study with a 2 -square -meter learning table add a strong aroma of book?

1. Learning space creation.

I personally optimize the design of the study table in children’s learning space. Most of the width of the study table exceeds one meter, the height is suitable, and there is a loose space under the table, which gives children a comfortable and free environment. In the past, our family also had a small learning table, but with the deepening of children’s learning, textbooks, exercise books, homework books, stationery boxes, etc. put it on the table, and it was full of dazzling scenes. Diminated. So I can only pack the items with my children, and only choose one subject for preview and review.

But starting this 2 square meter learning table is different. Let me feel the oversized space above the picture first ~ There are super luxury models!

The size of this study desktop is 120*67cm. In addition to the desktop, the learning table also designed with adjustable layers, closed storage areas, open bookshelves, and flat -style drawers. The entire design is very simple and practical. Children’s learning areas, book areas, reading materials areas, and learning supplies areas are clearly planned. It is very convenient to get items when children study, which largely guarantees the child’s focus.


Every time the child comes to the learning table, he will sit down comfortably. Even after writing homework, he likes to sit in a study chair to read a book. Do not delay your own work. Even my sister often ran over to read with her brother and discuss issues.

2. Easy operation and scientific design.


The design of the desk is scientific, and we still choose to operate more simple styles for children. Like this 2 -square -meter learning table we started, full of design sense and details are ingenuity. It is the “best” selected after comparing the experience.

Its highlights are dual -excellent adjustment, including 1.5 times accelerationless air pressure rod and front hidden lifting system. The pressure rod of this learning table is more durable than ordinary air pressure rods, which can ensure the stability of the desktop when the child is learning. Multi -gear adjustment is very convenient. As long as you press the button gently during operation, you can achieve 0 ~ 24 degrees tilt, saving time and effort, and stop. Although this tilt angle is not a large range compared to other learning tables, the stability of each angle is absolutely guaranteed, and it is really conscience. I personally feel that this is much better than some high but lack of stability.

The front hidden lifting system is more delicate. The joystick we used before was placed independently. If you accidentally lose it, it is easy to lose. One -one, you can fold up and hide on the side of the learning table. Look, this exquisite yellow circular pattern is the rocker rod!

Open it when using it, and the adjustment intensity is as easy as a sword. When the child is studying, if you feel that the height is not suitable, you can adjust it directly, it is safe and convenient. Intersection


2. From the perspective of children’s physical development, the scientific design of learning tables and learning chairs has an important role in children’s spine and waist.


Highly suitable tables and chairs allow children to ensure the good development of the spine, avoid spine side bending and hump, and can also effectively prevent myopia. The 2-square-meter learning table can achieve a adjustment range of 52-76cm. From children with a height of about 1 meter to an adult who is about 2 meters tall, it can be used.

Of course, there is not enough learning table. Take the Borui learning chair with a 2 -square -meter learning table as an example. Its design is also very scientific. It can achieve a high level of 28 ~ 50cm. It can be used from kindergarten to university ~ In the long run, the price / performance ratio is quite high!

I am more concerned about the role of learning chair design on children’s physical development. There are also many types of learning chair design. I personally pay attention to these points:

1. All -wrap design.

Our family bought two learning chairs, one is a full package design, and the other is a double -back design. Later, I learned that the back -wrapped learning chair back of the chair is relatively large. This learning chair is leaning for 10 ° behind the back, and the seat cushions are tilted 3 °. To point more, provide strong support for the child’s back, and can slow down fatigue and waist pressure when sitting for a long time.

2. Cushion material.

The material of our learning chair cushion is a formal cotton, which is more in line with the design of ergonomics. It fits the child’s body curve and reduce the pressure of the hips and legs.

3. The essential waist support.


There is also a very good design of the Borui learning chair is the 2cm soft and highly elastic waist support, which has better support, allowing children to maintain a comfortable and standard sitting position and protect the bone development of the children’s spine and waist.

(Waist support and round adjustment button)

4. Simple operation

Essence Relatively speaking, this is relatively simple, and you can easily grasp the method by adjusting the instructions. During the adjustment, turn on the switch, adjust it to the required height, close the switch, adjust the cushion in front and back, the switch will automatically get in place. The design is smart and precise, easy to adjust, especially suitable for me to use such mechanical white!

5. Material safety.

The material of this learning table is also particularly safe. The main material of the desktop uses the Russian A -class birch. The drawer material uses PP material. Level, smooth use, see quality in detail.

Sitting in front of the study table, the texture of pure solid wood, smooth desktop, simple design, fresh tone, and a quiet atmosphere make people feel peaceful and joyful. When my child is studying, I take a book to read it next to it. I do n’t disturb each other, and enjoy a quiet and beautiful reading time.


Third, in the cultivation of children’s learning habits, a good learning table is definitely your good helper.

Nowadays, the double -reduction policy is being implemented, and we need to create conditions to make children feel the sense of joy and achievement of learning. At the same time, adjust the traditional learning ideas and nursery methods to give children a better learning experience. Therefore, in school, our classrooms are becoming more and more open and generated, and in the family, children’s learning pays more attention to independent inquiry and experience. To a large extent, the design of the learning table gives children autonomous space, autonomous adjustment, independently organizes items, and plans the rhythm of learning. I always believe that enough to let go and suitable conditions can stimulate children’s initiative and enthusiasm. Like this learning table, it is a space for children, like a quiet and comfortable paradise. I have cultivated a lot of good habits, which really makes my old mother feel deeply pleased!


1. Cultivate good sitting habits.

Good sitting position is closely related to tables and chairs. If you look closely, you will find that most of the children who are not correct, the tables and chairs are so unsuitable and uncomfortable. If you can make fine adjustments, make the height of the table and chair perfectly fit the baby’s height, plus the necessary support design, like a cushion, waist support, etc., so that the child can relax when sitting, then their sitting position It is also natural and comfortable.


(The accompanying area next to him has been occupied by his sister recently.

2. Cultivate a good habit of protecting vision.

The child’s sitting posture is positive, and the back naturally relies on the seat, with a positive head, flat shoulder, straight body, and feet. In this way, the sitting position is much smaller.


3. Cultivate children’s concentration.


I have mentioned some designs of the learning table, such as the storage area, the bookshelf area, etc. The division of these areas can maximize the interference, so that the child’s school supplies are sorted out. Loose to enjoy the immersive learning state.

4. Cultivate children’s ability to explore and plan management independently.

In addition to the storage ability, this learning table also designed a week’s notes to help children mark the curriculum table or daily important things, so that children gradually cultivate their responsible attitude towards their lives. These exquisite designs allow children to operate easily, and plan their daily learning arrangements. They have organized their favorite books to the bookshelf. The storage area also puts their favorite toys and essential stationery.

5. The ability to storage and organize.

I also found a very powerful function, the hidden power storage area comes with this study table. For us who are inseparable from electronic products, we are super friendly! Those curved lines that no longer need to invade their children’s learning areas, and they will never be entangled under their feet ~


There is a large area on the back of the table, which can be placed in rows, network cables, etc., leaving no trace of chaos at all.

Whether many products are IQ taxes, practical and unreasonable. I will choose to learn more, experience more, and occasionally there are pits. Of course, sometimes it is like opening a treasure trove to give our lives a new surprise. Double Eleven is imminent, there are many good things, and those who want to improve the quality of life may wish to add a deep understanding to your warm nest!