What curtains do you use in the bathroom? The bathroom space is humid and private, so the choice of curtains cannot be sloppy. In addition to the face value, practicality is also very important.


How to choose a bathroom curtain?

Curtain material

The bathroom is humid, so the material of the curtains must be waterproof. If it is an ordinary curtain, it is in a humid environment for a long time, and it is easy to mold and breed bacteria.


The bathroom is a private space, so you must choose curtains with shielding effects.

Curtain color style


The color and style of curtains should consider the overall decoration style to avoid disagreement. Generally speaking, simple styles are enough, and the color in the space should not be too much.

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Recommend 4 kinds of bathroom curtains

Waterproof paste curtain

The shutters are durable, easy to clean, non -aging, non -fading, shading, heat insulation, breathable fire prevention, etc., and are particularly suitable for bathroom space. Moreover, the shutters can adjust the light and create a romantic atmosphere.

Waterproof roller

Rolling curtains are also suitable for bathrooms, simple and beautiful appearance, strong waterproof, simple operation. Moreover, rolling curtain styles are diverse and can be freely selected.

Five -proof omolic curtain


Five anti -zebra curtains have five functions: “waterproof, fire prevention, sun protection, mildew, and anti -formaldehyde”, which is suitable for the bathroom environment. And the five anti -zebra curtains have a texture and texture, and are loved by young people.

Bamboo curtain

The waterproof performance of bamboo curtains is good, and it is very convenient to use. Moreover, the bamboo curtain can protect privacy when using it, and usually does not cover the light. The materials are natural and environmentally friendly, fresh and comfortable.



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