In the early winter of each year, these “middle boots” have to be popular! The loose boots of the boots can not only hide the fat on the calf part, but also create a personality temperament. It is a must -have item in the shoe cabinets of fashionable fines.

If you want to wear the fashionable charm of “mid -boots”, you should start with selection and matching. Only by learning the corresponding dressing skills can we create their own stylish temperament.


1. The main points of selection of “mid -boots”

When choosing boots, we must pay particular attention to two places. The first is the boots. For sisters who are not particularly perfect in the legs, the middle boots with loose boots are the most secure, but it should not be too loose. The boots can be about 2 ~ 3cm away from the calf. But if your calf curve is beautiful enough, then choose the middle boots that are close to the calf curve, which can better highlight your leg lines and sexy and generous.

The second point is the choice of the design of the middle boots. It is recommended that the novice Xiaobai give priority to choosing the middle boots without any design, which will be easier to control, and it also has more possibilities in matching.

But if you are tall and the dressing style is more public, you can choose mid -boots with rivet and strap design. The personality trend is more intense. With short skirts, it transforms into fashionable fines in minutes.


Second, the matching demonstration of “mid -boots”


⑴ Shorts/short skirts+middle boots

Then let me talk about specific matching ideas. For most sisters, you can use shorts or skirts to match middle boots, leaving a lot of blank in the legs, increasing the lightness of the shape, and creating a sexy temperament.

Of course, the temperature in autumn and winter is low, and we still need to pay more attention to keep warm. You can pick a light leg socks that meet your skin tone, which can not only prevent wind and cold, but also have age reduction.

In addition, sisters who want to wear sexy female charm can use thick stockings to replace light leg socks. However, in the matching, we need to follow the same color matching rules, that is, black stockings+black mid -boots, white stockings+white mid -boots. A brown suit with a full black match inside, with clear layers, full of capable women, and then embellished with delicate makeup. The more you look at it, the more you like it.


⑵ Long skirt+mid -boots

If you want to wear a more intellectual and elegant temperament, then choose a long skirt to match the middle boots. In this group of matching, there are more places we need to pay attention to, and we must be more cautious.



Can’t let the boots of the middle boots support the hem of the skirt

Otherwise, you will look very bloated and obese. Therefore, we can’t choose a skirt that is too slim, such as hip skirts and fishtail skirts, all of which are avoided.

Second, in the matching, it is necessary to shape the high waistline, because the long skirts and the middle boots are single products with a certain sense of burden. At this time, the high waistline is needed to create a sharp temperament, otherwise it will be very sloppy.


Third, want

Pay attention to the “styling weight” to avoid the head heavy feet light

, Everyone should choose a top jacket or coat with a heavier visual weight, otherwise it will still be pulled down to be low, which is short!

筒 Tights+mid -boots

Sisters who like to wear trousers, you can also choose the matching of tight pants+mid -boots. Why not use loose pants to match it? The reason is that the loose pants will enlarge the swelling of the legs, which is fat.

If you want to highlight your crotch curve, choose a short top to match. Demonstrate the lines of your hips and thighs, sexy and feminine!

So, what if your hip curve is not perfect? At this time, you need to match a jacket that can cover your hips, such as loose sweaters, long coats, suits, and so on. In order to cover your imperfections, you can be thin.

Coat+mid -boots


There is also a more special way to wear in winter, which is to wear a coat, and then with the middle boots. At this time, it is actually very simple in matching,

As long as you ensure that the color of the middle boots and coats is similar to


For example, rice gray coat+white mid -boots, camel coat+dark brown mid -boots.

After reading so much about the content of “mid -boots”, I wonder if you have learned the essence of the matching? If you think the content of this issue is helpful to you, please like it a lot+follow